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    Possible Major Flaw In Storage Reviews!

    Where did your numbers come from then? Do you have a link? Or are those "short-stroke" estimates? Gilbo's post - with the excerpt from the FAQ. Dogeared 8^|
  2. DogEared

    Disk Imaging A Raid Partition

    Drive Image (v2i) should work fine, provided the recovery CD can find your drive(s). Drive Image can *create* an image while Windows is running (XP & 2000 only I think) but you will need to run the recovery CD to restore to the other drive. So boot the CD and see what you can see. I assume this means you did try Ghost. Dogeared 8^)
  3. DogEared

    Seagate Savvio 2.5-inch, 10k Rpm Drive

    Nice press release. Also see this thread. Boy...If I could put one of these in that Dell XPS laptop. I wonder if anyone will build SCSI-based laptops again. Hmmmm Dogeared 8^)
  4. DogEared

    Intel Throws In The Towel

    Wow. Intel really has a "thing" for AMD! They just stomped on AMDs bottom line. Ouch! IA32e + Intel extensions (SSE3, etc.) I guess Intel is more interested in keeping the public's eye (and keeping AMD in its place) than offering scaling into the Itanium market. I can see how a lot of companies that were considering Opterons will now wait for Intel. Opteron will still have the upper hand regaring power (heat) in the high density area, and Althlon64 will be the only desktop chip for a while. Again, we are back to the same old game. Intel will still own the market with AMD saying "Hey! Remember us? We started the 64-bit PC thing." Until 64-bit games hit the market will anyone really care about 64-bit PCs? I suppose Sun's entry into this market influenced Intel, Dogeared 8^)
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    Migration Help

    I can highly recommend Drive Image 7.x. You can copy larger drives to smaller ones (given enough space) or smaller drives to larger ones. I have done this *thousands* of times. Curious about your definition of a disk imager. My testing with older versions proved Drive Image created a sector-based disk image. It does not perform any movement of data on the disk. You get *exact* copies. The image *files* are compressed, although compression is optional, but the restored image is a 100% match at the disk level I have not tried testing v.7.x. It would be interesting to see if they can still put each sector back since it runs while Windows is running. As a torture test example on WinXP Pro with Drive Image 7.0: I ran the following apps while performing a disk image: Music Match - playing MP3's from the hard drive Photoshop - batch editing 100 TIFF files Mozilla - Downloading ISOs Jedi Academy - played locally - all activity was on the hard drive being imaged. It took *forever* to complete but the restore worked perfectly. ( I took a "clean" image first...just in case ) I do not have any current experience with Ghost, so I cannot attest to its performance. But I don't know what more one could want from imaging software. Dogeared
  6. DogEared

    The Real Difference Between Us & Eu!

    I was surprised to see the link was for the F-150. Just as long as we're clear Trucks are not SUVs. Most SUVs are cars with more ground clearance. Besides I thought Europe had tall people with families? Is there really no market? My family car is a F-150 Crew cab. Why? Because I can't fit me (6' 8"+) plus my family with their stuff in any smaller vehicle. (*My* car is a NewBeetle convertible - it has the headroom with the top up and down. More headroom than my truck) It's ironic that compact cars actually have more front seat room than other vehicles. Don't know why designers won't build a mid-sized vehicle like that. Personally, I'm waiting to see a Smart Roadster. Rear-wheel drive *and* rear-engined. Just as God intended. Supposedly they won't make it into the U.S. until 2006. Reminds me of the Porche RS's of the '70's. A hard-cornering engine with four wheels. I *was* excited about the new Mini until I saw it was front-wheel drive. *sigh* I see a lot of those little hybrids outside of Chicago. Seem to work okay below 0F. Although they always slow waaaay down on the hills. I owe my size to meat & potatoes, Dogeared
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    The problem was that the "naked nipple" ( not the breast ) was sent out over public airwaves. If her "nipple appliance" *covered* the nipple that would have been legal. The airing of the female areola and genitals is illegal. If the broadcast was on a paid service and appropiatedly labeled for content there would not have been a problem either. Pasties would have been "offensive" but not illegal. This reflects public nudity laws. Showing said body parts will get you arrested for Indecent exposure. The public can have laws changed if they want it. Until then, it will be illegal. I agree that football is violent. Most sports are. But it is in a controlled environment. And when things do get out of hand (fights, late hits, etc.) people are punished. It is important to point that out. It is similar to what my kids picked up on when they were ~ 1 year of age: you can get away with things at Grandpa and Grandma's house, but not at home. I want them to learn that it's OK to let it all hang out on the field or court. But it ends there. I want them to learn that Daddy laughs at Bart on the Simpsons, but doesn't find it funny when they do the same thing. Kids see that people get hurt on the news (killed, raped, etc.) and I make a point to show that these guys get caught. And sent to jail (even if it's only for a day. ) In any case, I think it is more important to talk to kids about what they are seeing around them (TV, school, etc.) than try to control what they see. But, both need to happen. Dogeared
  8. DogEared

