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    ...power consumption of HD's....

    ok, thanks i'll install sp1 and see if that helps, if not i guess i'll see how many drives i have to remove (*whimper*) -gee, i sure hope i don't have to repartition and move the whole linux-thingy to my sweet raid-set.... (...i'm sure happy i didn't get one of those: "c'mon, idiot -360watts is nowhere NEAR enough!" ) cheers! \bob
  2. Hi all you storage-gurus! (is that |-| |> 1337 ?? ) here's my rig: abit nf7-s 2.0 barton 2500+ 2x256 pc3200 gf4400 enermax 360Wpsu sony cdrw-drive tiny ata66 3-gig drive (wd, i think) with linux on it 40gig maxtor 7200 ata133 drive (me' old boot drive, don't ya know!) ADDED YESTERDAY: 2X seagate 7200,7 8meg, 120gig SATA drives, striped (yeah, baby! ) NOW, when i just added the striped set to my old XP-installation,everything was fine, ( ye gods, that's fast!!! ) -didn't run it for very long, but copied some files and souch, -worked fine. So, i decide to install XP on the striped set, (and yes, i istalled the correct drivers for the sata-controller in setup) but now, i occationally get bluescreens (different kinds -it's like a BSOD lottery! ) when i have alot of disk-activity. SO HERE'S my question: -is this a known issue with the si3112-controller on my MB? -could this be a power-issue? -maybe they conume alot of power? if this seems reasonable, wich drive conumes the most power? (except my striped SATA-set -DON'T YOU TOUCH MY BABIES!!! ) -what's your opinion on this? -any ideas? thanks in advance, \bob