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    SR noise measurements

    Exactly! A WAV file would be OK if a reference recording was available. (The q-tip idea is clever) It still relies heavily on you audio system's ability to produced a flat frequency response. Depening on your speaker setup/calibration a 10krpm drive may sound OK in the recording, but could not be tolerable in reality. I was thinking about the case issue, too. You may resort to a poll/survey to determine how most drives are mounted in a system: 3-1/2" bay sealed inside a case; exposed 5-1/4" bay behind the face plate; in a drive cooler (like the coolermaster type). And then how far do you sit from your system? 18"? 36"? (0.5m vs. 1m) So do you pick a popular mid-tower case and test with the drive in it? Scenario 1: - Drive in lowest 3-1/2" drive bay (internal), - Basic motherboard with P4/Athlon chip using the retail Heat Sink and Fan. - Modest video card (no 5900s with blower units!) - Powered by a popular PowerSupply (probably one of the new variable-speed fan PS units) Measure sound at 3 (or 5) points per distance: dead center and 30º (or 45º) left & right of center. Other measurements could be 30º up & down from center. (Measurements could be recordings. ) Let's say that you used the scenario above and took 3 measurements/recordings at 0.5m, would that satisfy the majority? Do you repeat the readings during seek/read activity? More food for thought, DogEared (How many people mount their SCSI drives internally? Versus an exposed bay?)
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    scsi help please

    Hope that works for you.... and misery does love company doesn't it? DogEared
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    SR noise measurements

    I had asked about this a year or so ago (under a different pseudonym). One would need a Real Time Analyzer (RTA) to most accurately predict the effects on us humans. As the expert stated, frequency, amplitude and time (decay, harmonics, etc.) are all necessary to quantify how a sound ... um ... sounds. Unfortunately this would also require the drive to be by itself in an anechoic chamber (acoustically dead enviroment), and the measurements should be taken at different angles relative to the drive (at a proper distance). You *could* take a single measurement, but other sounds from say the bottom of the drive could mask (soften) the piercing quality of a certain sound. Other factors to consider since our drives typically live in a dirty environment: - Resonance from the drive's enclosure is a factor. This could manifest itself as vibration, a "hum" or both. - Metal / plastic within the enclosure - Noise from other sources (fans, etc.) can mask the drive's noise. I have been impressed with RTA software available for computers. I'm seeing some for PDAs that offer 1/12th-octave RTA. I thought 1/3 octave measurements were cool! ( I would think 1/3 octave measurements would be sufficient for our purposes ) All of this could be compared to the "statistical human ear" to try and define "annoying" or loud. But we're all different, so "you're mileage may vary" applies here. [ Personally I find the noise fluorescent lights annoying, but I can also hear dog whistles while most people cannot. So acoustic experts try to define "normal" and we go with it. ] DogEared ( I should stop now, I could talk about acoustics all day. )
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    Two 10k drives or one 15k is better?

    I agree with ddrueding1's assessment. It looks like separate drives is your best bet given your task list. RAID 0 is tempting but in Photoshop (especially) you should get better performance with 2 drives than a "no-RAID" set. Scratch disks/temp drives really speed things up. DogEared
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    scsi help please

    I had to do an identical procedure with a Cheetah X15. LSI SCSI would not register the drive -- IDed it correctly, but no bus speed and no listing in the SCSI utilties. My MegaRAID adapter could see it sometimes (interrogating/reseting the SCSI bus usually caused it to stop until a cold boot). I [low level] formatted the thing on a 2940 and am currently using it on an Adaptec 39160. No problems. I would like to blame the SCA adapter, but I have another X15 with the same SCA adapter running the MegaRAID without error. *shrug* I have not tried booting across controllers from the same boot loader. Anytime I have dual booted, I've changed the boot option in the first controller card...allowing the system to boot from the second. I know it is possible to dual boot between SCSI and IDE with the same bootloader, as well as different channels on the same SCSI adapter. Now that you've mentioned it, it's something I'll have to try! DogEared
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    Buying Advice wanted......

