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    Is France On The Way To Becoming An Islamic State?

    Thought he would have made a better democrat. "You are correct, sir." DogEared
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    Omg! Satan To Be Honored

    Ummm what generation is that? If you mean the current up-and-comers (GenY? or GenNext?)...well it looks to be the biggest consumers in human history. Teenage (13-22) girls spend three times as much money on consumer goods than I do. Then add in the boys. And they don't want to pay for any of it. Any person in their right mind knows that material wealth does not provide happiness. Excessive wealth causes the opposite. Something needs to be changed, but as long as the public at large keeps gulping down the fruit of properity (you like that? I thought it sounded good) things will continue. As each idealistic generation enters the workforce and adult society, they learn that they need the SUV because cars are too small to carry a family of four with their stuff. They'd rather buy platic milk containers at the corner grocery store, rather than drive several miles to the store that has glass ones. It just happens. Doesn't make anyone evil or materialistic. Can it change? Sure.... But most idealists fall by the wayside when reality sets in. DogEared, displaced (misplaced?) revolutionary. 8^)
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    Omg! Satan To Be Honored

    Wrong. He won't be able to use the "Sir" prefix cause he is not a British citizen. But expect a nice William Gates, KBE in his name... ΚΒΕ= Knight Commander of the British Empire I was going to ask about that, since I thought the same thing: Sir would be for citizens of the Empire. Unfortunately, whenever I read "Gates is the Devil" or "Linus is God" I start scrolling down to find the next post! Unscrupulous? Yep. Unethical? Sure. Illegal? Well, yes, but his company was acquitted. After allowing Microsoft to continue it's business practices, the U.S. Gov't should apologize to IBM and AT&T. The other arguments I have read here are just aspects of a smartly run business. Getting people to buy more of your products every year? Marvelous! Charging more for the same functionality? Marvelous! Blame that idiots that buy the stuff! MS is the epitome of capitalism. CHecks and balances exist in the U.S. to prevent what happened in the railroad industry. But they have not been used. While it was easily proven (I have my own contracts as evidence) that MS forced companies to sell their OS *and* office suite if said company used MS copyrighted BIOS, the lame asses that prosecuted the case choose "the bundled browser" as the weakspot. DUH! Complaining about the costs of somes products only works if there are no competitors (AT&T). You all have a choice of what software to use. It is not Microsoft's fault that sheep keeping buying their products at ever increasing profit margins (MS just posted a quarterly revenue record - $19B US. Not bad). Use Word Perfect. Use Open Office. Use Solaris....Linux.... or buy a Mac. While I think MSFT stepped on the law in a few ways, they have been the a model business. I write this on a PC running Windows XP, with MS Office, but my browser is Mozilla! (Thunderbird) Windows is the best Gaming platform. And here you all thought I used it for work..... DogEared. 8^)
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    Is France On The Way To Becoming An Islamic State?

    Bush's election had more to do with the previous president. Al Gore was really the wrong candiate for the time. Really. I also believe McCain had a better chance won...but I'm not sure any Democrat really had a chance. But the big money wanted their environmental socialist as the candidate. *shrug* Oddly, the Trade center attacks has sparked a bit of Islamic favoritism. I said a bit. In an effort to make sure Muslims do not feel threatened, Islam has been promoted into the national spotlight as a kinder, gentler religion. It's a topsy-turvy world we live in: - hate the evil empire, they spy on their people, impeded their freedom Now the U.S. does that. Hmmmm - Fear Islam. They are the threat. Kidnapping, death, bombings, etc. Oh...sorry. They're OK now. - Down with Taxation without representation.... Who repesents the middle-class? Ooops. Guess that last one doesn't fit. Why can't the pendulum say more in the middle? LOL DogEared 8^)
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    First Successful Hand Transplant?

    Does that mean "scalp" transplants are next??? Wonder how long the folicles would take to pick up their new DNA? As for the conjoined twins, it would be unfair to sentence one to death. I know courts have wrestled with criminal sentencing of conjoined persons. I heard of a case a *looonng* time ago were the one twin called the police on his brother. Never did hear what happened. I mean really, do you sentence them, punishing the one guy for doing the right thing? DogEared 8^D
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    Da Weather.

