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  1. ATI is only showing the rotation software for the Mac. I haven't seen it on my current setup. I didn't think I'd be missing my old GeForce 256!! As to why: About half of the photos I shoot are "Portrait". So I was looking forward to looking at them at 100% rather than 25% or 50%. Besides...."because I can" kind of applies here, too. Oh, well, I'll be interested to hear with Dell Support says DogEared 8^)
  2. DogEared

    Is Moore's Law Dead?

    Hah!!! One of my pet peaves! *ahem* **** Old Fogey semi-Rant ahead **** The *real* Moore's Law deals with the "commodity" of processing power, not the power of *a* processor. The price and power of processors are corollaries, if you will. He proposed that processing power (transistor count) *could* double every year and half (or thereabouts), therefore driving down the cost of processing power in general ( maybe you could measure it in $/MFLOP?). The end result would be more people would have affordable processing power and processors would be more integrated into our lives. Soooooo while the popular Moore's Law seems to have hit a wall (really it's just a blip), the *real* Moore's Law is being proven daily in the cell phone & set top box markets. (The chips in those things are real CPUs, ya know. ) ****** I think we've been off the doubling of power routine for a while. How long did it take the P4 to be twice as powerful as a PIII (Tualatin)? But Intel may be back on track with the Pentium M....and AMD definitely bumped the curve with the Opteron. So we're still in the race, but now we've got a different horse in the front. DogEared 8^)
  3. After I get my 2001FP calibrated (OptiCal), I'll have objective performance data... but DAMN that's a nice monitor. The 2001FP is a little bright, and I have no way to rotate the display (software). But I am impressed. Right now "black" is not really black, but the colors and the clarity are near the quality to my calibrated Viewsonic (colors are a bit over saturated, but heh...). Once things get dialed in, the CRT will be my seconday monitor. The CRT's only advantage will be increased resolution. And I can put the LCD 6" away from my face for insane details. ( I made the mistake of playing Jedi Academy with the panel about 1ft from my face. Made me queasy. ) DogEared
  4. DogEared

    Xeons Have Any Future?

    Yeah, I feel guilty buying dual Xeon Servers for 30 (concurrent) users Databases. But that's what the big boys are selling.... Gotta admire Dell for selling $249 P4-based Servers! As much as I'm looking forward to putting together a dual opteron workstation, I don't see any 64-bit software...unlike when the PentiumPro came out. When I bought my PPro, I had a 32-bit OS (NT & OS/2) w/ 32-bit software. Besides when it comes to 64-bit on the desk: "Been there done that." I always laugh when I hear Apple and AMD arguing over first 64-bit desktop. I seem to recall having Alphas and UltraSparcs on my desktop... (Yes, the Alphas had a 64-bit version of NT -- kinda. ) So in reality, AMD doesn't even make the "First 64-bit Windows Processor." But if NVidia can get away with claiming to be the first GPU....somebody should explain to Texas Instruments that their graphic chips don't count. (That was kind of a rant wasn't it??? Sorry. ) DogEared
  5. DogEared

    Enough Juice!?!

    It depends on what other cards you'll have in your machine. I think 350-380 is fine. For comparison (in my 220W Shuttle): i875 board 2.8GHz P4 @ 3.2GHz 1GB PC3500 RAM (2x512) 1 x 36GB Raptor 1 x 120GB WD ATI 9800 Pro Everything else is external (firewire) So you'll add two optical drives to that and add 130W of potential power. (Note that the CPU & RAM are overclocked with raised voltages putting more strain on the PSU) So stick with your 350. If you have reason to suspect the Power Supply later, replace it. Until that point, I would stick with what you have. DogEared 8^)
  6. DogEared

    Xeons Have Any Future?

    HA! I keep forgetting about Asus' little experiment! Too bad the multiplier is locked. I had read/heard the same thing about skipping the 800MHz bus. But if Intel feels pressure from AMD in the workstation / low server market, then they may magically pull 800MHz bus chips from the.....the air. Who expected a P4 with 2MB of L2 cache??? Feel the irony: Intel is now the low-cost alternative to the Opteron. I'm having trouble justifying the huge price premium for Opterons. The 244's are now dropping down to 3.0GHz Xeon prices. DogEared
  7. DogEared

    Sata On Laptop?

    After a little (current) reading, Western Digital is using the older command queuing from the Parallel ATA spec. While, SATA specific command queuing will appear in SATA II (Native Command Queuing). Sooooo....companies are choosing to implement command queuing now, even though the ability has been present for a couple of years. I thought the current SATA spec referenced Tagged Command Queuing, but I could not find it. In either case, it is a function of the drive's electronics and not the controller. The controller *does* have to allow pass-through of the command. Any SATA controller should support pass-through. I'll apparently need to do some more reading to find out if the Raptors use SCSI-type command queuing, or a creation of their own (but compliant with the PATA spec). But for the most part command queuing is command queuing. Beyond that, the differences are in efficiency. Would command queuing by any other name be just as "schweet?" DogEared.
  8. DogEared

    Sata On Laptop?

