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  1. I log on to these forums to try and get useful info, and NOT to listen to the rantings of opinionated posters (that's you Picard!) who can't be bother to read and or comprehend the posts of others. Give your opinion once and then move on!!! And while I'M ranting...someone posted an abbreviated yet extensive history of the DVD format evolution because...I'm guessing they like to here themselves type!!! Has nothing to do with the forum topic and certainly was not requested by anyone! Pretty soon this will degrade into derision of corporate influence in the computer market. And BTW, did someone here actually say that HP and DELL were NOT technology leaders??? OK, they don't invent new technology, but they disseminate it to the masses. If IBM invents something and DELL and HP don't sell it....well you figure it out!
  2. The latest version of XPcachefilter works great! No more reboot. Writes are now about 2.5x faster than before according to ATTO and Sandra. In ATTO writes are now hitting 25MB/s vise 10MB/s. Thanks cas! ( :cry: It does emphasise the point that my reads are still pathetic at 15MB/s - on to other parts of the forum)
  3. No help on the new version of XPCacheFilter... Still getting the spontanious reboot during startup
  4. As requested Unsuccessfull, No BSOD but spontanious reboot during XP load 1. CPU - Dual PIII 1GB (coppermine) 2. Chipset - Via Apollo Pro133A (N 694x, S 686B) 3. SCSI - Mobo integrated with LSI53C1010-33 Ultra160/Ultra3 4. IBM 36LZX (DDYS 18350N) 5. Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 40 Ultra ATA 66 (51024U2) 6. Fat32 and NTFS (both on SCSI drive, Fat32 is boot) 7. UK 8. SP1
  5. XPCacheFilter Results: I am also having the reboot problem. I see the black Windows loading screen and then all of the sudden I'm rebooting. In fact, it happens at exactly the same place on the progress bar each time! I always thought the progress bar was a purely visual effect with no relation to actual OS load progress??? Anyway, I checked the registry and driver file and all is as cas specified. Still, I am hopeful!!! I've been following this issue for over 10 months. (I understand that the benchmarks are flawed in this case but my 10k IBM Ultra160 drive has never scored much better than my 7.2k IDE drive on my XP system.) Lets keep up the good work! Thanks all (PS sorry if this is a duplicate, had posting problems)
  6. nuanda

    where can i find benchmarking tools?

    When I run the ATTO utility on Win XP all I get is an error message "No ATTO SCSI adapters found"