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    Too Good To Be True?

    Excellent ratings at Bizrate.
  2. DogEared

    Need A Multiple Hard Drive Solution

    I am using a setup just as you describe. I cut a Supermicro case (760) in half so I could have my motherboard in one "case" and all of my drives in another - each with its own power supply. All of the drives are SCSI (4 HDD + 2 CD-R/W) and are connected with external cables. The only part I had trouble finding was a internal/external connector (or gender changer as some call them). So.... yes you could buy another mid tower or whatever has enough drive bays, add power supply, drives and mount the SCSI connectors. It acts just like the drives were internal. Your system won't know the difference. DogEared 8^)
  3. The SCSI card should have options to remove ID numbers from the seek process at boot. So... you don't really have to disable the entire channel - you could put one device on each channel and turn off the "boot seek" for all unused SCSI IDs. I liked using the 2940/U and same generation Tekram cards since they had 68-pin and 50-pin ports on the card. No need for adapters. But requires two cables. DogEared 8^)
  4. DogEared

    Just For Fun

    I guess so! But "what if" you spent $700 upgrading one of them? I'll agree. We shoud all raise and clink our hard drives together or something. Yep.. we could wax nostalgic about the glory days of computing. . . you know, before there were standards. When disk crashes really left gouges and shavings inside the drive.... HA! Old faithful: To this day I still miss my old CP/M system complete w/ 8" HDD (I think the last one I bought was 5MB rather than the "old" 1.2MB) and daisy wheel printer. BTW, I don't think I could upgrade that one no matter how much money I had! DogEared 8^)
  5. DogEared

    Best 1394 Bridge?

    HA! Yeah, I remember that thread... posted to it and then forgot to go back and read it! DOH! Never got around to running those tests in quantity - just on a couple files Interesting, though, I've never had any issues. And I scan my eventlogs frequently. I routinely swap disk images (>30GB) around from SCSI disks to firewire and back again - shuffling files would be a better term. I did have some trouble early on using a FireConnect on a one of those 133A chipsets. But whatever PCI fix was floating around took care of it. My larger cases are all ADS Tech units and I have a couple 2.5" Addtronics (I think) enclosures. Now I'm curious and I'll have to go scour the 'net. DogEared 8^)
  6. DogEared

    Just For Fun

    HA! I used to do that! That's hilarious! Didn't do it for very long - since the old geezer programmers wouldn't let me store any code. Showed 'em a few COBOL tricks on my way out the door. Oldest drives.... I have a 2.1 Barracuda that has been running pratically continuously since '95/'96 - it's the primary drive in my Micron P90 playtoy. A 2.1GB Connor sits next to it - the original drive for that P90. I do on occasion boot my ol' Toshiba laptop w/ a 10MB drive - c. 1986 (8088 Turbo!). I loved walking into class w/ that little guy under my arm, while the other geeks had their luggables - back in their rooms. I'm amazed that the battery still works, and the machine runs just as well as it did on day one. I still have Lotus 1-2-3 v.1.00, WP 4.2, Zork I & II & III and a couple Ultima games on it. What? Me play Zork during those important lectures??? Naaaaah. DogEared 8^)
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    Wd Raptor Tooooo Slow.

    HA! Called away from my desk during a post and see what happens?? DogEared
  8. DogEared

    Wd Raptor Tooooo Slow.

    From the Article Eugene asked you to read: Sounds like a match to me... you've got a WD Retail drive (per the article). Congratulations. Just enjoy it like I am. DogEared 8^)
  9. DogEared

    Best 1394 Bridge?

    Are there issues with the chipsets? Or are you referring to the Mac debacle? I would have said the 911 chipset....but you've eliminated that option. I have the 911 chip in all external storage devices (Win2k & WinXP) and have not had any trouble. I don't benchmark max throughput, but I do store (and restore) disk images from external drives - frequently, burn CD's, DVD's, etc. All of the enclosures have been in use for at least a year with a couple with more than 2 years on them. Just curious what issues I'm supposed to be having? At some point I'll be upgrading to the 922 chipset -- 1394b -- for hard drives. DogEared
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    Pci Express And Agp

