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  1. DogEared

    3 Gb/sec or 300 MB/sec?

    As much as I would like to say "It's just marketing," the bits per second speed is correct since the interface is *serial* -- one bit follows the other. I don't recall rating my RS-232 port in bytes / sec. [Wow... maybe we should go back to baud... ] I still think 3 Giga on a box will attract more attention that 300 Mega, especially when the Giga is emphasized as 'cool'. Hmmm.... Gigacool . . . DogEared
  2. DogEared

    SCSI vs SATA, Which is Faster?

    Simple answer: SCSI. The interface is faster and the 15k SCSI drives rule the raw performance charts. Now..... Which is faster? A 2005 Dodge Viper or my 2001 F-150? Well that's easy... my F-150. Sounds insane. What?! The F-150!?!!11111 Since I am usually limited to 80 mph on the interstate highway, I can go over 600 miles in my truck (and have done so) without refueling. I can only go about 350 miles in that Viper, before I need to stop for fuel. If you drive near the speed limit, the Viper is a poor decision. What if I want 5 people to go with me on my trip? Viper or F-150? Well, you would need to travel 9 times the distance in the Viper (4.5 round trips) The F-150 is still faster. If you live in a congested city, which is more important? 0-60mph time or idle time? 5 seconds to 60 mph? Or the engine needs to run for 5 hours? So... faster how? Gaming? Office use? Video Editing (Uncompressed real-time)? By the raw numbers (e.g. 'torque', 'horsepower', etc.) the winner is SCSI. But why waste money on a Viper, when a Prius works better for *you*?
  3. DogEared

    Laptop reduce fertility?

    HA! How would you all have liked to have been involved in that study? "You want to stick that where?" "Is that a thermocouple in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?" I would be more concerned about burning the "scrotal insulator" like that one poor guy.
  4. DogEared

    Kerry treason?

    Agreed! The rest will sound like I'm defending Bush. I suppose I am. Not because I'm a fan, but he's gotten a really raw deal. The only reason I plan on voting for him this time, is the Democrats still haven't found anyone with charisma, or that can tell a joke for that matter. What dereliction? Is it any more solid than the attacks on Kerry? Neglect? How? Was it any different than his predecessor? (Besides Pres. Clinton admitted dodged the draft. Nobody cared.) Lying? If the information you based a decision on is wrong (false) did you lie? Or were you mislead with everyone else? Seriously. Not making excuses. Besides, the President of the United States CANNOT DECLARE WAR! He can mobilize troops, can *commit an act of war,* but he does not have the power to declare war. The Congress and Senate declared war on Iraq. They had equal access to intelligence. Why are we not holding Kerry and his cronies responsible? To me, how well someone sticks to their marital vows tells me how much their word is worth. They take an oath of office. If a guy cannot abide by simple monogamy, what good is his oath? (Hint: It's not worth anything.) And Kerry will protect us better than Bush? Are you going by what he says? Kerry has "changed" his mind many times about thses issues. What makes you think this is his real opinion? Who is going to tell him what to do and when to do it? Oh come on. I was getting spit on in Canada prior to delcaring war or "9/11." Arrogant american? Hmmm, I was wearing a t-shirt with an U.S. Flag on it. Like the world didn't want to see the U.S. drop off the earth years ago. Unfit? Indecision? I can't follow someone that cannot make up their own mind. And his plan for the economy is what Pres. Clinton used. Everyone blames Bush for the economy, HOWEVER, the economy started sagging in 2Q99 -- TWO YEARS before Bush took office. Hmmmmmm So, my opinion is "been there, done that, don't want to go back."
  5. DogEared

    Kerry treason?

  6. DogEared

    New Laser Printer

    My wife bought a ML-1710 a couple of weeks ago -- no parallel interface - USB only. The ML-1750 is the bigger brother. is selling the ML-1710 for 199.99 w/ a $120 rebate. Yep, $80 for a 17-ppm 600dpi laser. And, as stated, the toner is cheap. Haven't run through too many sheets (< 500) so far, but it's a nice little unit. Dogeared (I used part of the rebate to buy a wireless USB print server from Trendware. Pretty cool.)
  7. DogEared

    Hp Ditching Intel For Amd?!?!

    That is GREAT! HA! Although it seemingly contradicts the "95% of all laptops" article, at least someone recognizes very few people *need* 64-bit...and since 64-bit Windows is not shipping, why bother? HPaq *could* include the 64-bit chips and just not promote their "64-bitness." Man...if AMD actually does this I'll take back all of the good things I've been thinking about them in the last year or so. How much of AMD's business goes to HP? Or is AMD trying to buy into the Itanium market? BTW, the original article most definitely is talking about laptops. The entire article is about laptops. No other products are mentioned. How could anyone construe anything else? Dogeared
  8. DogEared