    Blair And Bush Up For Nobel Prize

    Apparently Kerry was risking his skin in other ways lately. Some very *sensitive skin.* ROFL! Then he gives the gal money to leave the country for a couple years. *sigh* Guess that's what he meant when he said "...wait til you see Kerry Gone Wild!" That was directed at his mistress. I have not seen the evidence that Bush deserted. I hear a lot about it, but have not seen anything. For all we know he was being held captive by evironmentalists in Arkansas. If he was a deserter, would not that be the biggest play in the election? *NO ONE* would vote for a deserter. If there was a shred of truth to it the Democrats would be all over it. Besides our last President ditched the draft. Every time I hear these slicksters talk about Vietnam, I picture John Goodman in the movie "The Big Lebowski" Why doesn't Kerry come on out and say it: "Hey! My buddies didn't die face down in the mud in Vietnam so that some good ol' boy could be president." Dogeared 8^)
  9. DogEared

    T-mobile Down?

    That I can believe. Must have missed the "Smart Phone" comment if it was made. When I buy a phone that's what I want: a phone. No internet, no camera, no outbound messaging. I *talk* to people. Any feature not related to taking or making a call is useless to me. I know that puts me in a *very* small minority. I'll have to give PDAs another try. I've tried to use them, starting with the Newton, but they always fall short compared to my brain. Unlike my PDA, when my Brain stops working, I won't care. Also I still giggle when I hear "Palm Pilot." Dogeared
  10. DogEared

    Big Difference With Tcq And Raptor

    Agreed. Thought I would ask anyway, since I could not find any info on Highpoint silicon during our last thread. Usually manfacturers are interested in publishing new products. Dogeared
  11. DogEared

    Help With Raid5/sata

    I cannot say *exactly* whether the cards will work. So contact Adaptec to make sure. Having said that: I have not run into a 64-bit card that did not work in a 32-bit slot. I thought the 64-bit spec was designed such that 64-bit cards would run in 32-bit slots. I have a couple 64-bit cards in 32-bit slots (e.g. Adaptec 39160) but those cards are listed as 32-bit compatible. THe cards you listed are not. The cards you mentioned *are* universal 64-bit cards (number and placement of the notches), so I think it would work. Of course, you will not get the full benefit of this drive setup with a 32-bit PCI bus. Send an email to the Manfacturers tech support to be safe Oh.. and your MB has 32-bit slots. Dogeared 8^)
  12. DogEared

    Big Difference With Tcq And Raptor

    I find this really fascinating. It is nice to see some hard evidence on this subject - after our discussion about the SATA specs and if the Raptor command queuing would work. Is the card based on the Silicon Images 3124? If so, this would be big problem. But, then again, we don't know if there actually *is* a problem until the server benchmarks are run. I also love the comment "known issue." Well, thanks for sharing. I would think Highpoint has more to lose in this scenario since most people would swap drive controllers (e.g. to another brand) before trying other drives. Even though I think labeling the Raptors "Enterprise-class" was more of a marketing gimmick (like "Pro" or "Ultra"), lack of Native Command Queuing (much less functional ATA Command Queuing) will be a wall if they are really after the server market. However, I don't think the low-end server market really cares. [if I was still an Enterprise CIO, I'd be waiting for SAS anyway.] I still would not lay the blame solely on Western Digital. Over the decades I have run into many drive / controller mismatches. Drives "fail" daily on one brand of controller, and work flawlessly on another. Made me wonder what part of SCSI was standard. You would need one of those "IBM drives" to determine if Highpoint really supports command queuing. At this point it is all hearsay. Dogeared 8^)
  13. DogEared