    Sorry about that. I guess the Highpoint enclosure only had 15 seconds of fame. I don't know if there are many other choices, but the Highpoint 1000 enclosure was responsible for a lot of hoopla a little while ago. The enclosure should come with a eSATA cable -- which I believe is a 6-pin Firewire cable. You can also buy them in a "kit" which includes a PCI Slot cover (bracket) with the eSATA connectors. Handy if you want to hook up the drive to a PC. Either way, it's pretty inexpensive. DogEared 8^)
  9. DogEared

    Sata On Laptop?

    I knew I had seen one a couple months ago.... I found this on MySimon. So Addonics is making one. Using the eSATA as a boot drive depends on your laptop. Do you have the ability to boot from a PCCard device? DogEared 8^)
  10. DogEared

    32-bit/64-bit Pci/pci-x Confusion

    You shouldn't see a difference. PCI Bus == 133MB/sec 110-120MB/sec of disk bandwidth is as much as you should expect. (100MB/sec I think is more common) Since, U160 (@160MB/sec) and U320 (@320MB/sec) are both faster than the PCI bus you won't see a difference. The PCI bus is your bottleneck not the SCSI card or the drive. You'll still get the low access times, and the higher sustained transfer speeds, but you won't see a benefit to U320. Get the 15k drive and U160 card. DogEared
  11. DogEared

    32-bit/64-bit Pci/pci-x Confusion

    I should also have said: U320 drives will work on U160 busses (cards) and U160 drives work on U320 busses. So you can mix and match. But the bus speed will adjust to the lowest speed needed for any device. If you'll be running a u160 drive, don't bother with a U320 card...unless you're getting a deal. DogEared 8^)
  12. DogEared

    32-bit/64-bit Pci/pci-x Confusion

    Your 64-bit card should work in a 32-bit slot. Using a 32-bit card in a 32-bit slot is not any slower (or faster) than a 64-bit card in a 32-bit slot. You'll be fine with a U160 controller and the 15k rpm drive. I have a Adaptec 39160 with a couple of Cheetah X15s, and the 64-bit SCSI card is plugged into a 32-bit slot (standard PCI). Basically, whatever is less long as you're getting a name brand SCSI card. U160 or U320 will overwhelm the PCI bus (burst speed). If you want to see 160MB/sec or 320MB/sec you'll need to get a PCI-X motherboard. DogEared. 8^) PS You're drive only cares if the SCSI bus is U160, or U320, etc. The Drive doesn't know if you're connected to a 32-bit or 64-bit card.
  13. DogEared

    Cheap Gigabit Switch?

    I would still question the cables, although 20-25m on regular CAT5 *may* work. GigE needs 250MHz to run properly in 100m runs. With 100MHz cable, you're only giving GbE 40% of the necessary bandwidth. 20m seems optimistic. I haven't tried running GbE over CAT so I cannot *tell* you whether it will work at not at true GbE speeds. The confusion about CAT5e is that the spec states 100MHz spectral bandwidth. However most manufacturers produce 350MHz rated cable - far in excess of the spec. This is mainly do to UTP GbE. CAT6 is spec'd at 250MHz but you should be able to find 500MHz rated cable. At any rate, I'd be interested in the results. DogEared 8^)
  14. DogEared

    Help Finding Mobo...

    I would search by chipset. It's not a guarantee of PCI-X slots, but it's close. Examples: Intel 7501 Intel 7505 AMD 8111 GrandChampion HE etc. NewEgg will let you search by the SouthBridge chip. If you are interested in 64-bit and not necessarily PCI-X, then you can go back a generation or two. Like the older Grand Champion, AMD-760 MPX, etc. Personally I just watch Tyan and Supermicro sites. Both let you view workstation or server boards in summary. DogEared 8^D
  15. The link again. Looks like it "http"d twice. DogEared
  16. Here's the manufacturer's brochure. It includes a couple of charts regarding striping and RAID 5 performance. JMR SATAStor is the product name. It looks like it tops out at ~100MB/sec. Usually a sign of a regular PCI bus. I wonder what it would do on a 64/66 / PCI-X card?? Hmmm. DogEared 8^)
  17. It didn't see a review, but Tom's was showing a 6 x 2.5" drive rack (2 across by 3 down). It think it was part of their comdex review. I only remember seeing a photo with a caption nothing more. The author was speculating what kind of performance 6 drives in RAID 0 would produce. Another idea where someone beat me to the punch, DogEared 8^)
  18. DogEared

    Hard Drive Bottleneck In Game

    I'll second the "W00t" for the "NO_CD hack." My stuttering / hiccups disappeared completely. That makes me happy & sad. I'm happy that the game just flies now, but I'm sad that the code exists in the first place. It's stupid to check for the CD when the game apparently doesn't care if the CD is there or not. As I stated before, my CD Drive is off. There is *NO* way for the game to see the actual CD, aside from it's own caching. DogEared
  19. DogEared

    What Internet Connection Do You Use At Home?