    Greenspan-cut Social Security

    I don't mind the advertisements - at least the ones that tell you what the drug is for - but I can live out the litany of side effects. My favorite side effect is "decreased lung function." What is that? Failure to breath? The lady on TV tells me to ask my doctor about PMDD and see if the drug is right for me. So I do. And my doctor informs me since I'm a male, I cannot have PMDD. TO which I reply..."Yeah, but I can still be affected by it." :rimshot: (Yes, I really did ask.. ) Social programs account for a tremendous amount of money, but in an election year it all about Social Security. Baby Boomers are close to retirement and *highly* concerned about getting their money out of the system. And on the drug issue, here in Illinois we're about to legalize the purchase of drugs from Canada. In fact a few of the Senate candidates have taken old folks up to Canada to get their drugs. HA! Just wait until the drug companies make Canadians pay more since folks from the U.S. are buying in Canada. *sigh* (Merck and GlaxoWellcom(?) have already stated that this is exactly what they will do.) The retirement age should be raised to 70, but where do you draw the line in the workforce? All of those over 50 can retire at 65 and those under at 70? 67-1/2? Hmmmmm.... And please be careful about taxing the rich. I was in that category a couple years ago, and it wasn't the "ton" of money that people think. Increasing taxes in the top bracket will push the "lower upper class" back into the "upper middle class". While the wealthy have enough cash and investments to stay ahead of the curve. My retirement plan has two options: both kids are 5 right now. Wishing we could implement a truly flat tax, Dogeared 8^)
  9. You will not receive *any* cables with this purchase. I have not received any cables with other "drive only" purchases. Retail packages would include cables. This drive also comes with a "standard" 4-pin Molex connector as well as the SATA power (according to the documentation on WD's site) Looks like all you need is a SATA data cable. Dogeared 8^)
  10. DogEared

    Greenspan-cut Social Security

    That's my real social security. Not some slush fund the government raids when it needs more cash. Who would willing put their money into a fund that returned 1.5-1.75% / year? Unfortunately there are trillions of dollars locked up in the industries that surround social security programs. So many things are broken (and wrong) with the Social Security system, including how it is payed out. Someone needs to put a stake in it. Give me some credit. Let me save for my own retirement. WW II is been over for a long time. Dogeared
  11. Base config is: 2.4 Celeron, 256MB RAM & 40 GB HDD. No CD, No sound, Integrated graphics You did say business, right? IBM A30 (819955U) w/ 17" Monitor & 500VA UPS = ~$800 you can add $130 for 3-year on-site service. DELL OptiPlex SX170 w/ 17" Monitor & 500VA UPSA = 780 you can add $100 for 3-year on-site service In quanity you can get some deals. Moreso from IBM than Dell. Since you already have Outlook, I would install Open Office. I *greatly* prefer OO over MS Office. I have only found a couple compatibility problems between OO and Office XP: images within tables, etc. Kind of obscure issues for a "standard" office environment Also, what is there to future proof in an office machine? Additional memory slots? Are you handling the service and / or installation? It's funny that the few guys that I know that handle small businesses, just tell the customers what Dell equipment to buy and the guys handle the install and network setup. So much more money is made from the service contracts, that it is not worth the time to build it themselves. In the time it takes to put together a system (what about an hour on average?) that "guy" could have been on-site at $150-200 / hour (installation). Standard service is double that amount. If Windows was not a requirement, then you could build good machines for under $450. Dogeared 8^)
  12. DogEared

    Cheap San?

    As much fun as this stuff is to read (really it is), doesn't NAS vs SAN boil down to presentation (purpose)? NAS presented as a shared file system via a "thin server". SAN presented as a disk-equivalent volume. Again, iSCSI will be both, although I believe it is targeted at the SAN market. Basicallly, replace Fibre with iSCSI in the SAN model and you have a less expensive infrastructure or a faster/quicker infrastructure due to 10Gbit Ethernet. A lot of what is identified with SANs would be handled in the software (or handled in firmware with a client/thin server model). Intriguing to say the least. Sorry to hear about the communcation problems (human & electronic) on the SAN maintenance, Dogeared 8^)
  13. DogEared

    The New Amd Opteron Processors

    Why would there be a performance hit? My understanding is that the new chips benefit from an improved (refined) manufacturing process and (I would think) an improved chemical process Otherwise it's the same circuits at the same clock speed. Dogeared 8^)
  14. Only if you use a 64-bit OS. I wonder how many that buy an Athlon64 will be purchasing 64-bit WinXP to play their 32-bit games? Dogeared
  15. As it should be. Same sex marriages in California are *illegal*. Everyone is so happy to be married, and within a month their marriages will be invalidated. Sad. Of course, if the folks aren't bright enough to know that the marriage license says "State of California" on it... well I can only feel pity that they think the Mayor of S.F. is the Governor. A local municipality *cannot* override laws of the State. Ironically, a State law *can* override the Federal law. States have precedence. Penalities for doing so may range from lack of Federal funding to being kicked out of the union. I like a sound bite I heard from the mayor of San Francisco. He said he was willing to make a stand for Gay-rights even if it cost him his job or career. HA! Pretty brave standing up for Gay rights *in* San Francisco. Sounds like someone wants to get re-elected. I honestly believe if gay marriages are legal, then churches will be forced to perform weddings for same-sex couples. You don't think someone will sue so they can be married at a particular Cathedral? I'd have to give on civil unions only because so many things (as mentioned above) are tied to legal unions. This is a stretch for me since I believe homosexuality is a perversion. And in case you think me insensitive, I include *any* sexual activity outside of a marriage (between a man and a woman) to be wrong in the same respect. For the record, I *did* try to organize a heterosexual parade in Seattle. I was flatly denied and told if I tried to hold such an event I would be jailed. Of course, the Gay Rights parades had been going for a few years before that time. Hmmmm. How come I cannot promote *my* lifestyle? Why is "reverse discrimination" different than "discrimination?" Everyone is feels discrimination except for the very rich... and they have their own problems. I've been turned down by the United Negro College Fund - I'm "White." - denied and told to leave them alone. I said "Hey! I thought racial discrimination is illegal?" I tried to join "Women's Workout World" - I'm a male. Denied membership. The Ku Klux Klan can hold a parade in my town, but my church cannot: "We don't want to offend people." I'd say the homosexuals need a Milllion Man march... but how many males are counted as "men?" How many of the females? Dogeared 8^)