    Blair And Bush Up For Nobel Prize

    You're kidding, right? Taking advice from people that know more about their job than you is cowardly? So a leader should tell the head of her/his intelligence agency what the intelligence in a region is reporting? Bush should have told an expert on Middle eastern politics "Hey buddy, I think you've got it all wrong. *I* know what is really going on over there." Haven't spent much time in upper management, have you? 'Cause it doesn't work that way. You surround yourself with the best people and *listen* to them when they talk. Has either leader backed down from their position that war was the right thing to do? Hardly cowardly, then, yes? The Roosevelt topic is really interesting. Since we make judgements based on experiences (history), would a 21st-century Roosevelt have an isolationist view? Or would he react the same way? The 21st-century Roosevelt would have the knowledge of men like Hitler and Stalin, Idi Amin, etc. After all of that history, would he believe "the problem will go away?" World War I had more to do with an unsustainable arms race and "bluff calling gone wrong" than powermongering or "world domination." So the basis for WW II was kinda unbelievable in a "modern" 20th century. If the stage for World War III had been set aound 1960, would world leaders have been anxious to get it over with or anxious to do anything to prevent another large-scale war? Anyway, I don't think it is fair to equate a "regional" war to a war that touched 6 out of the 7 continents on earth (no fighting in Anartica was there? A *lot* more was at stake in th '40's, and the outcome was a bit uncertain. This time around no one doubted who would come out on top. BTW, the nobel prize should list Hussein. It was his flight and ultimate surrender that ended the war. So all three should be prize winners. Enough rambling for now... Dogeared 8^)
  14. DogEared

    Some Fun Tests

    Economic: 0 Social: 1 Must make me a moderate... I think I am very much middle of the road. Again, ambiguous questions that force you to try and determine the meaning even if you feel differently about the actual working "Sex outside of marriage is usually immoral." Well, I strongly *disagree* with that statement. Take out "usually" and I strongly *agree* God test: One hit, one bit. If God is God (all powerful, all knowing, etc. - which the questionare did ask) then squares *would be* circles. 1 + 1 would equal 72. If you believe God does exist and did create the universe, then rationality is based on God, i.e. God defines what is rational. So, God could pee in a corner of a round room. Yes? So... no bit bullet there, just a bit of bias on the part of the question's author. Oh well. So goes on-line tests. I'll save the evolutionary debate for another thread , Dogeared 8^)
  15. DogEared

    Aa Pilot Promotes Christianity On Flight

    Offended? No. Embarrassed? Yes. "All christians raise their hands..." Oh my! I would expect American Airlines to fire him. What if you are in a theater and the manager (usher) asks "Excuse me. Would everyone find the fire exit?" I've been on flights were a flight attendant (mid-flight) would ask "Hey! How many of you are military or ex-military?" Do I identify myself? Or do I look around to see who has the gun/knife? (Guess which one I did .... LOL) Besides anyone in the military knows you don't volunteer for *anything*. Nice sentiment. Bad timing. Breach of protocol. Buh-bye. Still wondering who thought putting guns in the cockpit was a good idea, Dogeared
  16. DogEared

    Pakistan Pardons Nuke Scientist Who Sold Secrets

    Discovered is such a great word. I'm glad that Columbus "discovered" some of my ancestors. Otherwise I would not be . . . well, me. ( Hard to be a mix of European and Native American without the Europeans making the trip.... ) ******** I think we have another test case for U.N. muscle. A country: - producing Weapons of Mass Destruction (nuclear weapons) - not supposed to - selling technology to enemy states - refusing international inspections - refusing cooperation with international authorities. Sounds like Pakistan is lucky they are not a dictatorship! Last time a country did that, "The West" invaded and cleaned things up. But, the UN will deliberate for years about the correct course of action while politely reminding the Pakistan government that what they did was bad. ************ I'm glad we cleared up some definitions there. For me (an American that previously had many international friends and has now crawled into a hole in the midwest United States), Koreans == People. North / South refers to the country or government. And yes the same applied to Germany. Germans are Germans. I did find it odd that the U.S., Canada, and Australia were grouped without mention of the U.K (or England if you prefer). Maybe I am too old to lose the notion of Superpowers, but I think of U.S., China, Russia. As much as I love the folks in both Canada and Australia, I can't see them on the same level as the U.S. That is what I found fascinating about this post. Your point of view, Kenny, is different. You see things that I can only see if I had multi-band satellite TV (or a few good URLs ) That's what I love about the Bar & Grille. Different folks from various countries (OK a few...) speaking/typing what's on their minds. Dogeared 8^)
  17. DogEared

    Plumb Pudding Revenge?