    SCSI gives a boost when you grab files from all over the disk in a relatively short period of time. It *can* give a boost if you choose never to defragment your filesystem. The time to read/write a compressed image may have more to do with CPU power. A good IDE (7200) should be able to throw around 50MB/sec, while the top SCSI drives are now topping 70MB/sec (Feel free to correct these numbers. ) Check the performance database here. But Photoshop needs to uncompress the file into RAM and then split it into the different channels, etc. My perception is that CPU speed plays a big role here. Also it seems that Photoshop will still use the paging file unless you actually disable it. And of course there's the scratch disk settings. You may be better served by buying a top 7200rpm IDE unit rather than jumping to SCSI. If you were having slow transfer times (taking a long time to copy/move a file to/from a disk) then SCSI would have some benefit. But remember the file will only transfer as fast the the target disk can write. DogEard
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    ultimate lcd

    If you're going to use them as separate workspaces (1 for menus/toolbars and one for the video/picture) then the 2001 with the 2000 seems like a great setup. If you want to use the two monitors as continuous workspace (2400x1600 or whatever) then the thinner bezel does make a difference. Are the panels selling separately for the holiday season??? If your looking for higher pixel counts, you could buy a IBM T221- QUXGA (I don't recall what the Viewsonic equivalent is). Carries a hefty price tag, but it is definitely in a class by itself. ****** I still don't understand why I can't get a 1600x1200 15" LCD (like I've had on my Thinkpad for the last few years -- it's not like no one makes a panel that size), or a 2048x1536 20/21" LCD. Looks like my Viewsonic P815 still has a place on my desk. *sigh* DogEared
  8. I had the opportunity (for all of the wrong reasons ) to work closely with AMI and then LSI as the MegaRAID line changed hands. LSI definitely was a cut above support-wise. Not that AMI was bad...they were actually pretty good. LSI seemed more refined, i.e. "on the ball." ======= I think I may buy a 320-2 rather than the -2X. Seems to be a large price jump at the momement. Maybe availability and prices will be better in February. *shrug* Or maybe I'm not looking at the right reseller. Either way, it's not like a 66MHz bus will constrict my performance. On another note: It's funny that I can buy two 1-channel (320-1) controllers for the price of a 2-channel(320-2). Can you create arrays across controllers? Ex: A 2-3 disk stripe on each channel mirrored across controllers. [ I'm having trouble suppressing my no-single-point-of-failure mentality. ] DogEared
  9. Thanks for the replies. I haven't used Adaptec RAID in a few years, so I was wondering how they screwed up their seemingly dominate position, especially after sucking up DPT(?) [the company that had the Century series whatever it was]. The MegaRAID 320-2X is what I have in my sights at the moment. I was just surprised that I had a choice of "one" in the "performance class." I'm not looking for massive capacity like BadDingo's RAID 50 setup (nice to see all of those channels with drives on 'em). I also wish I could afford one of those rack-mount drive bays. I'm just interested in high-speed workstation type stuff. And since Opterons are so much more expensive than non-MP Xeons, I need to limit the number of drives...for now. Thanks again, DogEared
  10. Sorry, I should have added that I currently own a 1-channel U160 model from LSI. (MegaRAID Express500) So I have some experience of my own on a somewhat smaller scale. DogEared
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    ultimate lcd

    I almost purchased a Samsung 213T ... but then this panel was announced. I wish we had an available date for the "panel only." Now they are only available with the Dell XPS systems. (The first day they announced these panels, the 2001FP was listed as an option on an Optiplex. I should have bought one right away, because an hour later Dell updated their site! ) I'm glad to see it did well in a review, although the pictures in that review leave a lot to be desired(!). "I want one...and I want one NOOOOWWW!" DogEared
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    233mhz + firewire

