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    Western Digital Caviar WD2500JB

    I have a Western Digital Caviar Special WD2500JD 250GB SATA hard drive which is coonected to the Silicon Image Sil3112 SATA RAID controller on my Abit NF7-S version 2.0, BIOS version 1.9. Right now, running d'peg (a disk and CPU intensive duplicate image searcher) I have kernel usage of the CPU (T-bred B 2400+ XP@200x10) at 20-30%, I have reason to believe that the high kernel CPU usage is caused by the hard drive (since nothing much else is going on that'd explain a high kernel CPU usage). Now here is the question: Is high CPU usage a common problem for non-native SATA hard drives ?(i.e. the WD2500JB like all SATA hard drives, so far, except the Seagates use a PATA to SATA translator chip). Is the cause my controller? (I don't believe so I had the same problem with a Promise SATA150 TX2+) Why doesn't Storagereview test for CPU usage? (Is it included in one of the tests? I'm confused) I mean, it's fairly important for both workstations and for gaming.