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  1. Manufacturer: Western Digital Family: Caviar Released: Notes: Model Name (product family): Caviar Black Model Number: WD1002FAEX Capacity: 1000 gigabytes URL: Interface: SATA 6.0 Gb/s Spindle Speed: rotations per minute 7200 Seek: milliseconds 8.9 Buffer: kilobytes 64MB Density: gigabytes per platter 500
  2. geofftech

    CPU Cooling.

    Hi guys, I was wondering if any of your have tried installing a Coolermaster Aquagate Mini R120 cooler on a ASUS A8N-SLI Premium board. Is removing the board and using the included backplate required or is the backplate that comes with the board good enough? Thanks.
  3. geofftech

    USB hdd average transfer rate

    yeah I got a Bytecc BT-280SATA COMBO enlcosure to go with the Seagate and use the eSATA port on my desktop. Just wish I had faster speeds elsewhere. Thanks for your replies.
  4. I've found that all usb hard drives that I've placed in USB enclouses according to HD Tach seem to max out at 33MB's. This is strange when I know USB has a theoretical max of 60MB's. One of the drives tested was a Seagate Momentus 7200.1 910021AS SATA drive. Any ideas.
  5. Once you have the drives seperate. You probably want to use Maxtor's Powermax diagnostics on your drives just in case they are starting to suffer bad sectors as previously mentioned.
  6. I bought two WD1500ADFDs from CDW. For some reason both will only spin up when power is applied to the SATA power plug. any ideas?
  7. geofftech

    Raptor Firmware

    I wished SR would have tested the Raptor FLA2 firmware when it debuted. Has anyone benchmarked the FLA2 firmware and compared w/ the newest ?
  8. geofftech

    CPU Cooling, weird cooling dilemma

    Thanks xSTLx. The new cooler came with thermal paste on the bottom. I used a sharp blade to peel that off. I used alcohol to clean the core and copper block. I then applied Arctic Silver 5 to the core as instructed. So I'm not sure what the problem is. But thanks though.
  9. I had an Aero 7 Lite cooling my overclocked Athlon XP 2600+ @ 2.28G. It cooled it moderately well but I was still looking for a litle more. so I got a Xgbox cooler that has 3 heatpipes and 4100rpm fan. for some reason withe the new cooler my chip runs abnormally high on load as high as 64C when on the aero it usually maxed out @ 55 or 56 maybe. Would anybody have any suggestions on y this is happenning or somehting I can do? Any help is appreciated.
  10. geofftech

    Whats faster?

    Sorry was looking for fastest STR.
  11. geofftech

    Whats faster?

    Whats faster single raptor or 7K250 in RAID 0?
  12. geofftech

    IBM DS4100 array info.

    I was shopping around for a storage array for my IT dept @ UPenn. The DS4100 uses 250GB 7200Rpm SATA drives. Does it make any sense that they would cost $519 a pop when drives like the Hitachi T7K250 and 7K250s cost less that $200 a pop?
  13. geofftech

    Need low to mid budget Ultra320 RAID card.

    I want to spend a max of $500 for a card.
  14. geofftech

    Don't buy maxtors.

    So does LaCie help drives fail with porrly built enclosures? Was kinda surprised to open ours up and see no drive cooling, after the faillure. But I have had a greater amount of Maxtors fail in comparison to the Hitachi, Seagate, and WDs in our Dell Optiplexs @ Upenn.
  15. geofftech

    Don't buy maxtors.

    I can now count on both hands how many maxtors have failed on me. How often do two drives fail simultaneously? The two drives were in a rackmounted LaCie etherdisk. I had the unit less than a year!