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  1. Yep, it does seem to be the proper solution. Any reason why you would pick option C over A, if I might ask?
  2. Hi everybody... I'm left wondering what drivers to use on my Vista install with two sata-hard drives and one sata-dvd writer. There are three options: A) Set the sata controller on the motherboard to use the drives as IDE and just use the standard Microsoft drivers. Set the sata controller on the motherboard to use ACHI and use the standard Microsoft drivers. C) Set the sata controller on the motherboard to use ACHI and use the Intel Storage Matrix drivers. Im using an Asus P5B Deluxe motherboard with the Intel P965 chipset and the ICH8R southbridge. Option A works well, while B seems a bit flaky and once in a while turns unresponsive for a bit . I haven't tried option C much yet. Does anybody know which option delivers the fastest and most reliable performance? A or C? What do you prefer and use in Vista? Thanks for any help and input in advance!
  3. stoff

    Best way to disable NCQ?

    Thanks for the reply, Spod! So one last question: If performance is the goal, would you recommend to disable AHCI in the bios and letting the OS use the drives as IDE - or would you enable AHCI, letting the OS use them as true sata drivers and then just disable NCQ/TCQ in the driver properties?
  4. stoff

    Best way to disable NCQ?

    Thanks! Do you know whether it is possible to disable TCQ/NCQ in the drivers if one manages to install Win XP with AHCI enabled?
  5. Hi everybody. I'm not sure which approach is best to disable NCQ on my new Raptor when I'm going to built a brand new system. One option is to just make sure that AHCI is disabled in the bios (on the Asus P5B Deluxe) and set it to IDE before installing Windows XP. But there may also be an option to set it later in the drivers, if I go with AHCI. Does anybody know what is recommended? Any negatives from disabling AHCI?
  6. stoff

    Webhosting suggestions

    Hi. I can recommend Dreamhost which you can get for $7.95/mo if you sign up for two years. They might give you more than you want, but support is fairly good and they have a forum you can check out. They have been through some growing pains recently, but things seem to be good again.
  7. Thanks for the reply! Do you by chance know whether the nForce3 SATA controller needs drivers to be loaded (from floppy) during a clean Win XP install on a SATA boot drive? Intel's SATA controller takes care of this 'problem' and recognizes the SATA drive, but I havn't heard about the nForce3 controller?
  8. Actually it has two different SATA controllers. The sil3512 and the nVidia controller included in the nForce3 Ultra chipset AFAIK. The sil3512 run off the PCI connection to the chipset, while the nVidia SATA controller run directly from the chipset (it is referred to as Serial-ATA 2 (Internal PHY) (Onboard nVIDIA nForce3 Ultra chipset).
  9. Hi everybody. This might be asking prematurely, but maybe somebody knows. I'm getting a nForce3 Ultra motherboard (Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939) and just wanted to know which SATA controller is best (performance and CPU util). The nVidia nForce3 or the SiI3512? I'm using a (single) Raptor WD740GD. Best regards, stoff
  10. I just got a WD740GD Raptor and was anxious about any high pitched whine (as I'm easily annoyed by such things), but I don’t sense any. I just wanted to confirm the findings that StorageReview had during the preview. Now, the seek noise on the other hand...
  11. While the seek noise with the WD740GD Raptor is definitely audible, I don’t find it loud or annoying. Granted, my drive is placed in a NoVibe frame so that might account for some reduction in seek noise, but on the other hand I’m fairly picky about noise having been used to a totally silent Seagate Barracuda IV (and using a water cooled PC ). I was more anxious about idle noise and feared a high pitched whine , but there is none of that so I’m quite happy with this brand new baby.
  12. If this holds true for the retail part, my Seagate Barracuda IV will finally be able to retire. This drive looks suberb! Any word on when you receive a retail part for final review (aka close to shipping date)? BTW: Thanks for an awesome site! I have been looking here for advice, insight and reviews over the years and nobody compares.