    Isn't it the thought that counts??? Wasn't a handmade gift a wonderful gesture of friendship? Money is such a cold, impersonal gift. Besides, shouldn't being in the mere presence of such a person be reward enough? But, I guess you cannot deposit those types of rewards at the bank, eh? Dogeared
  18. DogEared

    Seagate Savvio 2.5" Drives

    Sorry.... I was reading this article and found this read. I will be interested to see the SCSI version. The SCA-2 connector is approximately as wide as the drive (1/16 inch on either side) The connector would cover more than half of the back of the unit. No info on Seagate's site... I wanted a part number. Dogeared.
  19. DogEared

    T-mobile Down?

    Did you get an answer from T-Mobile? My wife and I call each other frequently using T-Mobile GSM phones....nothing funky lately. I've been very impressed with their service. A nice change after being with Cingular (McCall Comm/McCall Cell/CellularOne/Cingular) for 20+ years and watching their service errode to cut costs. CMDA, GSM, TDMA, blah. U.S. GSM is not compatible with GSM elsewhere, so you will still need 2-/3-band phones. The problem with international standards is who owns the standard (i.e. collects royalties). Two competing economies coming to agreement on a lucrative communications standard? Hmmmmm Wars have been fought over less. And then we have the whole "full spec disclosure" so governments can monitor their people and the other governments that are monitoring their people. $500 for a phone?? Thanks to competition, I haven't paid for a phone in quite a number of years - (T-Mobile let my buy a Motorola V60g for 4 cans of food + service contract. LOL! ) Dogeared 8^)
  20. FWDepot has a few combo units. The aluminum enclosures do not need a fan. Personally, I have a WD1200JB mounted in a 5.25" FW enclosure with no fan. I put vents on the front and back along the top of the case. I don't think FireWire and 98SE go together. And for Linux, FW worked/didn't work depending on release (2.4.x) Again though, it depends on the version. So USB for compatibility and FW for speed. Dogeared
  21. I am curious about the drive: Can it sustain 25MB/s? I would at least try another drive before sinking lots of money into a new configuration - even if you had to pay a restocking fee to return the new drive. Also if you are just copying files from one drive to another (especially with explorer), the 45,000 files will be a big slow down. Dogeared 8^)
  22. Yep. 3-4% for certain games. Of course, you are now losing 3-4% in most other applications (based on same tests). (That assumes a change in memory fequency ...) I'm using blue Kingston memory. It's the HyperX line (PC3200), but I bought it because it was blue -- why else would I waste money by not buying Crucial? Really though, I found it on sale - and it did really well with my mild overclocking. In a Shuttle SB75G2: 2.8GHz @ 3.2GHz (230MHz FSB) (maybe 228) PC3200 @ 1:1 Raised voltages on both components. You guys with your giant PCs and all those fans. . . From the "For What It's Worth" department, Dogeared
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    Seagate Savvio 2.5" Drives

    Translated: The IOPS are the same...but 3.5" drives are 140% larger....therefore the 2.5" drive is 140% better. I think we need another measurement in our benchmarks.... IOPS/U -- ROFL!!! So... less IOs per seconds is *better* if the storage medium in question is *smaller* Hmmmmmm Seriously, though, this is much needed technology in our high-density racks Off to search for a vendor to preorder one.... Dogeared 8^)
  24. DogEared

    Advice On Serial Ata Raid

    Yep. Each bay would need it's own cable (at least the ones that I have seen). So two 8-port SATA cards and you could fill that bad boy up. Wow - 4TBs. Remember when 1TB was an amazing amount of storage? Given enough budget, the 4U would be the way to go. Also I would try getting the empty drive carriers to show a "light" as well. In the past I have added a wire to the empty drive carriers that tapped into voltage from a pin on on the connector PDB (w/ appropriate resistor). If those folks are impressed by lots of lights, having all 16 bays lit will bring cheers of admiration. Dogeared 8^)
  25. DogEared

    Wd740gd In An Sff?

    Not sure about the Biostar w/ the 740GD, but for reference, this is my gaming setup: Shuttle SB75G2 P4 2.8GHz @ 3.2GHz 2x512MB PC3200 WD360D ATI 9800 Pro WD1200JB (120GB) 220W PSU The raptor is in the hidden 3.5" bay. No coolers. Just that wonderful ICE system from Shuttle. Temps run ~40C normally, and may hit 50C under *heavy* load. Runs 45-6C gaming. I think the Biostar is bigger...2 x 5.25" drive bays, right? Anyway, the system runs really smooth. No overheating issues. Dogeared 8^)