    To each their own. I grew up in the Center of California, so it's *bitter cold*unless it's 70F! Once the mercury clears 110F, well, that's just perfect weather. Almost moved to Chandler, AZ, but it was too close to Pheonix. Scottsdale on the other hand seemed *very* nice. Every other year or so, I look again. I've been stuck in Chicago for the last 10 years. I found out snow and ice in your front yard (more specifically on the roads to work) is a lot different than visiting the cold on the weekends. I also cannot stand high humidity... you know when it gets over 40%. I am dumbfounded that people that live in a climate that is covered in ice *every* year, cannot drive in 2" of snow until the trucks plow it away and lay down an inch of salt. DogEared 8^(
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    100gb+ Backup Solution?

    So the reliability is similar to a hard drive. Drop it, it doesn't work quite right. You could compress the data and then burn it to CDs/DVDs. You could use DLT systems with a couple of tapes.... (tapes are better for daily backups w/ appropriate software) Personally, I use Powerquest's Drive Image software to create DVD-sized disc images (high compression), and then burn to DVD. The nice thing is I can browse the images without restoring the whole thing. Should mention I keep the last to system images on HDD. For longer term storage of data, I create compressed archives (ZIP even if using RAR-capable software) and burn to better quality DVDs. (I used to have a burner for gold DVD(A) discs. Used it for photos. Discs carried a 100year guarantee - hope my kids can collect if something happens ) One can never have too many backups of data, DogEared 8^D
  8. Interesting: From Futuremark's website: uses Intel's IPEAK tools, albeit *one* of the tools. It still leaves some variables unaccounted for, but it is not a Futuremark tool. Still waiting for a white paper to load.....hope to see exactly how it measures things. Anybenchmark can be "wrong" but wrong is really the .... um ... wrong term to use. Notice "XP startup" - other benchmarks used WinNT or Win2000 startup traces. What applications?? How big are the file? And what is "General Hard Disk Usage?" Sounds like a way for Futuremark to earn some "sponsor" dollars. To the original poster, we don't trust PCMark04 mainly because we don't have the details. I'm not dismissing it as a benchmark, but I don't automatically trust it either. DogEared 8^)
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    For Those That Care, Dell's At It Again...

    It may drop later, but it would be *much* later. Right now, the 2001FP seems to be on it's own since it's selling for less than $1000US. I think the Viewsonic is quite a bit more. $750US is a great price - what I bought mine for a couple months ago. Otherwise it's $999US. I did not have any dead pixels. I originally had some uneven lighting and a few stuck pixels (i.e. one color on all the time) but a little massaging and all is well. It looks best in a brightly lit room (so the blacks are black). :-) DogEared 8^D
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    Brave American Gunship

    This isn't really true. Almost all full-time hourly workers I know (outside of contract workers) get some form of health insurance from their company. Some of them even pay less than I do for premiums (though I have no idea how good their coverage is). The key word there is full-time. Actually, federal law requires business with more than 12-15 employees to provide benefits to full time employees, hourly or not. (Usually means >32 hours per week) Call me lazy all you want, but the best job I have has no monetary gain (well not yet anyway ) and actually costs me a hell of a lot every year. I look forward to grooming my next generation of highly intelligent, insightful, distrusting, compassionate people to keep the world going for a while longer. Could I work long hours and fly everywhere to make tons of money? Sure. But for now, I'm doing a much better job within 5 miles from home with a 94% pay cut. LOL You just can't pay me enough to miss taking my kids (especially my car freak 4-year old son) to auto shows and local car shows. And I really hope they choose to serve their country in the military, however briefly. And of I course I hope things work out better for them. Of course I also expect them both to be talking about the lastest opti-chip storage systems in these forums 10-15 years from now. Raising a gear-head to take my place, DogEared 8^O
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    Sco - Getting Funnier All The Time

    (I am neither a Linux fanboy or hater. In the past, I was a big supporter and contributor to GNU and its concepts. Mainly, I despise "Intellectual Property" since it does not exist. So I'm anti-IntProp big time) I really do not see how SCO can lose this case in the U.S. What he "knows" is that Linux is a ripoff of Unix and contained Unix code. The linux troika alread admitted Linux had Unix code by issuing a statement that of 2.4.x or 2.6 (or whatever it actually was) all original Unix code was replaced. So.... Ah HA! Until now, Linux HAS had Unix code and has been using it illegally. SCO may not make claims against Linux going forward, but what about all of the installs since 2.0 came out? If you make something that looks like another product...acts like another product, etc., don't you think the guy that makes that other product is going to come after you? Could I manufacture a truck that is a knockoff of a F-150, put "Fjord" in a blue oval on the front and sell it in the U.S. for $10,000 and *not* get Ford's attention? More to the point: In my engineering class (i.e. Graduating class), *all* of us built computers from scratch (Z-80s, 8088s, S-100 bus, etc) and wrote and operating system to go with it. As much as I wanted to call my copy program "pip", that would have been an automatic failure....plagerism. So no "cp" either. So at that school, there were 100+ Linus types. With function operating systems (and yes, my O/S had a kernel...idea taken from Unix and others) The first time I saw Linux (has it been 10 years? 7?) I thought "Dude! This guy is asking for it!" It was a blatant ripoff of Unix. But hey what do I know? I'm surprised Sun, etc., didn't lower the hammer earlier. But they've found their own way to make money on free software. More power to them. So... I think SCO is in the right on this one. Seems like an open and shut case, since the "opposition" admitted that the code was in place. And SCO can rot in corporate hell after it's all over just for being such asses. DogEared 8^D
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    Stable Computer

    Adding more to the "Please reconsider" contingent. The key to stability is simplicity...and trying to eliminate single points of failure. By creating striped arrays,etc., you are adding more failure prone equipment. Norton and Powerquest both have GO-Back utilities. Both can image your disks and restore them from CD/Floppy in the event of total drive failure. (Powerquest's Drive Image can image all of your system while windows is running) Store the images on that other drive. -- You could also clone the main drive to another drive. But keeping a few disk images is better. If you find that a problem arose before you first noticed it, being able to go back another month or week or whatever will save *a lot* of time. Rather than water cooling, if you want to spend the money, I would look at the fanless heatsink systems instead. If you pump stops, things heat up fast. If a fan stops things heat up fast. No fans. No pumps. As stated, buy RAM that you know works on your motherboard. Don't spend the cash on "tight" timings, unless you're a hardcore twitch gamer. Simplicity and backups are the best defense against crashes and loss. DogEared.
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    Pci Express And Agp

    AGP can mean many things: a specification, a port, a bus, a device.... Multiple devices are premitted. To be more specific.... One Device per CPU is permitted. 2 Slots will only appear on Dual CPU systems (if at all). This still does not make it a bus though. Thank you for your time, FranK Russo This would have made an interesting and very unique feature to the Opteron systems. 2 CPUs, 2 Memory systems, 2 AGP ports. Throw in the separate expansion busses and it is virtually two systems on one board. Now if only I had that multiple-OS-on-one-box technology I was promised 5 years ago.... I wonder why multi AGP slots were built-in to v3.0...if no one is using it? (I guess I'm assuming since no one is using that feature, that no one in the industry asked for it. ) I would really love to run a 3D card along side a Matrox card (AGP) so I can get my picture quality *and* gaming. DogEared
  14. DogEared

    Pci Express And Agp

    I guess that is more my point. Why force the issue now? Surely, 250MHz parallel is reasonable. Anyway.. it's all serial when it's written, right? Serial lines at fequencies orders of magnitude higher would need much purer materials, substantially shorter traces, etc. I would have thought the costs would be much higher. *shrug* But, if we can do GbE over twisted pair @ 100m, 10- & 50GHz should be possible with 1m runs (using CAT6/7 ratings as a reference) "The Law" comment reminded me of a poster a college roommate had: "The Speed of Light. It's not just a good idea - IT'S THE LAW!" DogEared
  15. DogEared