    Current: - Cable - 256kbps/8Mbps (Can sink to 1Mbps when my neighbors are home. ) - No limit -- yet (I never check usage, and the rate never goes up) - None blocked (cannot attest to that fact) - 10 (Use 0 - I've had my main net address for 10 years - not changing) - Static (adds $10/month) - $49.99 US / month The upload speed is a real problem, but I cannot get any faster speeds without going to a partial T carrier. A couple of years ago, I had (and greatly preferred): - SDSL - 1Mbps/1Mbps - No limit - None blocked - 1 - Static - $99.99 US / month Of course the "not so baby" Bell company put a stop to that... DogEared
  20. DogEared

    Pentium Pro-blems

    So.... Have we concluded that 1GB will not improve the situation?? Unless there is a specific windows-only app, I would run Linux on that machine. But again, the point here is it's a *project* box. I have some version of Linux running on my ol' Micron POWERSERVER (W00t!) P90. It started as RedHat 6/6.1... but I tinker with it Runs *much* better than it ever did with NT or Win2k. (It's the defective P90 that can't multiply correctly plus I paid over $6000 for the thing so I'm keeping it. LOL! But I've forgotten how to demo that little hiccup. ) Samba has really come a long way. I thought it was a great product when v. 2 came out. Now it's just amazing. Just remember: "It's your project, you can buy if you want to...." "buy if you want to..." DogEared 8^D
  21. Sorry to hear about the bad batch of drives you found... I was just thinking what if we all held grudges after receiving a couple bad drives. Wellll... I would no longer have a PC since I've seen every drive manufacturer screw up big time with one model or another. I guess I'd running Compact Flash cards! LOL!! Lexar hasn't screwed me yet. I wouldn't write off the manufacturer completely. Just wait until they come out with a new line of drives and see how they perform. Also, when you get a replacement drive try to get one from a different lot (batch). Even the big name retailers drop a few, or leave a couple cases of drives on a loading dock in below zero weather -- overnight even! If it was me, I'd blame the seller not the manufacturer. DogEared 8^)
  22. DogEared

    Hot-swap Sata Drives. Possible?

    I don't know of any OS that will allow you to pull a logical storage device without complaining loudly. Since you have one parition per drive (Yes?) you have to stop the drive or unmount the volume before removing it. The drive cage simply makes it easy to remove the drive, typically the connect/disconnect (i.e. "HOT Swap") is handled buy the drive adapter card. First off, if a utility is provided to *remove* and *add* drives then use it. The key words in the link you provided are "remove" and "rescan" Under Linux (the link showed Linux as an OS) I would think you could just unmount the drive and remove it. The windows equivalent is "stopping" the device. Now if you had multiple drives in a hardware RAID array, then you could swap physical drives since the "logical" device still exists. If you have a RAID array and the system locks after removing one of the drives, then you'll have to use the utility...and then ask the card manufacturer "Why?" DogEared 8^D
  23. DogEared

    Hard Drive Bottleneck In Game

    HA I had similar experience. I ended up buying at a game store anyway but it was fun listening to people repeat what I wanted! "Whores of Underdog?" Oh, Sweet Polly! LOL!! My personal favorite: "Was that Hordes in the Dark or Whores in the Dark?" Looks like the No_CD fix saves the day again. When will publishers learn copy / pirate protections are just a major pain to game owners and DO NOT stop piracy?? *sigh* DogEared 8^(
  24. Since we're in this thread again... The Small Business site is selling the 2001FP for $749.99. Is there another coupon / promotion that stacks with this deal? $750 is an incredible deal... but if I can save another $50+ per unit, I'm all for it! DogEared 8^D
  25. DogEared

    Hard Drive Bottleneck In Game

    I've noticed the same behavior with NWN since it came out. I cannot say if the game is checking for the CD, but I can say I play NWN with my CD drive off (external case) -- after loading of course. I generally use CD images but every time a new game comes out it's time to upgrade the CD I'm getting tired of it. Almost all games I play now drop my disks to there collective knees for a second. Pretty amazing. I used to play NWN on a dual PIII w/ 2GB of RAM, and now a 3.2GHz P4 (although it says 2.8 on the chip. ). It has always taken about 1 second to load when new creatures / effects come into view. That huge upgrade and it acts the same. DogEared 8^)