    That would be the best analogy. How long has the AGP slot been around? And we still can get PCI-based video cards. You have to wait a bit, but they *do* make them. If you the buy into the each-generation-of-technology-takes-half-the-time-to-adopt mentality, then we have have at least a couple years to get on the PCI-E band wagon. As a related aside: Why has the tech world gone serial? Is the new generation of engineers / executives so infatuated with high clock frequencies? SATA, SAS, PCI-E... Will I be driving a 3.5-litre 1 cylinder engine in 10 years? This seems to be at odds (conceptually) with the push for multi-tasking, multi-threading, etc. Or is this a case of every 20 years or so the industry "re-invents" technology? I think it was around '80 when I was thrilled to have a parallel printing port instead of serial ports on my Z-80 box (although it was a card-edge connector at the time ) Now parallel (IEEE1284) is bad...and USB is good! How many years before USB is bad...and high speed parallel is good? "I embrace my serial-based overlords" Riding wave after wave of our techno-society, DogEared 8^)
  11. DogEared

    Seagate Sata 160 Raid Problem

    The difference is hard drive marketing. Unfortunately, the 160GB (and 320GB) numbers represent billions of bytes... not true gigabytes. According to drive manufacturers: 320GB = 320,000,000,000 bytes. However, in the real world, 320,000,000,000 is really 298GB (binary-base2) So, nothing is wrong with your system, just a little sales fraud going on. You haven't lost any capacity - the two numbers are actually equal. DogEared 8^)
  12. DogEared

    Netcell's Syncraid

    Depends on how personal your personal server really is. It's amazing what you can do with old motherboards, old CPUs and free operating systems. The technology sounds a lot like DEC's enterprise RAID controllers a few years back. Basically, RAID 5 and RAID 0 showed identical performance. Again I don't know how much performance you really need from your server. If it's a true server, then the network will be the bottleneck. I'm not sure what gain you would see by going to a faster "RAID 5." If you like streaming DVDs (w/ multiple network ports) or use it as a workstation part time, spending more cash may be the way to go. DogEared
  13. DogEared

    I'm Looking For A Good Lcd

    Forgot the smilies: DogEared 8^)
  14. DogEared

    I'm Looking For A Good Lcd

    The Dell 2001FP. Buy it. Don't ask questions just do it. You *will NOT* regret the money. I've had one for a month...and I think I'll be sending my 21" Viewsonic in for repairs! DogEared.
  15. DogEared

    Raid Newbie

    I would say you are correct. I do not believe any IDE controllers support drives in more than one array. Multiple arrays on disks used to be pretty common -- well at least not unheard of. You could mix and match drive capacities as long as drives were properly LUNed. Theoretically, any RAID adapter that supports SCSI LUNs could do what you are asking, but I have not seen this implemented on internal RAID controllers. ( Oddly enough I haven't tried to do anything like this on my LSI controller. ) But you're not interested in SCSI.... Now I did read a preview of a SATA RAID card by RAIDcore that lists multiple arrays per drive as a feature - RC4852. I don't think it is available yet, nor did I see a real release date. It is something to watch out for. DogEared 8^)
  16. My attempt at humor was based on the article referenced. Not AMD's actual process. I was poking fun at the tolerences. And the author's guesses. As an EE, with CPU design & manufacture experience, I just appreciated the nothing-technical-we-just-pick-the-best-ones-from-the-batch answer. Apparently I found it too humorous. The article is more than implying that a low power opteron is *not* the norm, hence the term Cherry Pick. SO, putting my remarks in more common terms: When the system works we get 30W chips...when it doesn't we get 55W chips. Or summarizing: AMD is able to ship 30W Opterons by choosing the best of the yield which can run at full speed while dissipating 30W. Well DUH! Unfortunately the article doesn't give any real details, so we don't know: - what % of yield / production quantity of this line - whether 30W is the goal - etc. AMD may have accumulated enough chips to ship some. Or they may actually have a consistent (or consistently growing) % of the overall yield. I guess I'll have to find out. Regardless, it's about time we saw a real advance in computing. Here's to AMD continuing to finetune their process, DogEared 8^D
  17. DogEared

    Old Disks, Server, Workstation, ...

    HA! Ya beat me to it. I was curious if the Pros could be overclocked ... Seriously, though, I use Ebay a lot to determine value on equipment. The ability to search history on auction sites is ... invaluable when selling used stuff. An item's worth is what someone is willing to pay on a given day. What model is the Dual PPro board? DogEared.
  18. DogEared

    Pentium Pro-blems Redux

    Does your pet have a name? You gotta love the "If it was my money..." posts. It shows people care. Here's mine: "If it was my money, I would buy another Dell 2001FP monitor." They probably aren't that cheap anymore. If you know anyone looking to get rid of Sun equipment in Northern Illinois...let me know. DogEared 8^D
  19. DogEared

    Is Moore's Law Dead?

