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  1. I came across this today. It is very small , and takes tiny Sony NT tapes that hold 1gb(compressed) each. I would love to use this and play around with it. Problem is, the thing was made in 1994 and didn't come with Pereos, the software that accesses the unit. Anybody know where I can find Pereos or similar software that can access the unit? I checked KaZaA, driverguide.com and filemirrors.com, and found nothing . Any help would be appreciated... P.S. It's the Parallel Port Model NTX-10 with DXE-10 base Datasonix Pereos mini Tape Backup made for Datasonix by Sony(Sony also had a high fidelity stereo voice recorder out, based on the same Sony NT tapes, called the NT-2 Voice Recorder).
  2. I assembled a computer from spare parts as an experimental watercooling system. The watercooling system consists of a 120vac water pump, a water block and reservoir off Ebay, tubing from Home Depot, fittings from Friedman Bros., and an old water chiller (garage sale find). The chiller has a refrigeration system in it(basically vapor phase cooling like what the Vapochill cases use). Specs on the computer: Asus A7V8X Gainward GeForce Ti 4200 w/80mm fan jimmied to the heatsink 2xKingston 512mb DDR333, 1gig total Athlon XP 2400+ Boot drive: Seagate X15-36LP 18gb Other drives: Fujitsu MAN3184MP Seagate Cheetah 18LP 9.1gb Maxtor D740X 80gb FDB IBM/Hitachi 120GXP 80gb Onboard AC97 sound Lite-On Combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive Enermax 350w power supply. The processor runs at ~22C/71F under load! I haven't had any leaks yet, and only a minor condensation problem at one point. I'll have to post some pics of this setup soon!
  3. J-frog

    Watercooling a success!

    That will be a little while...
  4. J-frog

    Watercooling a success!

    Update: Based on a many watercooling guide and being that my evaporator is aluminum, I added antifreeze yesterday, so now the tubing and reservoir are a cool neon green color
  5. J-frog

    Watercooling a success!

    I tried overclocking by changing the multiplier from 15X to 18X and the processor still runs at the same temp of 22-23C. Changing the multiplier to 20x prevented the MB from POSTING, and upping the bus frequency caused W2K to freeze during boot with a message about NTLDR missing and to use the repair feature, so I assume I can't overclock this much. I would like to see how well my system could cool a Prescott core in the future
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    Watercooling a success!

    That's why the chiller was a Garage Sale Special. I saw that and thought it'd make a cool watercooling system That was part of the chiller, I didn't build it. I got the chiller whole as you see it. I only assembled the tubing, pump and waterblock, and rewired the chiller.
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    Windows Longhorn in 2006

    I haven't used anything Norton, but I've used Easy CD Creator and WinDVD and I quickly switched to Nero Burning Rom and PowerDVD, the I was happy...
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    Watercooling a success!

    Here are the pics! Waterblock Temperatures Water reservoir Refrigeration system (compressor, condenser) Water pump Evaporator (absorbs heat from water) The computer Chiller unit (garage sale special!)
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    Why are 160 GB HDDs so cheap?

    I picked up 2 WD1600JB's for $89 apiece a month apart. This was at a brick and mortar store with no rebates required (PC Club). I got to look at the drives before purchasing to ensure they featured FDB motors
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    Watercooling a success!

    No. I have my main machine listed in my sig, the older machine for music, and the spare parts machine. The parts came from my friend's rigorous upgrading, my first computer I built and various garage sales/surplus. I wanted to see how many drives I could jam in there . Two are IDE, and three are SCSI.
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    Watercooling a success!

    That's the next step
  12. J-frog

    Watercooling a success!

    Set the refrigeration up so it cycles as needed. You see, there was a thermostat to control the fan on the chiller, so I bypassed that because the compressor was overheating due to lack of airflow over the condenser. Then I had a problem with condensation, so I rewired the chiller so the thermostat could control the compressor, and it's been pretty much condensation free
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    The eMachines computers I've seen were unimpressive, but I'm more soured on Dell, HP and Compaq. That said, Gateway actually makes better computers IMO.
  14. J-frog

    Wd Caviar 21200

    Playing around with dead harddrives is fun. I like the really old MFM drives because they keep spinning even if the heads are ripped off. (grabs dead Maxtor which still spins but clunks)
  15. J-frog


    Mine chirps too. I have it unplugged as of right now, until I can get another 80gb drive and get the data off it.
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    Should Avatar Images Be Enabled?

    Avatars are useful to quickly idnetify posters, and they make the posts more unique. I won't use anything offensive. I'll probably have pictures of hard drives and other unusual things (G rated of course)
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    What size was your failed 120GXP. The bearings on mine intermittently get loud when the drive is cold. I have the 80gb one.
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    Firewire Woes...

    I got a new motherboard (A7N8X-E Deluxe) and transferred the hardware out of my Shuttle to the new motherboard until I get the new processor, ram and video card. I've got a Sharp VLZ7U MiniDV camcorder and a JVC HR-DVS3U MiniDV/VHS combo VCR. When I plug the camcorder into the built in Firewire, nothing. Windows Movie Maker and Arcsoft Showbiz don't see the camera. When I plug the combo VCR into the Firewire, the VCR loses audio and video, the tape counter goes to --:--:--, and then the VCR spits out an error code. The drivers are installed for the built in Firewire, and it is enabled in the BIOS. Also, Windows XP reports no problems with the Firewire. The Firewire also shows up as a network connection. I never had a problem with the Shuttle's Firewire, I can capture from both MiniDV devices fine when I was still using the same processor, ram and drives in the Shuttle. Any suggestions, or should I just get a PCI Firewire card?
  19. J-frog

    Bush's State Of The Union Speech Redeemed

    Osama's behavior in victory was moving and charismatic, from known accounts. If only Mr. Moore had included footage of bin Laden et al happily having tea while watching network coverage of 911, he would have given his chosen cause of equal-opportunity propaganda an even bigger push. That would have been good.
  20. J-frog

    Industry Deal Set On Allowing Limited Dvd Copying

    Oh yeah. Lets hope you're wrong...
  21. J-frog

    Fs Asus A7n8x Deluxe

    I should have seen this before buying my A7N8X-E Deluxe...
  22. J-frog

    Firewire Woes...

    Well, the Firewire works fine for an iPod, but still no go for video camera connection. Anybody?
  23. If the drive stops working, get a T6 Torx bit or screwdriver and remove the circuit board on the back and reinstall it after cleaning off the contact pads where the PCB mates to the HDA connector. It worked wonders for my 15gb 75GXP. My 45gb 75GXP is still purring along, no new reallocated sectors, etc.
  24. Acquired a Cheetah 18LP 9gb recently and it runs quieter (less annoying) than a 7200rpm drive with slight bearing whine.