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  1. Hi, I'm building a couple of identical new systems for audio recording for me and my buddy who landed jobs suppling morning show radio stations with audio bits. The company wants us to have identical systems so we can use the other persons if one crashes. I'll be recording 3 tv streams at once into a M-audio 1010lt with each stream being sent to a seperate track using Adobe Audition. I shouldn't have to record anymore then 3 hours. I want to capture at CD quality so, first I need to know how much space that will require so I can pick out drive sizes, and second (the reason I'm asking here) my friend is doing live studio recording, comedy bits, parody songs, etc. So I need HD's that are quiet. The systems their going in will be a P4c 2.8, 1gb ram on a Gigabyte GA-8KNXP MB inside a Antec Sonata case. What do you think would be the best bet for us? I like the speed of the Hitachi's but worry the "meow" will be too loud and come thru his mic. He's using a EV Re20 studio mic like a lot of radio stations use. (he's been in radio for 15 years.) If for some reason you wanna hear what he's doing the link belows is to one of his mp3's for a pretty funny bit. Comedy song about how the word's gone gay. Thanks for any help. Shawn