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    Server just lost HDD, time for RAID.

    If this is a low performance server (network storage, backup staging) then find the best price on the drives and buy a set. You'd be looking for reliability rather than speed. If you are want a HotSpare drive in your setup (recommended), then you will need 4 drives. Three for the RAID array and the extra drive waiting to jump in after a failure. But you could get by with three drives. The cost of the fourth drive compares to how bad you need the data, and how quickly you can store that data somewhere else. -Can you move the data off before a second drive fails? If you think you can, then you only need three drives. If you don't want the risk, then buy the fourth drive. Even with a spare drive, you are still vulnerable to data loss while the RAID array rebuilds itself, but it the rebuild would happen automatically. Even at 2AM. 3Ware seems to be the best way to go with the ATA crowd. So that's your best bet. I haven't used ATA RAID so I don't have any personal experience. I've had good experience with the WD 120GB drives. I have used a couple of those drives off and on for about a year...with no problems. Oh, and if you use four drives and NO spare, then you gain the capacity of one drive versus a three drive RAID 5 array.
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    I've got this spare raptor....

    Is that problem with Ghost or with the RAID chip? Or the just the driver (*r.sys vs. *a.sys)? I have had the "opportunity" to switch back and forth a couple of times on a MegaRAID SCSI adapter. RAID 0, or RAID1 to JBOD and back. Never had an issue using Powerquest's Drive Image. But then the driver files didn't change either. I will be replacing my Shuttle 65G2 with a 75G2 for the on-board RAID.... and using two 36GB Raptors. The day I received my 65G2, the 75G2 was announced. DOH! DogEared
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    hdd selection deciding factor...

    HA! Case in point. I don't think my new 3GHz P4 Shuttle machine (w/ Raptor) is as fast as my old Dual 1GHz PIII (Cheetah X15 18GB). (Game load times, Photoshop, huge file transfers ) At best it's equal! No benchmarking, just the "feel." First time I've built a computer that wasn't "Amazingly" faster than the old one. And I am learning that HyperThreading is NOT equivalent to 2 cpus. Of course all of the components on Shuttle are new.... so maybe somethings broken.
  4. If the 74GB is so much better, then why are the specs practically identical on the WD website? (Noise, transfer rate, etc.) Or have they changed today? Did they just copy the info and modify the obvious parts? And regarding the idle "whine" on the 36GB: I'd rather listen to my old 1st gen cheetah!
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    DIY External SCSI Enclosure

    Depends on what you mean by DIY... and what type of drives you are using and how many (thinking ahead, too)? You could buy one of those 4/5 slot HotSwap units and stick it in a external SCSI case. Or just buy a case with a bay for every drive. Another idea: Buy a mid-tower PC box, use the parallel port puchouts to mount SCSI connectors. A generic mid-tower may run $50(?). And internal/external connector, Run a cable between 'em, and your set. (Kinda like the old XT expansion chassis.) It you want to have more fun.... I cut a SuperMicro 760 case in half, separating the motherboard section from the drive section. I mounted a second PSU in the motherboard section, and connected the two parts with LVD cables (2 SCSI channels). The optical drive was already external, and I can crack it open to connect a floppy as needed. I wimped out by using Velcro to hold the front cover in place. I also built a prototype of an external drive cage using 1/2" MDF (wood). Again, using the drive cage from the 760. It was painted in black lacquer to match my speakers. It was made from scrap wood, hastily assembled, and was not intended as a final product...i.e., dumped it. I did like the lacquer look, and the noise reduction. SoI may do something like that again. So.... how "Do it Yourself" do you want it?
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    new cringely article :)

    I'd have to say, that article was the bee's knees. As he stated, hive computing is nothing new. And as of now, that company hasn't succeeding beyond it's predecessors. I'm not knocking them, or the technology. Hive computing is a major evolutionary step of networked computing. But you cannot just "grab" more power from the hive. I think a lot of folks looking to get 100fr/sec in DOOM III will not want some computing power siphoned off of their machine. This has great potential for businesses, and maybe even a commercial network similar to the internet (comnet, b2bnet, or whatever). Besides a neural net on a global hive?? Hmmmmm... I think I saw those guys on Star Trek.
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    hdd selection deciding factor...

    Great plan. Since you're stepping up from the 7200rpm/2MB-buffer world, you'll really love the performance. The Raptor really is a great drive.
  8. DogEared

    hdd selection deciding factor...