    Does that PC Card slot support Cardbus? If not, you need to be very careful which card you buy...and FW800 would be overkill (unless you are "futureproofing" or sharing the drive with another machine). I have used both orange and adaptec cards in the past. No real difference other than OS support / drivers (shouldn't be an issue these days). That I remember anyway. My most recent laptops have FireWire (1394a) built-in so I have not used any current products. Anyway, be aware of the cardbus issue, and don't buy a FW800 setup if you're just going to use the laptop. You'd be better off using FW400 on the laptop regardless of what enclosure you use (given a 6-pin port ). DogEared
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    CALs vs Desktop Licenses

    It used to work that way. But MS got greedy. With NT and initially with Win2k, if Workstation/Pro desktop OSes did not need a CAL. Essentially a CAL was included by buying the Workstation/Pro edition. As I recall, in the Win2k Server scenario, you could use Win2k Pro without a CAL but you needed one for any NT Workstations. But as stated those days are gone. Now that Microsoft no longer needs to push separate environments, they do not provide incentives to get off of the old technology. DogEared
  14. Probably will ship during the same quarter as the Cheetah X20! Mmmmmmmm..... 20k rpm. DogEared --I'm waiting for the formal review myself.
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    Power Supplies

    We could be a bit more helpful if we knew what parts are being tossed into the mix. For instance how many PCI cards? What type? How many drives? What Type? Optical drives? etc. As Future Shock stated, the 400-450 seems to be the sweet spot in regards to pricing/features. I would consider a quality 350(+/-) a good starting point and work my way up. Remember though to compare the rated amps for each voltage not the overall output (watts). Now having said all of that.... Regarding the little 220W Shuttle system: I just bought one:SB75G2 if your interested. It is running a 2.8GHz P4 @ 3.2GHz. 2x512MB PC3500 RAM(bumped up voltage) a 36GB Raptor, a WD 120GB JB, and a 9800 Pro card (Hercules). It runs great on that 220W PSU. I haven't added up the numbers to see if it really *should* run great (i.e. long term) but it seems to handle the load just fine. Now my tower (or two half towers technically) is another story: 1 400W for the drives; and 1 400W for the "brains." DogEared
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    motherboard choosing woes

    Yeah, baby! Those were the days! I remember replacing the 2MHz crystal on a Z-80 with a 3.57Mhz Color TV crystal. Man did VisiCalc fly!! I later modified it to double that (~7MHz) by mounting the chip on my own board and jumpering the connections back to the main board! *sigh* And modding Ataris and Apples.... oh my! "I love the smell of hot resin in the morning!" (Probably mentioned that before, but oh well, it was a lot of fun) "Back in MY day we didn't have BIOS settings and we LIKED IT that way!" "We wrote our own!" *****Back from Memory Lane******** If you are looking for horsepower then you *need* 2x246 Opterons, the Tyan K8W, and five or six 15k drives across a couple U320 channels. Add four 1GB "sticks" of RAM -- two for each CPU. And then throw in a Matrox RT card or an NVidia 2000FX (or FX2000??). The Tyan boards I've owned (and SuperMicro for that matter) did allow overclocking. You could not raise FSB speeds by 1MHz increments, but there were a couple of options. But I'm not sure about now. --Reality Check-- Now if you are looking to speed up video editing and "sharing software" then go with a *single* very fast P4. Buy a decent amount of RAM and your Raptors. Overclock to your heart's content. I haven't used a HT-enabled dual Xeon system, so I don't know if having 4 CPUs really helps that much versus having *only* two. DogEared
  17. My example was meant as an extreme. And game performance rarely suffered due to single-threaded games and higher screen resolutions. My raptor-based system was built just for games...and for the most part seems to be faster than than the X15. ( The raptor is in a 2.8GHz @ 3.2GHz P4 system and the X15 is in a 2x PIII system. ) I actually plan on adding another 36GB Raptor to make a non-RAID (RAID 0 or AID array?) array. So....desktop/gaming + raptor == lots of goodness. Regarding my raptor test, I "put the screws to it" to see if IDE and HyperThreading were "as robust" as I'd heard. Now that I have two PCs again, I doubt I will be playing, printing photos and burning DVD/CDs simultaneously on the same machine. At least I don't think so. ******* Unless there is some underlying reason to dump the SCSI system, I wouldn't do it. If you were buying *new* drives then I would say go for the Raptors. DogEared
  18. Maybe a more important question regarding your computer usage is whether you multi-task those resource hungry apps? Do you like to let Photoshop chew on a file / some files (batch) while you edit video? Or (like me) switch between fragging and Photoshop? Or print photos while you play a game? (( Apparently I generate enough random I/O that the 36GB raptor I have is significantly slower than my Cheetah X15 )) If you're a single-task kind of person, then the Raptors are the way to go. I would wait for a full review though before you dump and jump like that. Personally I think you're nuts to give up those 15ks.....unless you are willing to part with the whole setup for 10 cents on the dollar. DogEared
  19. The 15k.3 36GB units for $189 are Refurbs with a 1 year warranty. I've been resisting the urge to buy. But knowing that my 1st gen X15 is still under warranty lets me have happy thoughts all day. Soooooo you save ~$100 and give up 4 years of warranty. DogEared
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    Ask and ye shall receive: From ***** LG GSA-4040BI Multi Drive IDE Now In Stock! The First DVD Burner to write to ALL 5 DVD formats. DVD-R/+R, DVD-RW/+RW, and DVD-Ram. It will also Burn CD-R/RW media. This drive is comparable to the Sony DRU510A, DRU500AX, DW-U12A, DW-U10A, and DW-U14A. Also comparable to the Pioneer DVR-106, DVR-A06, DVR-105, and DVR-A05. ***** No experience with this drive. Funny that they say comparable to Pioneer, etc. Since those drives cannot use DVD-RAM. DogEared.
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    Can/should I get an LCD display?

