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  1. Is it okay to back up my hdd with something like a Corsair Flash Voyager 32GB USB2.0? Can I make a mirror image of the contents of my hdd, including OS and all programs, so in the event of a hdd failure, I can boot up and proceed through a working day, exactly the same way as normal? I was also wondering this: I’ve got 2 threats to my data. 1/ a failed hdd, and 2/ computer or hdd being stolen and my 100,000 customer database ending up in the wrong hands (ie, a business rival). So if I can do as my previous question suggets, why can’t I just run a 32gb as a hhd, all the time? At the end of the working day I just take out the USB flash and it goes home with me.
  2. I was thinking of getting a WD RE-3 250gb, but instead of purchasing two, to save money, use a Samsung HD080HJ, that I have already, and never used. Is this going to be okay? Also, do I need some kind of raid card for this Vista64 set up?
  3. Mike_T

    How should I allocate hdd space?

    Well I've space on the mobo for 4. 2 video storage, and 1 or 2 for everything else.
  4. I'll be building a pc for the first time very soon. Now when it comes to allotting hdd space, how should I configure things? Does it make sense to have separate drives or segmented drives for certain things? I run a small business with a small database of customers (currently using Excel for that) this will be upgraded to a dedicated database program at some point. This will be the main pc with one or two other pc's networked to it. Running XP-Pro. I also plan a website that will have a lot of video associated with it - plan on one or two big 1tb drives for that. But what about the OS? Page file? (don't even know what a page file that is!) What concerns me most is reliable running and limiting down time, should we hit problems, such as hdd failure, etc. Mobo has room for 4 hdd.
  5. Is this a single platter model, presumably with one head each side?? Samsung spec claims 2.2/2.4dB which seems very low. Anyone any experience with this drive?
  6. Mike_T

    Samsung T166 HD080GJ

    Anyone? Phoned Samsung UK, but they hadn't a clue
  7. When will this be available in the UK?
  8. Would like to know how quiet they are.
  9. Thanks for people’s replies to this thread, but I just discovered PC Pro made a big MISTAKE! Just opened the March issue, page 16, and this is what they say: >>>> CORRECTIONS AND AMPLIFICATIONS “A mistake in the calculation of the hard disks category of the PC Pro Reliability & Service Survey means we printed incorrect results for two companies – Seagate and Western Digital – in the last issue. In fact, Seagate should have scored six stars for reliability and Western Digital should have scored five stars. Seagate now shares the Hard Disk award with Samsung, while Western Digital picks up a Highly Commended award. Congratulations to both Seagate and Western Digital, and our apologies for the confusion.†Samsung & Seagate - 6 Western Digital & Maxtor - 5 Hitachi - 4 ExcelStor - 3 <<<<< Btw, the survey was based on how drives performed over the past 2 years. Maxtor still does better than I’d of expected, but no doubt the survey includes SCSI, which I’ve not much clue about. Perhaps it’s not such a surprise for Samsung. They’ve been making drives for a relatively short period of time, but still achieved average reliability (judged on SPCR figures) which is quite an accomplishment for their very first drives. So with a few more years experience, for the same company to be capable of matching Seagate, is perhaps no big surprise. That’s not reflected in SPCR’s figures yet, because SPCR’s figures seem warped in favour of early failures. It takes 18-24 months before SPCR’s feedback averages out to take into account long-term reliability, IMO.
  10. Mike_T

    New Revision Raptor?

    It was comfirmed to me last week, by WD-UK, that the WD740ADFD will be a single platter. Will be available in the UK in March.
  11. joeuser95a (or anyone) What exactly are you doing with video to require such fast hard drive performance? I don’t know much about video yet, but I want to get into it, and I’ve been advised that it’s CPU performance you need to invest in, any decent 7200rpm drive/s will do the job. One drive for programs, two more for storage. No raid. Do I need to reconsider?
  12. Mike_T

    Next Generation Raptor?

    New single plater 74gb Raptor, when is it due?
  13. PC Pro is one of the UK’s most respected computer magazines. Annually they run a ‘Reliability & Service Survey’, based on readers feedback. This year they received feedback from 20,000 readers, and for the first time, they included hard drives in the survey. Now I’ve formed my own opinion, mostly using SR’s data, on the general reliability of manufacturers drives (not including SCSI). If asked to place them in descending order of reliability, my list would look like this: Seagate Western Digital Hitachi Samsung Maxtor So I was surprised/amazed when I read PC Pro’s Survey: Samsung - 6 Maxtor - 5 Hitachi - 4 Seagate & ExcelStor - 3 Western Digital - 2 (scores out of six) PC Pro quotes: “Of the six suppliers that met our 100-response threshold to qualify for nomination, Samsung was the clear number one†“Almost 90% of those who have owned or currently own a Samsung hard disk said it never failed or needed repair. Only 8% of the respondents said a disk failed, while just 3% said their disk needed repair. Maxtor was placed second for hard disk reliability. Although it was a margin behind Samsung overall, 87% of Maxtor owners said their disk either never failed or needed repair, or is currently still running fine.†Can’t see they’ve published the survey on their site yet ( http://www.pcpro.co.uk/ ) That’s usually done a month after the magazine is published.
  14. SATA-II is supposed to allow hotswapping. Now this maybe a useful feature for me in the future. I can get 3 x 400gb drives in my case (video storage). Does hotswapping allow me to remove one of those drives and swap it for another additional 400gb drive, without rebooting?
  15. I believe Seagate claim NCQ gives better speed and reliability. I’m about to put a new system together. Don’t know whether to go for a tried and trusted ASUS A8V-Deluxe (no NCQ) motherboard, or the brand new ASUS A8R-MVP (supports NCQ).