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  1. Howdy! Depends on what you mean by media server...or file server for that matter. What types of files? (Office apps, photos, videos) What is the typical capacity? (Starting, goal) What kind of media? (MP3, wav, video, streaming) Will the machine be used for viewing the media? Or just server? What network Speed? (100Base-T, 1000Base-T) What Operating System? A true fileserver can get by on relatively little CPU power. Is size a factor? For example: Would a $50 motherboard, in a $25 case, with a $50 harddrive and $50 power supply meet your needs? Sounds like it would, with the exception of the hard drive. Maybe a cheap Althon on one of those older NForce boards (built-in Video) using a couple 120GB drives on a RAID card. You can also watch for deals (and coupons) at major retailers / sellers. No real specifics, I know. Just trying to figure out where your cost / performance cutoff is. DogEared
  2. DogEared

    Cheap XEON MoBOs?

    Check out the New Tyan Trinity GC-SL board. (S2707) $300-350US P4 (not Xeon) No AGP -- Built-in RageXL 2 PCI-X buses 4x DDR2100 Standard ATX Adaptec SCSI optional Put in a HT enabled P4, add liberal dash of RAM and you're set. DogEared (No experience with this board, I just love the PCI-X with a "desktop" CPU.)
  3. DogEared

    MB Fan Header question're waaaay below those numbers. I would still ask your motherboard manufacturers support, if you're really concerned. Personally I've always paid attention to the voltage (12V) and watts (8.88W). So as long as my fan is a 12V fan running *under* 8W...I'm fine. (I still can't image 24-25V running through the motherboard though.) I don't remember what board you were looking at....I presume this is the system you've been writing about for a while?? DogEared
  4. DogEared

    MB Fan Header question

    Since the Watt spec is static I would say the fan header supports a voltage range. So max current varies according to voltage - total wattage is the threshold. 8.88W @740mA equals 12V. The 350mA give a 25V result. Stay below the watt rating per connector and watt rating in total. DogEared
  5. DogEared

    Sound Cards with FULL DOS Support

    Do these games not run under XP? In other words, "What's the obession with DOS?" I used to play these games and *many* more on NT (3.5/3.51/4.0). Sounded great. Shortly after NT3.5 came out, I switched from DOS. NT used SB16 & AWE DOS emulations. (Mmmm Blood! Damn I loved that flare gun -- "AHHH It burns! IT BURNS!") Of course no one told me NT "couldn't play games." I have not run any of these in XP, so I'm just wondering if XP is less game friendly then NT was? DogEared
  6. DogEared

    Lowest cost of PCI-X entry

    If you want 64-bit slotsand AGP then you'll need a new CPU. I would like to be pleasantly surprised, but I cannot find a S478 board with something other than AGP & PCI(32). Whether you step up into the Xeon / Operton arena (PCI-X) or drop back into PIII/AthlonMP (64/66, 64/33) that's up to you. It depends on what drives you are using, but two new generation SCSI drives will flood the PCI bus. I've been living that way for a few years now. I'm waiting to jump into the Opteron frenzy. That new Trinity board is a great product - a standard P4 chip with 2 PCI-X buses. I can see that being used for large® scale NAS / file/print servers. DogEared
  7. I've used a 2.5" drive device for a few years, but I haven't used it recently. So I'm running from memory. Device Manager sounds OK, but I would need to check on my own system to be sure. But the "Safe Removal" message is *bad*. Can you try booting your system with the FW disk attached? Since XP is saying your drive is safe to remove, it should no longer show up in Disk Management. XP has "removed" the device from Also check the Eventlog (the system log in particular) to see what messages are being stored. (Run Eventvwr.exe if you're not familiar with it) XP should show some message as to why the drive was disconnected. DogEared
  8. DogEared

    How to determine my bottleneck?

    sar and iostat should be part of the sysstat linux package. If you don't already have it installed. If you post the distribution and version you are using, other folks here may have better ideas. I haven't used sar or iostat in a while, but `Hunter's iostat options will spew lots of numbers every 10 seconds for 2 minutes (interval & iterations I believe). Either way it will run for 2 minutes. It will definitely answer your basic disk questions. DogEared.
  9. DogEared

    New computer

    The 2.8GHz is half the price of a 3.2GHz. Going beyond 3.0GHz/800 right now is a waste of money (unless you're headed to Opterons or the P4 3.2EE ). Use the extra cash on a better video card, or better RAM. If you're not worried about storage space then why not a 36GB Raptor(~$100US)? I'm not sure what your goals (pure gaming, no overclocking, etc.) are so I just posted some thoughts. DogEared
  10. DogEared

    How much memory for file servers.