    Actually LG is not falsely advertising: no cables and no picture. So you can use it as advertised. I'm not familiar with that Dell panel, but after several stints (i.e. contracts) as a product photographer, the guy/gal did a great job. Cables and other danglies are "unsightly" and you would try to find the right angle to hide them from view. Si that possible with this model? And the fine print disclaimer always works ("Do not try this at home.") Of course, this could also reopen "wireless power transmission" research.
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    I've got this spare raptor....

    Pardon me if I seem dense, but I do not have any experience with the Intel RAID (nor IDE RAID in general). My experience in RAID is approaching 20 years (next year), however. So...the Intel RAID is not true hardware RAID? Otherwise how would Ghost know if the volume was striped or mirrored? Any RAID system I've ever used presents a logical drive to the world, so the OS is ignorant of its makeup. I'm not worried about Ghost per se, since I plan on using Drive Image, but if I cannot restore a "striped" image onto a single disk or mirrored image (given partition size constraints) I don't want to use it. (Of course I could find out myself shortly... but forewarned is forearmed.) DogEared
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    Can/should I get an LCD display?

    I read a few "reviews" stating the LG Flatron L2010P has a 16ms response time, however LG's site reads 25ms. I guess I'm waiting for the Flatron L2020P? Or "Dude! I'm gettin' a Dell?"
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    Can/should I get an LCD display?

    I just figured out I can get this LCD panel with a stripped Optiplex ($1200) for the same price as a Samsung 213T ! I didn't see the panel selling separately, yet. A 20"LCD panel WITH A COMPUTER for the same money! look for reviews. BenQ did you say(type)? DogEared.
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    Can/should I get an LCD display?

    That's your loss, because they often have the cheapest prices by a large margin, not to mention a no-quibbles 30 day return period. One pixel dead, or you just changed your mind? Just ship it back to them for a full refund or exchange (minus shipping). Well, that's new. Tried to return a laptop in the first week 2+ years ago...and they would only give me credit towards a refurb unit -- 50cents / dollar as I recall. Well, revenge is sweet, because due to their lack of support on my laptop(my example being only one incident), Dell lost a $3M server contract to IBM. ($'s were equal and IBM and Dell tried to sell me on service. Unfortunately for Dell I'd had enough experience with both companies to discern who was telling the truth. )