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    Seagate Barracuda 7200.7

    Hi again, I see that nobody replied to me. But I just wanted to say that since the drive is in vertical position (since 3 weeks), the drive work fine. I talked a lot with a professionnal in hard drive and he thinks that the problem is electronic (chips on the hard drive). I think it's possible. But now I'm letting it like that. I've got a great speed with RAID 0
  2. kensiko

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.7

    Hi, I just found this site, even if I think I read comments about hard drives here before. I should have looked at it before buying my last hard drives, 2 X Seagate 120 gig SATA 7200.7. I can confirm that it's normal to have a noisy seeking, technical support told me java script:emoticon('') The thing here is that one hard drive failed last week, and it's been 2 weeks I have them. I had a WD1000BB and run it one year, 24/24, in my 3½ slot with a fan on it. It was always enouph cooled. Now, I saw when I installed the first Seagate in my 3½ that is was very hot. I thank it was normal. The other one was in a 5¼ slot, with a fan too. The one who failed was the one in 3½. It wasn't detected in the BIOS and when I rebooted again, it made strange noise like "viiiii, viiii, viiii, respinning again, viii, viii, viii...". This is the sound of death ! BUT ! I putted out the drive and it started to work again, without any problem, without bad sectors ! I asked for technical support and they told me that my case wasn't enouph cooled. But if it wasn't, why my last Western Digital worked for one year and wasn't so hot ? I wonder why the review on the 160 gb in the temperature test didn't revealed that the Seagate was a lot hotter than the others, or they are all hotter ! Now, I putted the 2 hard drives in the 5¼ bay and they have 2 fans that send air from outside of the case. They work fine since that. What is the deal ? Hard drives today cannot work without proper cooling ? I putted fans on my hard drives as an additionnal protection, but now I see that it's not just additionnal ! Is anybody here running 24/24 with Seagate without fan on it ? I'd like to know. Thanks !