    Are these systems just file/print servers? Or will they be PDC, DNS, mail, etc.? And how would define "smooth" or "performs well?" A low end example: I've personally used RedHat 6/7 on a P90 w/ 64MB of RAM (3-disk RAID5) to support a 10 user environment as a file/print server and PDC (Samba). The network was 10BaseT, so those users couldn't suck data too fast anyway. The system was a "no budget" system But it worked well for what was needed. If you want high throughput on Gigabit LANs, then you'll need the RAM. Lots of it. For 15 users, I don't see why 512MB of RAM wouldn't work (with Win2k). The place where I work now, has 30 users hitting a dual PIII Xeon server with 640MB RAM. THe server is the PDC(w/ AD), file/print server and handles a couple remote terminals. According to perfmon, that machine only "redlines" first thing in the morning as everyone logs on and opens a file or two. Nothing that would warrant an upgrade. ( Besides, I'm in the same warranty boat. Want the on-site warranty? Buy our expensive RAM, even if it's really Kingston RAM with an IBM sticker on it! ) DogEared
  11. If the new 36GB drive appears, I really doubt it will sell for ~$100 US. I would expect $160-$175 maybe $150. If you're the type that always needs the fastest thing going (or it's really gonna piss you off that you didn't wait a couple weeks), then wait. $115 is a great price for this drive. I feel your pain: I traded in my Shuttle SB65G2 for a SB75G2. The day I received my 65G2, Shuttle anounced the availability of the 75G2. I took the hit on the restocking fee and shipping. But now I'm set. DogEared
  12. DogEared

    NF7S v2.0 SATA RAID 0 question

    Here is what I found from the SATA driver readme: However I do not see any mention of 98[FE], nor DOS. And it sounds like you are stuck at Step #3. It sounds like a driver problem, as in "no driver" for the SATA chip. But the readme says 98SE should install fine from the CD. *shrug* I apologize in advance if you already have this information. Can you try installing to just one drive without RAID and make sure the SATA ports are being recognized correctly? DogEared
  13. I bet that drive gets *amazing* scores in WinBench! ******** Since WD was being semi-slammed in the press for coming out with a 36GB drive vs. 200GB or something equally ridiculous, I really wonder if a new 36GB drive *will* be made. Also GD is used as a designator on BOTH raptors. It would be inconsistent to make a new 36GB drive with the upgraded components and give it a new designator. GDX maybe?? *shrug* Now... they *could* release the new drive as a 360GD and get everyone looking at serial numbers to try and figure out which one it is! HA hahahahaha. DogEared
  14. DogEared

    SCSI cable maddness

    Should have added: If the Dell enclosure allows "8-bit" SE mode, then you should be fine. If you don't know if the enclosure can run 8- or 16-bit mode, then you will probably need a terminated adapter (i.e. it's running 16-bit). DogEared
  15. DogEared

    SCSI cable maddness

    I'm interested in how this turns out. In the past, I connected a SCSI-1 unit to a F/W SCSI-2 device. I used a couple converters to terminate the "extra" lines just in case. Kinda looked like this: Ext. Drv.------ Ext. Conv.--------Ext. Conv.------Ext. Cable------"Host" ---MD68 == MD68->MD50 == MD50->C50 == C50->D25 == D25--- [Hope that lines up correctly] I *think* the MD50->C50 adapter came with a jazz drive...and the cable came from a scanner I had. Necessity is the mother of "bastardization." Need to do *something* with all of those old cables! DogEared
  16. DogEared

    Best drive imaging solution for XP SP1?