    Thanks for the link. I love the last bit regarding (paraphrased a bit) "someday ICs may be able to handle microwave frequencies....phased-array RADAR." and components on "two thousandths of an inch spacing." I remember watching his presentation on film (at least one of the presentations) - probably about 10 years after the paper was published. It really made you believe in that whole "house of tomorrow" idea. Just the idea that someday average people would use computer chips in their daily routine! Chips would be so cheap and so powerful, new types of electronics would be sold at the super market! It really was unimaginable -- except to the few. LOL!!! I was reading today about how labs are working on producing discreet components with a spacing within 10 *angstroms*!! DAMN!! Angstroms!! I suddenly feel old. Going back to my rocking chair... DogEared 8^)
  20. HA!! That is great! So when gravimetric forces are properly aligned and seismic activity is null, their process can produce 30W Opterons! LOL!!! (Sounded a bit more magical than simply doping your silicon. ) DogEared 8^D
  21. DogEared

    Pentium Pro-blems Redux

    ECC: Each byte of data contains 9 bits, not 8, ergo 72bit memory. The bandwidth to your CPU is the same...while technically the bandwidth to the memory controller is ~12% greater. Again, your CPU doesn't know you're using ECC. Bandwidth doesn't increase, but your reliability will increase. I can vouch for IBM's findings regarding Windows Server versus Linux. Improving scalability (i.e. efficiency) is arguably the biggest feature of the 2.6 kernel. I didn't think it was a secret that the enterprise market was demanding better performance from Linux companies. And just because some company is running Linux on 64 CPUs doesn't make it the most efficient. I would think cost has something to do with their decision. I will be very interested to see what results from these megacluster super-computers once they run the 2.6 kernel. DogEared 8^)
  22. DogEared

    Toyota, Gas Mileage & Hybrids

    The Mileage varies by: - Transmission type (S5 vs. L5) - # of Wheels driving (2WD vs. 4WD) - Area of sale -- or emissions regulations - (Basically CA vs. rest of U.S.) [Also includes other states that have adopted CA emissions controls] The models for sale in California have slightly better EPA ratings. 2 Transmissions * 2 drive trains * 2 regulatory districts = 8 models. DogEared 8^)
  23. DogEared

    Toyota, Gas Mileage & Hybrids

    And I would blame the Japanese imports for pushing smaller and smaller cars such that I only fit in full-size trucks (& SUVs) --- or a Volkswagen Beetle. 6'-2" is tall?!? Pfft. I passed that mark in grade school! LOL!!! Add a spouse and 2 kids...and I rather be driving a Ford Excursion! I really find it amusing that I'm helping the atmosphere by driving my F-150 SuperCrew (a 7) instead of my ol' VW NewBeetle Turbo(an 6)! LOL!! I find it funny that hybrids are all the rage, while the gas mileage does not compare to the compact cars of the early-/mid-eighties. My dad owned an '84 Honda CRX w/ a 1.3L engine - we drove from Seattle to Sacramento on *1* tank (~12 gallons) of gas [hey, there's some big mountains between those cities]. If you drove 55mph, you could get 75mpg - EPA rated at 72mpg. I used to drive a VW Rabbit Diesel that could hit 70mpg. Soooo....what progress?? DogEared
  24. I found out it's a registry "hack" to enable rotation. Apparently it's not enabled by default. I had to download the rage3d the rotate option shows up everywhere! *sigh* But it works great. Now I can edit my portrait photos @ 50%. DogEared 8^)
  25. DogEared

    Syrian-produced Ramadan Special

    [in the spirit of the Bar & Grille -- and to poke a bit] I take it you're not voting for Lieberman for President. I could also say that Asians are disproportionate control of my life: - Gas Station (Pakastani) - Burger King ( Korean ) - DairyQueen (Chinese ) - 7-11 ( Indian ) should I stop now?? I swear this article came out of that movie "The Hebrew Hammer" or whatever it was. (Come to think of it, the movie was made by Jews....) And here I thought I only had to worry about my elected I need to worry about Jews. (BTW th ex-governor of my state has been indicted on several counts of racketeering and bribery) In the U.S. the wealthy and "connected" hold the maybe you're right. Nobody is pushing me to be Orthodox or dislike the PLO. So I guess I'm kinda apathetic about "Jews" running my life. And regarding being Pro-Israel: I'm having a hard time remembering the last time I heard about an Israeli walk into a public place with explosives strapped to their person -- and then detonate. DogEared 8^)