    True enough about the reliability. And to me it's always been an unfair comparison to say that SCSI is faster/better than IDE. And I'm one step away from a certified SCSI fanboy! SCSI doesn't automatically make a drive better than an IDE drive. When comparing drives, first look here at StorageReview. The bigger questions are what class is the drive targeted to, and who makes it? SCSI drives are usually targetted to Enterprise environments, therefore they have better build quality than a desktop drive -- especially when used in a high volume / low idle time environments. You should not compare an enterprise drive and a home/desktop drive. (BTW I *hate* the nominclature. I always use "enterprise" drives on my "desktop." or "FloorTop" as the case may be) If your machine frequently sits idle or spends most of its time "off" then speed is the only advantage SCSI holds. And I mean 10k rpm vs. 15k rpm, not 160-320MB/s vs "only" 150MB/s. ******** Personally I have used SCSI drives exclusively since 1986...until this year. My last non-SCSI drive was a 30MB RLL unit in an IBM PC/XT. I have repaired / replaced many an IDE drive during that time, and just as many "low end" SCSI drives. Earlier this year I bought a WD 80GB drive for storage, and now have a 36GB raptor. And I can see one of those 7k250's in my future. ( OF course, I'm fighting the urge to stuff a couple of Cheetah 15k.3's in my Shuttle box rather than the Raptor. ) [ Alot of rambling ] Noise is an issue for me, but it's like compaining about the engine noise in a Dodge Viper or a Ferrari. It comes with the territory. The drives I currently use are considered some of the noisiest drives in history. The 1st Gen. Cheetah takes the prize, though. Sounds like not-to-distant machine gun fire when it's Active. Every time my wife says "What's that racket?" I respond wth, "It's that Old Cheetah...and yes my door was closed." BTW, I've had that old Cheetah (4GB) running for what seems like 5+ years. (Maybe 6?). I've had a 1st gen Barracuda (2.1GB) running for 7-8 years. (( Don't blast me about the number of years. Memory fades. )) These drives are not as active as they used to be. Each one was my primary drive in my main PC before retiring to lighter duty. And now I have had a couple of Cheetah X15s running for ~4 years (whenever they came out). [ Rambling over ] If you want ultimate speed, the top-of-line SCSI drives leave everything else in the dust. But I think you can get 80% of the performance for <50% of the price with the new ATA drives. And ATA will give you the ultimate in quiet. But I'm still buying those 15k.3s - - refurbished. (Whew that was kinda long, wasn't it?)
  9. Mine still come in a hermetically sealed "plastic bag." Of course, they don't include the large mayonnaise jar or the Funk and Wagnel's. *** The plastic clamshell packaging should cause an increase in the sale of gardening gloves. Invest now! ( Or just use your knife ) DogEared
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    I found a terrabyte drive

    I saw the same thing. Form Factor: 3.50" 4H 1TB in 4 bays? Not such a big deal anymore. 4 x 250GB drives gives the same capacity. And you don't need a 4 high stack of 3.5" drive bays. It would require *some* compression to achieve 300MB/s over a single SATA interface. Although I did not see the number of SATA connections. Also a 14ms latency is listed. It has a high coolness factor, but now that multi-channel RAID is practically a commodity item, a 1TB "single drive" does not have the impact it would have had a couple of years ago. The Upgrade feature is nice, but look before you leap. Each 200GB piece could cost the same as the first (base). They should have tried to build something in a 5-1/4" FH form factor. I would have been impressed with that. I guess I'll take my wet blanket with me, DogEared
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    Cheetah 15K.3 vs Cheetah X15-36LP

    I'm gettin' the urge to buy one now. I always thought the noise on the X15s ("martians" as you call them) was really a built-in metronome keeping 4/4 time at a moderately slow tempo. Seeing those refurbished prices (and the drives are refurbished, too!) at HyperMicro got me thinking about an upgrade again. I'm sure I would see an improvement over my X15s. DogEared
  12. DogEared

    74GB Raptor pricing!

    Hmmmm..... That makes it the same price as a refurb 74GB Cheetah 10k.6 from HyperMicro. Nice price point. I just hope the new raptor doesn't whistle the same tune ("pitch") that my current one does. Drives me nuts since I can hear it all of the house. It's not really loud, but it hits the right fequency. Probably doesn't affect people with a normal hearing range. If my ol' cheetahs sounded like that, I'd have gone insane a long time ago. Now where did I leave my warm, long-sleeved jacket..... DogEared
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    Is this a spin up issue

    Since we cannot truly disable performance counters ( according to anything I've read on the subject anyway) what applications can re-enable the counters? Just PerfMon? WMI type programs? It seems HD benchmarking software doesn't do it... or does it? It's hard to believe disk counters cause a 50% hit in performance. And yes I did see the pictures. I've just never seen that kinda hit from disk counters. Maybe when Microsoft said "3-5% performance hit" they meant "30-50% performance hit." HA hahahahah DogEared
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    Hard drives for multi-role computer

    I'm surprised that I have not read "FireWire" yet. I'm putting some finishing touches on a system that will be used for *some* video editing. (DV-to-DVD-type editing using Premiere Pro -- Adobe's 2nd attempt at "pro" software. )) I'm definitely in the separate drives camp. I currently use a couple FW400 drives (WV BB variety) for light editing (DV to DVD). I didn't notice any real difference in streaming video on the FW drives vs. 10k SCSI array (I didn't expect to see any difference). I was probably processor bound anyway (2 x PIII). I *did* a notice a speed difference when I started throwing 2+GB files around! Anyway, I will add a FW800 card to my new shuttle system, and a couple FW800 enclosures along with a 7K250 (250GB) drive. I have seen a review or two where FW800 enclosures from Wiebetech hit 45-50MB/s sustained write speed when stuffed with 180GXP drives. A couple of drives + enclosures & card would probably be closer to $500. FW gives me the option to create the final video on the new box, swap the drive over to my older system for burning, and fire up Jedi Academy or something while I wait. If you have the case space and every Mb/s of write speed is important, stuff the case full of drives. If you can use the portability, or do not have the space in the case, FW800 looks to be great way to fly. Wish I had the cash / oppotunity to test this FW800 setup vs. a couple of striped Raptors. DogEared
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    SCSI vs. IDE on slashdot

    I'm glad someone posted this link! What a joke. Unfortunately, it didn't make me laugh. It's too bad that the guy didn't try to find out why his IDE drive was *5* times slower than the SCSI drive. Yeesh! That was just dumb. In his case, he found the right setup for his application. As stated, use the right storage for the job. *sigh* DogEared