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  1. If I remember correctly you can also order them from Seagate. Seagate calls them clam shells. hog.... : 0)
  2. hoggy

    SCSI Raid Adapters

    Like I said just curious. Besides right now I have a 2100s and if I see a good deal on a LSI or other really desent Adapter I may just pick one up. Also next time I upgrade I will make sure the MoBo has a 64/66 slot. Thx, hog
  3. Just curious. Are all/any 66/64 adapters backwards compatible with 32/32 PCI Bus's? Thx, hog
  4. I have had 4 Seagate 318452lw's on a u160 round cable since Dec and all is well. hog
  5. hoggy

    Experience with OnStream

    I have the DI30 Fast and don't like it too much. Do yourself a favor and buy something else or make me a offer. I'll sell it cheap. Havent used it too much mainly because drivers are still beta for win xp. $75 will do it.
  6. hoggy

    Reserved for MFT?

    Thank you very much for the info. I went to MS Library and found put about it. Again, thx, hog
  7. I use oo defrag and am wondering when I look at the blocks it shows about 1/6 of my drive reserved for MFT. When I click on these blocks individually it shows they are empty. Guess my question is why is so much of my HD reserved for MFT and what specifically is MFT. OS is Win XP Pro NTFS file system. My drives are 69 gigs approx. thx, hog
  8. My Lite-on 163 got the same as you. 2 MB/s while my Plextor 16/10/40 got 11 MB/s. Both are set as DMA mode. hog....
  9. hoggy

    ? About SCSI Raid card

    Sir, I am not looking for anyone to make any decisions for me. I simply want to know if a SCSI card failure could destroy my harddrives? Any way, I just don't know these things and the people here at SR are quite knowledgable and thought someone could answer this question. I don't even know how to print out the error but wrote it down. It goes something like this: BCCODE:1000008e BCP1:C0000005 BCP2:BFA5A976: BCP3:EEC43B80 BCP4:00000000 OSVer.5_1_2600 SP:0_0 PRODUCT:256_1 C:WINDOWSminidumpMin01502_02.dmp Thx, hoggy
  10. I have had a couple of hard errors associated with my SCSI raid card. I know that in raid 0 if something in the array goes bad I'll lose my data. I am not worried about that as I have everything I need backed up. What I am wondering is. If my card goes bad will it damage my Hdd's? Have Seagate 15k drives which as you all know cost a bunch. Should I replace my card now? I took it out and reseated it hopeing to solve what may be a bad connection. Have not had the problem since but have not had my machine running that long and if I get another "serious error" don't want to take a chance of ruining my Seagates. Windows XP Pro warned "Serious Error has Acured" Thx in advance, hoggy
  11. hoggy

    AGP card but running in PCI mode

    I don't know. Just remembered it was there and thought it might be something to look at. hog....
  12. hoggy

    AGP card but running in PCI mode

    My MoBo has a setting in it's bios to change from PCI to AGP for video. You may want to take a look in your bios for something similar. hog...
  13. I really believe the reason for this drive to fail was because of the way it was packed for shipping. It should have been packaged alone but it was not shipped according to Seagates specifications. Also it was shipped ground. I wonder how many drive failures are due because of the venders packageing them incorrectly for shipping. They buy them in bulk than stuff 2 or more together without the foam inbetween them. hog..... (
  14. I had 1 ST318452LW drive fail. It was very easy and no questions asked to return it. Only problem was they don't cross ship or if they do I couldn't find out how. That was 1 drive out of 5. The drive was used for 1 month before it failed. I think it's very unusual for these drives to fail. At least I have heard this. hog....
  15. hoggy

    Compressing Harddrives

    Anything I can't afford to lose is backed up on my tape drive and my old computer. I'm ignorant but not stupid. hehehe. Well maybe a little stupid. Afterall I really didn't need a comp this fast. Had a lot of time on my hands and wanted to build a comp. This is my 1st time building and dove in head 1st. So far so good. Am very happy with it so far. hog.... :mrgreen: