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    Intel's Caved.

    I'd be careful making comments like "this guy knows more then anyone else here." Some of us may have actually built x86 operating systems, not to mention OSes for other CPUs. (Maybe even contributed to the Linux kernel itself) I would be interested to see these articles. All I can find is some fluff about his "RISC vs. CISC" opinions - which I would have to strongly disagree with his "analysis." So... I'm hoping to find more in-depth information. Slamming Itanium because "RISC is doomed to fail" is not an intelligent argument. I would like to read more - so some links please. Dogeared 8^)
  2. DogEared

    Blair And Bush Up For Nobel Prize

    *shrug* Arafat and Kofi Anan are past winners. What's the big deal? I think for the reason stated that the nomination is valid. If the police raid an illegal drug lab and shoot half of the people in the effort to shut it down, did they do the right thing? Most would say yes, while still wishing the people were not dead - myself included. I dare say most would consider their act heroic. The ends do not justify the means. I always find it odd when the "peace" is surrounded by violence. These guys lead a force to take out a bad guy for most of the right reasons. Again *shrug* Dogeared 8^)
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    Intel's Caved.

    I would think grafting Itanium technology into Xeons would be the logical choice. Why would Intel use the AMD setup when Intel has had a *successful* 64-bit Windows platform for years. Again, no new OS is required. I won't belabor the point regarding the hardware-based emulation - the emulation is in the chip. For the price they charge they really could have included a 2GHz Xeon equivalent in I2. I practically adored my AlphaServers in the old days. (Yeah this a "Back in my day" kinda post. ) 16GB of RAM under NT4 (oracle DBs & ERP software). 64-bit Windows? Been there done that. On the Alpha, IA-32 emulation was a piece of software. It created virtual machines and was used similar to running Win32 apps on OS/2. I used to laugh about people saying "HA! The PPro is soo much faster runing MS OFfice <insert other 32 bit app> than the Alpha!" Ummmm And why would you buy an expensive workstation or server to run MS Office? I find the "64-bit Revolution" (Apple & AMD) to be very humorous. We had 64-bit desktops 8-10 years ago. Or like when NVidia anounced they made the first programmable graphics chip. (Back in '87 I had a TARGA board that would except PostScript-like commands to display graphics. ) I'm happy that AMD has made such a splash even if they are the last to the 64-bit party. Seriously though, would not a dual-core IA32 / IA64 chip trump AMD given a competitive (not similar) price? Especially if the data protections in EPIC came along for the ride? [by dual core I meant one IA32 and one IA64...although you could make it a three core design...probably not cost effective though] Intel (original Alpha CPU Team, yes?) did a good job with EPIC and Itanium. I am impressed with the design. And to think this superior tech has been with us for a decade now. *sigh* I hope the compilers for Itanium continue to improve. There is hope that x86 will disappear. Dogeared 8^)
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    Sata To Pata Drive Converter

    Unless you can remove the bridge from existing "SATA" drive , you are better off getting the PATA drive and buying a converter to SATA at a later date. Of course, if you're after one of those SATA only drives (like a Raptor) I don't see an option. Dogeared 8^)
  5. DogEared

    Striping Dynamic Volumes In Xp Prof

    Are you using the volume for video capture / Data dumping? If you stripe to two different drives your performance will be somewhere in the middle of the individual performance ( fast drive >> your performance > slow drive ). If that's acceptable then go for it. Go ahead and buy a matching drive, and use Windows striping. Dogeared 8^)
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    Ibm 15k Rpm U160 Very Slow! Help

    No need to retype all of that! I concur w/ Gilbo's post. You have to be a *brutal* multitasker to see a significant difference betweent the 15k rpm SCSI drives and the new raptors. Brutal to the point that your screeen updates are measured in seconds-per-frame. Seriously, you have to really beat a system with diverse applications to justify the costs. (If you're interested I can tell you how... ) Now, if you want to run SCSI "just because..." Go for it. But no complaining when you find the guy with two raptors is running circles around your 15k SCSI system. SCSI Advocate and Realist, Dogeared 8^)
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    Whatever Happened To The Helsinki Accords?

    That pretty much sums it up. Can't rely on intelligence. "We can do it all with statellites. " To greatly summarize: - We know Iraq had these weapons prior to 1991. Almost all were destroyed. - UN inspections become more and more restricted - Chief Inspector says "Hey! I don't think they've changed. They aren't cooperating. Let's do something about this." - U.S. says "Screw it", and issues an ultimatum - Deadline passes by a long shot - U.S. follows through. - U.N. says "Oh we didn't mean use force..." I can see the "frenchmen" part of the "Search for the Holy Grail" re-enacted here with the U.N as "Aurthur" and Saddam & sons as the "frenchmen." "Begone before I am forced to taunt you for a second time!" So, intelligence sees materials going into the country. The people and programs that produced the weapons before are still in place. Some guy in charge of the country is taunting everyone "We'll do it! Don't push me!" What do you think would happen? Anyway... Lack of intelligence within Iraq is the problem. As stated, did they move the weapons out of the country? They sure had enough time. Remember these are not stationary missiles we are looking for. We are looking for petri dishes, sandwich bags, mobile missiles and 40ft. truck trailers. None of those things are easy to hide or move quickly... right? Or maybe the U.S was tired of flying suppression zones over the minorites in Iraq and wanted to end it. *shrug* People believe what they want to believe, Dogeared. 8^)
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    Command Queuing W/ 7k250 & Raptor

    Q: Will people return their Raptors because Command Queuing doesn't work? WHat percentage of people actually care, and of that group what percentage would actually RMA/service the drive to get that feature? How many of these drives are actually ending up in the "enterprise" or servers? Now.. how many owners are saying "Woo Hoo! 10,000 rpm!" So I'm guessing no update, and we will have to wait for SATA II controllers to realize it's full potential. A manfacturer will release firmware if they think the drives will be RMA'd anyway (e.g. IBM). In that case, releasing the firmware reduced the number of RMAs. The case I was referring to involved > 10,000 Seagate drives that had an "incompatibilty" w/ AMI MegaRAID controllers. Without a fix I would have sent them back to Singapore. Being called away again... Dogeared 8^)
  9. DogEared

    Advice On Serial Ata Raid

    HA! Chenbro was what I would suggest. The 215 allows 8 drives and the front is full of drive bays. So it looks like a drive rack. (My choice over the 214) Their 3U models allow 12, and the 4U goes up to 16 bays. It comes down to what capacity is likely? And there are two ways to answer that: add drives or replace drives. If you can see adding another TB fairly soon, and possibly another within a year or two after that... then go for the 3U w/ 12 bays. I'm not sure how much cost is a factor I don't know if external SATA solutions are up to speed. They don't seem to be. If you want full SATA speed on all disks, then you'll need the big server chassis. You could buy the 2U now, and hope that external SATA racks are available in a year when you need to jump to 3TB. Comparing to SCSI: SCSI allows you to start with a smaller chassis and add drive racks. Obviously you have a few ways to configure a system like this. Starting with the 2U 8 bay chassis seems to be a good idea. If you really need the bandwidth ( not sure if the video storage is on-line or backup), then go for the 4U w/ all of the bays. [You can wire the "on" LED on the carriers to stay lit w/o a drive in it. So it looks *full* ] Another thought: Expand the system using SCSI. If you need more than the 2TB (8 bays), 3TB ( 12 bays) then you could add a SCSI adapter and use a standard SCSI disk rack. Just a thought. You have a few scenarios to choose from...and the cost analysis is the fun part! - 2U (8bay) Chassis hope for external SATA when the time comes (SAS should bridge this gap) - 2U (8bay) Chassis expand with SCSI - 4U (16bay) Good for 4TB+ (replace drives if more capacity is needed) Hope that wasn't too disjointed, Dogeared 8^)
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    Raid 6 And Linux 2.6.2

    Check here. RAID 6 allows for 2 drive failures in a single array - using "two dimension" parity. Dogeared
  11. DogEared

    Advice On Serial Ata Raid

    Are you asking about a rackmount server chassis with enough bays or a rackmount chassis for drives? If it is only to hold drives, then how do you want to connect back to the system? (I'll assume a server chassis with bays.. but no ideas quite yet.) One can never underestimate the "wow factor" of flashing lights along with some chirping and beeping (low volume). Dogeared 8^)
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    Command Queuing W/ 7k250 & Raptor

    More just in: Found this chip...but no cards yet. This PCI-X / SATA II chip does it all. Still digging. This is the only chip I have seen referenced on the SATA site (press releases) But after more reading it does appear that SATA II is an extension (superset) of SATA, so the tagged command queuing will be available. This really is an *excellent* question. And one I had thought about (i.e. confusion in the naming of the SATA specs in regards to the NCQ), but obviously didn't worry about. Now I'm in the market for one of these, and should investigate more. For folks looking to replace SCSI drives in the near term, this should be a very big issue. Time will tell if people really crave a hardware solution or if a driver-based implementation is good enough. ******** In the past (more stories that may curl folks' hair), I had to upgrade a boat load of Seagate drives. I can only assure you the circumstances were quite dire, and in Seagate's interests to upgrade the firmware rather than replace. The machines I used where in a highly controlled environment. The whole experience further solidified my "relationship" with Seagate. I do *not* believe for one second that WD would distribute a firmware upgrade. However they may offer the service to drive owners. How they would / might restrict it is anyone's guess. The number of RMAs from failed "field" upgrades would be staggering. Dogeared 8^)
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    Command Queuing W/ 7k250 & Raptor

    This is my understanding about the actual specifications: SATA (v 1.0) provides the PATA command queuing. It should therefore pass through, but again, I will need to read the spec again. No Native Command queuing (It is not listed in the 1.0/1.0a spec command layer) [This paper is long, but a reading of the outline, and a search of the text did not reveal any instances of Native Command Queuing] SATA II (v 1.1) provides Native Command Queuing. ( 1.1 spec Section 4 - Command Layer). It is very clear and prominent in the paper. So, the Raptor would be hardware compatible with SATA I command queuing (which is really PATA), and SATA II give us what was advertised - Native command queuing. Which would also mean, that the Seagate drives will migrate nicely to SATA II controllers, while the Raptors would be permantly mated to a PATA Command queuing SATA controller [whew!], If that feature was needed. If the Raptors actually support "Native Command Queuing" then they are ready for SATA II. Any of this could be implemented in the drivers or firmware, I would suppose. Also, I do not know if SATA II supports the older PATA Queuing. For people buying the new raptors just for command queuing, they may not get what they want. Dogeared 8^)
  14. DogEared

    Sco Website Is Unreachable.

    Yeah, that's the problem. The DNS system is still getting slammed. Oh... and there's the flooding of packets on the internet at large...searching for a DNS listing with SCO in the name. Thanks Mr. I'll-flood-the-whole-internet-to-get-back-at-a-company. I appreciate your efforts to ruin my internet experience. If SCO loses the case that Linux is a copy of Unix...then I will lose the last shred of respect I have in the U.S. legal system. Of course if that happened, I could build a replica of Windows and call it Gindows and give it away... Microsoft won't mind. Dogeared 8^)
  15. DogEared

    Curse Microsoft!

    Now I'm going to have to rip mine open.... What was the crippled GF4 line? MX? Thought it was equivalent to one of those... Most of this information has been around for awhile. The thing won't ship until the 2005 Christmas season.. so who cares? I'm very interested in 1080i HDTV triple-buffered 4xAA performance. When you release something every 4-5 years, you need to think ahead. I just hope Neverwinter Nights 2 actually runs on ATI chips. Actually, I hope it runs well on Matrox cards. It is funny that IBM now produces the core chips for all three next-gen consoles. Maybe it's because they already have 65nm and 42.5nm production facilities and are working on 30nm in the labs. Hmmmm. And I really doubt the power consumption will be that high. The new chips on "based on" current chips, just like the Mobile Celeron is "based on" the P4. Doesn't mean it will need 100W to run. It will be interesting to see how using non-x86 chips will affect XBox / PC port-itis. Dogeared I'd rather be using Matrox... 8^)
  16. DogEared

    Need Serious Help...

    First suggestion: Find a shop that will sell you an "OEM" WinXP disk with a cheap harddrive. I installed my OEM XP OS onto a P4 / SATA system after registering it on a 2xPIII SCSI system. Nothing complained. I think the complaints happen if there are too many install attempts or system changes in a 30-day period. I don't know for sure. (Inferred from the calls I *did* have to make. ) Put your old system back together and see if it will boot. Will your new video card work in your new system? (Just through the POST screens) If it looks like all of the pieces are still working, clean out as much as possible. Go into the Add/Remove hardware program from the Control panel and remove *all* of your add-ins. Sound, Video, etc. Leave the video driver at the Default Microsoft VGA/SVGA (or whatever) Install your drive into the new system with as few components as possible: HDD, Video card, memory, CPU. Remove anything else. Then boot. If successful, start adding parts and appropriate drivers. ******** More questions: - Can you give more details about the two systems? - Can you even see the BIOS screens during the POST? - Can your old motherboard handle your new video card? (Power, trying to put an 8x card in a 2x slot, etc.) Even if this all works, I'd *strongly* recommend buying a hard drive to get the low price on WinXP and reinstall everything. Dogeared 8^( (Find a way to get a XP CD)
  17. DogEared

    Microdrives And Pda's

    What are you going to use it in? Specifically? The true transfer rates vary *wildly* depening on what equipment the card is installed in. The SanDisk Ultra II series seem to be top performers across the boards. Unfortunately you cannot just say that Microdrives are slower. For instance: The Hitachi 4GB Mircodrive is a good performer in the Canon 10D, but doesn't do so well in the Canon Digital Rebel. Depending on the device, smaller (<2GB FAT16 format) cards may perform much better than large (>2GB FAT32 format) cards. I know people that have had the Microdrives fail. These are people (in this case) that were used to tossing CF cards around...microdrives don't care much for that. I've had a 1GB drive for a few years. I tend to remove/replace the thing a few times a week. No problems. Ever. (Used in a Canon D30) But it is a mechanical device. So it *can* fail. I would get the Microdrive and dump the data frequently enough to make you feel safe. Dogeared 8^)
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    Duck! It's Another Holy Day In Islam!

    Maybe. People will continue to hate. In the U.S we have the Ku Klux Klan and neo-nazi groups that still want to see blacks and jews dead. These people do not lack the necessities. Some are actually *very* wealthy. Are there fanatics in Saudi Arabia? A lot of wealth flows into that country. Prosperity from the West may change minds over time. Actually it should. As more folks learn we are not out to conquer anyone. Again, remember. We just pulled the cork on a 30-year old bottle of vinegar. It will take a while for things to air out. Dogeared 8^)
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    Duck! It's Another Holy Day In Islam!

    Now that's just an asanine statement. Most (I dare say all) religions are based on "teachings" from a living person. The Easter Bunny? The Tooth Fairy? Santa Claus? Come on, admit it, that was just dumb. Having never lived under Repression I cannot put myself in these people's shoes. Revenge? Punishment? Keeping the status quo? However, most of this crap is being orchestrated by folks using religion to manipulate people looking for a reason to kill someone else. Religion is the venue so that more people will get involved. Draw the lines along political (national) or religious boundries and you've got a war. During the Hitler-era in Germany, entire towns were cleansed of Jews...not by the military but buy normal citizens. Once Hitler stated citizens could not be punished for killing Jews, the people starting attacking. Why? Religion? Noooooo. They didn't want the Jews in their town and killed them once the consequences had been removed. People are looking for a reason to kill other people they don't like. *shrug* Dogeared 8^|
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    Superbowl Surprises?

    100% agree. Just another publicity stunt. She probably has an album coming out...and doesn't want questions about "Michael" during her promotion tour. "Screwed the Pooch" and "Pucker Factor" are phrases I try to use everyday. Dogeared 8^D
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    Backup Program?

    If you are actually needing a drive copy (cloning)... I can highly recomment Drive Image 7.x from Powerquest. I use that to backup my wife's laptop - weekly copies to another disk. I also create disk images for offline backup, and copy off client data to CD, etc. for longer term storage. It runs within Windows so there is no reboot involved. We have had the "opportunity" to test my backup scenario so I know it works: disk failure. (You don't want to lose all of your paperwork 3 weeks into a client's audit) Remember, though, even if you clone your drive, make sure you have disk backups and proper data backups. I have seen freeware cloning software....but have not tried it. Also just realized you did not specify an operating system. Hope all of this Windows-based response is what you need. DogEared 8^)
  22. I have not seen the movie... don't really care about spoilers. I know what happens and how it ends. The little guy becomes the Dark Lord, right? Soooo Why Best Picture, Best adaptation, Best Blaaaah, but none for acting? I don't think the competition was fierce for the Acting categories. What gives? Hoping this does not degenerate into socio-economic banter about New Zealand, DogEared 8^o
  23. DogEared

    Belgium Is Communist?

    Don't know how it works in Belgium, but in the US, this falls under trademark law, not patent law. You can trademark "common" words so that the association of those words in a particular market/product "belong" to your company. For example, no one can legally create an OS called "Windows" except for Microsoft. There is overlap in terms of using similar names that create brand confusion, IIRC. The irony of winning on the basis of "look and feel" (and sound) after winning the counter-point against Apple. You really have to admire an organization that can successfully argue both sides of an issue and win -- as it suits there purpose. How many *non-tech* people say "Windows? I already have that." when you mention "Lindows?" Or in some other way confuse the two? It's not like they don't have a point. Whether it's truly illegal needs to be decided. I don't see how this makes them communist. DogEared Intel couldn't trademark a number (8086, 80286, etc.) since it was a common word, so they started using the little "i"... and eventually named their CPUs. I'm surprise Windows was allowed to be trademarked. Trademarks persist across industries.
  24. DogEared

    Nt Does Not Contain Dos

    Eh. Why bother. Microsoft puts the word(?) DOS on the first display line in the command environment. Good luck arguing with a typical user. Just point it out politely, and if they counter, just stick out your tongue and walk off. (Since WinNT is basically a clone of VMS, what if SCO acquired the rights to the VMS operation system? The x86 WORLD would be theirs! ) DogEared 8^)
  25. DogEared

    Strange Problem...

    Go under IP Properties for the adapter, and select the "Alternate Configuration." You can specify a "fail address." You still need to troubleshoot the DHCP issue, but the system will be up. DogEared