    Athlon64 Laptop

    NWN crashes to desktop on me frequently - since the last patch. Swapping my 9800 PRO XT or whatever w/ my GeForce256 gives me stability....but 800x600 (vs 1600x1200) and video performance is set to low. (I want my shiny water dammit! ) **** All this talk about highpowered laptop & SCSI...I miss my Tadpole. Unfortunately, I've become used to 1600x1200 on a 15" screen... so anything larger (lower ppi) looks gargantuan. With the 2001FP, I can at least sit back a ways. LOL DogEared
  16. Yes. Some people like to brag about their military, about their cool, about the fact that they can stomp anyone into the ground with brute force. But we don't....and haven't. How many colonies did the U.S. have? Compare that to England, France, Russia, Belgin, etc. We're the first superpower that hasn't roamed around conquering other countries. And please forgive, if the indecision of the U.N. gets on my nerves. Might does not make right, but if there is "right" to be done, then I want the "might" to do it. Every government is corrupt. And more than a few people care...but we might be labeled "anti-patriots" and then our homes and work places would be searched. DogEared
  17. Please explain how putting criminals behind bars is a "threat to peace?" I'm really interested in hearing this one. FWIW, Arafat belongs in the cell next to Saddam. He's responsible for more death than Osama. I want to know why we aren't after him? We *know* were he is! If Arafat had been out of the way, things would have moved along much faster between Palastine and Israel. **** I'm not a Bushie, and I don't believe whatever he says. But why does everyone *want* to believe this guy so badly? C'mon. Y'all are being played as suckers from both sides. So what if he wanted to finish the war in Iraq. Men and women have been flying sorties in the flight suppression zones for over 10 years. Time to end it. I still don't see the "lie." Because he changed his reason for taking down Saddam? I'm pissed that Saddam tried to assinate my President. I've got a grudge. Why does it have to be "because of his daddy?" Ever think that Presidents don't like assassination attempts on other Presidents? If someone tried to kill Reagan again, I dare say the U.S. would go after the group responsible. ***** I don't see how Bush, Jr, can lose. His economic policies lack finesee, but they have been effective, and I believe have staved off a depression. The U.S. economy began it's downturn in 2Q1999, please explain how Bush, Jr, is responsible? He took office January, 2001. TWO YEARS later. At the very least cut the guy some slack for trying to fix the mess that was handed to him. You don't have to like the guy, or anything else he does, frankly, but admit when someone is getting the job done. Dean would try to pull out gracefully, while Kerry's personal experience in Viet Nam should help him see the real mess that is happening - and try to avoid some of those huge traps. But he would stay the course. DogEared 8^)
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    Brave American Gunship

    Interesting... "Outrageous!", "Terrorists!", "Axis of Evil!"... the usual mandra they feed their public! Well, sure! We're at war right? Enemy loses = good, you lose = bad. Although terrorist is really overused and does not apply at this point. They have had quite a while to stop fighting and surrender. I feel bad (really bad actually) that these people or any people have had to die in this war. But it really was their choice. If these remaining combatants want to fight a sniper/ambush war.. then so be it. Bring on the night vision and satellites. How's that for conflicting emotions? DogEared
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    Brave American Gunship

    Sorry to hear that. Really. Personally I struggle with the "turn the other cheek" attitude. It is SO not my nature. War is a horrible thing, and I really have to wonder about a lot of the bravado I hear and read. I wish I knew more about the crew here especially whether guys or gals have served any time in the military - or kids serving - when it comes to U.S. military action. Myself, I was in the U.S. Air Force for a few months in the mid '80's (~1986). (Flat feet and exceptionally large feet are a problem - medical discharge) Unfortunately, defending yourself is necessary. In the case of Iraq there here are a couple ways to look at it: - A police action: Enforcing law, rooting out outlaws similar to a major drug bust at a crack plant. - Finishing a 12-year war. Which started as an invasion of an ally (an ally for whatever reason). People forget (or at least not talked about) that men and women have been flying suppression missions since Iraq was put back in its place. These people have been shot at (missiles, rockets, AA) and were rarely allowed to fire back. Nice job to have, eh? ***** The Underclass I never understood "the projects" until I moved here to the Chicago area. How horrible! I have also encountered those attitudes and questions. Most of the current generation of this segment of our population is programmed to believe that the gov't owes them something for all of the injustice. And some really do believe that only a few folks actually have jobs. I had not seen this in Seattle or N. California (of course I only went to Oakland for the NFL games. ) Oh the irony of welfare families celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday. The black people I knew when I was growing up would have starved before taking handouts from the gov't. *sigh* All of that turmoil we went through in the late '60's and here we are. Nice. I do not mean to paint all black folk as welfare-check-cashin', gang-banging low lifes. I have had many friends that are bright and hard working. My personal experience has been the opposite. It wasn't until seeing this ghetto atmosphere that my opinions started to change. It really is despicable and completely unfair to see what my gov't (and the people that push the gov't into "enhancing" these programs) is doing. I still cannot believe how separate races/cultures are here. Every culture has their own piece of the city. And maybe their own suburb. In my eyes, this is worse than the '70's. Do we need another MLK to put things back on the track? Back on welfare... Personally, I have discovered that if my wife and I quit working we could live much better. Much nicer house, excellent pre school and tutoring for my kids, etc. Unfortunattely I work for living - severely underemployed these days - and cannot afford what the welfare folks get. Mainly because 58-60% of my money goes to taxes -- which pay for the welfare folks' livelyhood. A bit off the original topic... DogEared
  20. DogEared

