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  1. zx

    Nt Does Not Contain Dos

    Ask them to find command.com.
  2. zx

    Africa - why nobody cares.

    That's exactly what happened when the western nations colonized these nations. They went to promote good manners to the locals. However, they couldn't resist to the opportunity to take advantage of their new conquered lands... And no, the problem will not solve itself in the present state of things. There is much western intervention in Africa, but not always by people who want to help africans...
  3. zx

    Africa - why nobody cares.

    Colonialism is the main cause of wars and atrocities in Africa and the Middle-East. Just look at how the "civilized" western nations acted when in those countries when they were the ones in charge. Today, out gouvernments don't act and do not want to act. We don't have any reason to do so...
  4. zx

    SP4 stability vs. SP3?

    Difficult to tell....both have rock solid stability.
  5. I agree that splitting the disk IO between disks is one of the best ways to improve performance. However, remember that since you depend on 4 disks to do your work, the chances of failure is higher than with a single disk. For example, if your application drive fails, you won't be able to work. Don't use a single drive with two partitions. It will be the less performing options. As for ATA VS SCSI, I never tested it, so i can't tell if SCSI's perfromance is worth it. However, for reliability, go for SCSI if you have the money. Besides, 10K SCSI are quite affordable, if you don't need gobs of disk space.
  6. zx

    Real VNC

    At work, we replaced all PC Anywhere with VNC on desktops. On servers, we still use PC Anywhere for security reasons. VNC does not seem to be secured. It uses a lot of bandwith (seems always sluggish). But, it's good enough for desktops and for home. I can connect to my home computer remotely and performance is accptable (my modem has 180 kbits Upload). For security reasons, I would not use it on servers without security precautions.
  7. zx

    time for a forum faq?

    Yep, a sticky post for RAID 0 would be great.
  8. zx

    Apology to Iraq?

    Can't feel sorry enough for this one. Nice one .
  9. zx

    Apology to Iraq?

    LOL, nice one. That brings back good memories! (wait...those were bad memories!!)
  10. Who else violated the Geneva convention recently? :roll:
  11. Those are admin shares. That means that a user having admin rights on the machine can access to all drives from the root. For example : machineC$ gives him access to the c: .
  12. I never experienced any ALi chipsets, so I can't tell you if they are good...
  13. There's the ASUS A7A266-E. It's based on the ALi M1647 chipset. It has 3 DIMM slots for SDRAM and two slots for DDR. http://usa.asus.com/prog/spec.asp?m=a7a266-e I don't know if it's still available though...
  14. My impressions after almost a year.... Many of my problems with games were solved using a different driver for my geforce2 mx. The computer is running 24/7 and i never seen it crash since then. Don't worry, I do some horrible stuff with that thing. The other day, I opened two VMware VM's at the same time. One with 128MB and one with 224MB of memory. Plus, I have a CS server running and a bunch of other apps. Memory usage was up to 900MB (i sill have 512MB). My system still did not crash (it was slow as hell though). I'm also running F@H and united devices on it 24/7. Also, all the ACPI problems just vanished. I keep power management disabled, but the computer does turn itself off (!!!) and it has no problems when I power it down with the power button. After all that time serving me so well, it's time for me and the K7S5A board to say goodbye. I'm selling my computer to my sister to get a dual CPU system. Ahhh but the memories will live forever!
  15. I was in the exact same situation as you about a year ago. I had a KT7A and I wanted to get rid of it, and I had SDRAM and did not want to buy DDR-SDRAM. Yes, the ECS K7S5A is your only choice if you wish to stay away from VIA. That's what I have right now and it works very fine with me. It's faster than the KT7A (the ATA controller rocks!) and it's far more stable. However, I must warn you that the K7S5A is a very fragile motherboard. Check if you have the following: 1. Very, very, very good ram. I have Kingston and had no problems with it. However, forget about generic or even mid-range DIMMs. Many DIMMs were rejected by my K7S5A. 2. A very good power supply. I have an Enermax 350W and works fine. Many people have reported problems due to no-name power supplies. Also, be aware that this is not an enthusiast board. That means no overclocking. The layout of the board is horrible, so your airflow setup might be hampered. Also, I’ve heard that the K7S5A only takes Athlon XP's. However, mine takes a thunderbird 1333 just fine. So, I do recommend that board if you don't mind having small to very major problems. It’s an adventurous path. I wanted to experiment with this board and it turned to be much better than I thought. However, I had the right components to support it. Keep you KT7A even after a few months of using the K7S5A. It may come handy :wink: . Also, please note that although the KT133A is not a very good chipset, the KT7A experienced problems of its own. Problems not present on other KT133A boards. Like Frank said, it you told us what problems you were experiencing, maybe we can help you solve them. Also, there are other KT133A boards out there. Maybe just changing brands will solve the problem...You'd be surprised how Abit boards are so poorly designed. Finally, take a look at this thread about the K7S5A : http://forums.storagereview.net/viewtopic.php?t=4686 Good luck