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  1. J-frog

    Watercooling a success!

    That will be a little while...
  2. J-frog

    Watercooling a success!

    Update: Based on a many watercooling guide and being that my evaporator is aluminum, I added antifreeze yesterday, so now the tubing and reservoir are a cool neon green color
  3. J-frog

    Watercooling a success!

    I tried overclocking by changing the multiplier from 15X to 18X and the processor still runs at the same temp of 22-23C. Changing the multiplier to 20x prevented the MB from POSTING, and upping the bus frequency caused W2K to freeze during boot with a message about NTLDR missing and to use the repair feature, so I assume I can't overclock this much. I would like to see how well my system could cool a Prescott core in the future
  4. J-frog

    Watercooling a success!

    That's why the chiller was a Garage Sale Special. I saw that and thought it'd make a cool watercooling system That was part of the chiller, I didn't build it. I got the chiller whole as you see it. I only assembled the tubing, pump and waterblock, and rewired the chiller.
  5. J-frog

    Windows Longhorn in 2006

    I haven't used anything Norton, but I've used Easy CD Creator and WinDVD and I quickly switched to Nero Burning Rom and PowerDVD, the I was happy...
  6. J-frog

    Watercooling a success!

    Here are the pics! Waterblock Temperatures Water reservoir Refrigeration system (compressor, condenser) Water pump Evaporator (absorbs heat from water) The computer Chiller unit (garage sale special!)
  7. J-frog

    Why are 160 GB HDDs so cheap?

    I picked up 2 WD1600JB's for $89 apiece a month apart. This was at a brick and mortar store with no rebates required (PC Club). I got to look at the drives before purchasing to ensure they featured FDB motors
  8. J-frog

    Watercooling a success!

    No. I have my main machine listed in my sig, the older machine for music, and the spare parts machine. The parts came from my friend's rigorous upgrading, my first computer I built and various garage sales/surplus. I wanted to see how many drives I could jam in there . Two are IDE, and three are SCSI.
  9. J-frog

    Watercooling a success!

    That's the next step
  10. J-frog

    Watercooling a success!

    Set the refrigeration up so it cycles as needed. You see, there was a thermostat to control the fan on the chiller, so I bypassed that because the compressor was overheating due to lack of airflow over the condenser. Then I had a problem with condensation, so I rewired the chiller so the thermostat could control the compressor, and it's been pretty much condensation free
  11. I assembled a computer from spare parts as an experimental watercooling system. The watercooling system consists of a 120vac water pump, a water block and reservoir off Ebay, tubing from Home Depot, fittings from Friedman Bros., and an old water chiller (garage sale find). The chiller has a refrigeration system in it(basically vapor phase cooling like what the Vapochill cases use). Specs on the computer: Asus A7V8X Gainward GeForce Ti 4200 w/80mm fan jimmied to the heatsink 2xKingston 512mb DDR333, 1gig total Athlon XP 2400+ Boot drive: Seagate X15-36LP 18gb Other drives: Fujitsu MAN3184MP Seagate Cheetah 18LP 9.1gb Maxtor D740X 80gb FDB IBM/Hitachi 120GXP 80gb Onboard AC97 sound Lite-On Combo CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive Enermax 350w power supply. The processor runs at ~22C/71F under load! I haven't had any leaks yet, and only a minor condensation problem at one point. I'll have to post some pics of this setup soon!
  12. J-frog


    The eMachines computers I've seen were unimpressive, but I'm more soured on Dell, HP and Compaq. That said, Gateway actually makes better computers IMO.
  13. J-frog

    Wd Caviar 21200

    Playing around with dead harddrives is fun. I like the really old MFM drives because they keep spinning even if the heads are ripped off. (grabs dead Maxtor which still spins but clunks)
  14. J-frog


    Mine chirps too. I have it unplugged as of right now, until I can get another 80gb drive and get the data off it.