    Ground Rules In Iraq

    What is it with the church and state? Does no one read the letters the U.S. creators wrote to one another? Separation meant no state sponsorship of a religion (e.g Anglican), not *no* religion. I get really fed up when I see people suing local governemnts to force removal of offensive holidy displays such as Chrismas trees and menorahs from city facilities (fire stations, city hall, etc.) Most of the founding fathers (I really love that term ) believed in God. Some did not. But all believed it was important for the country to maintain a religious fabric, thereby morality and a decent value system. This displays the weakness in the checks and balances: the judicial branch is left to interpret laws by their whim, since the legislative and executive branches rarely cooperate - so they can do what they want unopposed. Ooops. BTW, I'm not a Bush fan, but I'll give him credit for being 18% grey (). Too bad we cannot find better candidates for President. Of course if you believe in history repeating itself, then we (the U.S.) are ready to transition *from* democracy as the Romans did in response to perceived outside threats. We can't use the word dictator -- so we say "Patriot" and label a set of Soviet-esque laws "The Patriot Act". ******** On the whole, I think we agree on a multibranch government system. However the "1 man, 1 vote" scenario would swing the pendulum the other way and put a Shiite leader in charge - which I don't think anyone outside the middle-east wants. Also, "1 man, 1 vote" requires a signficant level of education and insight. Which is why I am glad the U.S. doesn't do this. Really. Most folks vote for the guy that they can get the most out of. Great. The other pieces of the puzzle are how the municipalities work together, who can run for political office and through what process (elections, political parties, etc.) After running a democracy for centuries, it's hard to implement one's current form of goverment in an other country experiencing their first taste of politcal. I know many people in Russia and other parts of the Commonwealth. Half of them think "Western democracy" is good but hard to deal with (economy), and half are mad at the western world for destroying their way of life. Regarding changing foreign governments: I had a 15-year Russian girl say that she likes some of the freedom, but she remembers as a little girl getting an ice cream cone every Saturday. Now she has not had one in a couple years - she said it's a luxury she cannot afford more than once in a great while. (Her family is now vagrant having lost their house years before and could not find steady work) How do you tell people like that that you were only trying to help? That things will get better someday? She can see the benefit but is bitter about the price she and her family have paid. I hope the Iraq "conversion" goes better. We don't exactly have a good track record w/ foreign governments. DogEared
  21. DogEared

    Dual Raptor Or Dual Cheetahs In Raid?

    Then it's more obvious: SATA. I would suggest not striping your disks, but since this is your "pet" have fun tinkering with it. If you were going for the "hotness" factor, then having 15k drives would be a necessity. DogEared
  22. DogEared

    System Responsiveness?

    If you get a Hyper-threaded P4 you can get some dual CPU benefits. So you can have *one* CPU and SCSI disks while getting "dual" processing. I haven't decided if hyper-threading is truly equal to multiple CPUs, but for light duty stuff it works great. (I don't think it's the same) What system do you have now? And where do you think the bottleneck is? (i.e. Is the CPU near 100% frequently? Does the hard drive stay "lit" for long periods of time? etc.) DogEared 8^)
  23. DogEared

    Scsi To Sata: Worth The Switch?

    If you mainly do one thing at a time, i.e. play games with little to nothing else running, then the raptor should give you superior performance. I have a X15 and a 36GB Raptor. The raptor is faster for basic desktop stuff, while the Cheetah pulls ahead when I multi-task heavily. Sooooo...sounds like you'll be happier w/ the Raptor. Most folks report extremely positive experiences with the new raptor. DogEared 8^)
  24. The 2940 series is a single channel SCSI card, not dual channel even though it has 3 connectors on it - one external 68-pin, one internal 68-pin, and one internal 50-pin (as I recall). All devices will share *1* SCSI channel. When you connect a 50-pin (narrow) device to 68-pin (wide) bus (the W part of the card's name), you need to terminate, or shut off, the extra lines. The 2940's do this for you by providing a narrow (50-pin) connector. Just plug in the appropriate cable and you are all set. No fuss. So... each connector could be considered a "segment" of the SCSI channel, since you *could* have a cable connected to all three ports. Although you are still limited to a total cable length of 2 meters. DogEared 8^)
  25. DogEared

    Too Good To Be True?

    If the orders are "declined" then please submit information to the reseller rating sites. I was going to order 12 of these bad boys... but I was searching for a good price on a 3ware controller and came back to read your comments. DOH! DogEared 8^)