    For the record: I have used Drive Image 7.0 *numerous* times to make backups under XP/SP1. No problems with the software. Images were created from drives on MegaRAID U160 controllers and Adaptec U160 controllers. I have also restored said images. I have also backed up my Raptor (SATA) a few times, although I have not tried a restore. ( I was waiting to buy another one before restoring. ) Regarding the imaging under windows: I performed what I consider a torture test to *really* test if DI 7 could backup a running system. While performing a backup of my system partition (C: w/ high compression) I ran the following applications: Explorer File copy: 8GB disk to disk Photoshop: Batch update/resize ~100 3 MPixel photos Played Jedi Academy Single Player mode. I continued to play Jedi Academy until I was notified the backup was done. THen I restored....and the system works great. No errors, no complaints from any software, etc. I did have some trouble using the Recovery CD while trying to recover the MegaRAID-based disk image. BUt once restored, the system worked well. Other than that one issue, I have been very impressed. I will see if I can try restoring that Raptor image. I wonder if these problems (SATA) could be a chipset issue? DogEared
  17. Thanks for the recommendations. I will only have six drives - 2x X15 18GB and then 4x 15k.3 (to be acquired) ( Right now I use two SCA adapters....ugh ) I was thinking of two of the 5-drive bays, putting drives in slots 0,2,4 (or 1,3,5 depending on numbering). I should buy one now to dump those SCA adapters. As for power, I currently have a 300W PSU powering my drives, and a 400W powering my motherboard (2xPIII). I still have a SuperMicro 760 case that I haven't cut in two yet...but I plan on using two separate PSUs regardless. I hope I'll be ready buy the rest of the system in January.... DogEared
  18. I'm interested in SCSI RAID. And I did catch that review, thanks. Although I like Tom's site and have read it for many years, the following types of statements put me off occassionally: [From the second paragraph from that article] [The bold within the article text is mine] Yes, the author does go on to say "in certain circumstances" but only after implying SATA is faster than Ultra320 in general. I just tire of reading statements like that. Both architectures are limited by the PCI bus. Plus, ou can put four current generation drives on the U320 bus before the drive bus is a factor. Besides the fact that U320 is faster with one drive due to 15k U320 drives (faster usually means high STR) But I'm preaching to the choir. I'm not irritated by comments like that, just annoyed. DogEared
  19. DogEared

    Two 10k drives or one 15k is better?

    I, for one, welcome our alternate-lifestyle friends. If "they" can partion their hard drives, then they're pretty advanced users given the everything-runs-from-C: computer scene. "Bozos" or "wimps" would have been a better choice, although unfair to their respective demographic. DogEared Hmmmm maybe a new slogan is in order... "Putting the S in hard drives..."
  20. DogEared

    scsi help please

    The overclocking is mainly a joke.... However I have had minor success in the past with running drives at higher rpms like taking a 7200rpm Barracuda up to 7800-8000rpm. You lose capacity, okay a lot of capacity, but....the performance was better. Unfortuately I don't have access to an electronics lab anymore, but I'm thinking it's a lot harder to monkey with things now a days. DogEared
  21. DogEared

    Memory and performance

    I read that over lunch today.. found the link at another site. Nice article. I love how faster bus speeds increase performance with office apps, and better timings are better for games (seems like graphics in general). Either way it's <5% gain. *shrug* Big deal. DogEared
  22. DogEared

    15K Futures

    Infernal speed! I guess it will be the last before moving to other forms of storage... Nah... as long as we measure disk speed by rpms, hard drive rotational speeds will continue to rise. Guys need to brag. Whether it's 500hp in a car or 15000 rpm on a drive, bigger is better. Now, if we started labeling in "MB/s" then other forms of storage would be attractive. "Introducing the 36GB Tachyon 320! Pumping 320MB/s into your computer!" ROFL--- I can see it now "What kinda rpms does that SSD run?" DogEared
  23. DogEared

    Memory and performance

    Hey! I like my Hyper-X heatspreader! It's blue! I do think heatspreaders have an effect -- most likely they make the memory run hotter. After the "hot vinyl" smell fades (it's new...not overheating) from my machine, I will pull the spreader off of one of the RAM sticks and compare. **** I would still recommend CAS=2 (or CL=2) memory. You don't have to go all the way with "2's" across the board. Depending on budget (and computer usage), you'd be better off with "slower" memory and more of it. Ex: 512MB of CL2.5 is better than 256MB of CL2, etc. DogEared
  24. DogEared

    ultimate lcd

    I had the same thoughts with the power consumption. Fully loaded, the panel draws a lot of power, but without the options I would expect the power draw to be reasonable. $900 is a very good price. Finding coupons will make it that much better. I personally have never understood adding USB ports (or speakers) to a monitor. But, really, USB ports on a panel that *rotates*?? DogEared 8^D
  25. Great job on the preview...and thanks for labeling it a preview. As someone else mentioned, thanks for listing the previous Raptor tests and commenting on them. I'm definitely waiting to see what effect TCQ has on the "server" performance. Maybe these new raptors will be faster than my Cheetah X15. (Under normal usage my X15 and Raptor seem to be a match, but when I start to use my system, the X15 pulls ahead.) Oh well, looks like my 36GB Raptor's days are numbered. Another piece for my museum of technological firsts. DogEared