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  1. a call from seagate headquaters to manager in distribution center hq: hello, is this byron? manager: yes, it is, how can I help you hq: this is headquarters manager: yes hq: can you walk the floor and tell us how many ES drives we have? manager: actually, I can't... hq: why? manager: because there's no room to walk hq: really? manager: yes hq: approx. how ... manager: the entire warehouse! hq: (speechless) ..*hit! manager: I have a geeky friend who says the ES drives are the slowest in their class hq: YES we know that! manager: I'm sorry sir. hq: okay, here's the plan... we're going to have to relabel those drives manager: okay hq: we'll badge them as 7200.10 with the best ES firmware we got manager: sounds A-OK to me hq: yes that's it! manager: alright then! hq: no, I mean AOK, that's a good firmware code! manager: hmm... hq: what's the matter? manager: I believe AOK is an offensive japanese word hq: (silence/thought) manager: how about AAK? hq: great! let's do it! manager: one question... hq: sure? manager: won't this upset our customers? hq: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! manager: sir hq: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (click)
  2. coco

    seagate 7200.8 unreliable?

    There's only 14 listed. But I have 20 180 GXPs as well. Some day I'll get around to adding the rest. Why don't you enter all 70 to the Reliability Database? That'd only take one second... nope, better make it a "day". 217842[/snapback]
  3. Oh very nice Gilbo, so you consider anyone who disagrees with SR wisdom to be a troll?
  4. Ah yes. And even funnier are guitar players who say they can tell the difference between a 18' and 10' guitar cord! Haha-haha.
  5. Ah, so your religion is the SR test bed? I prefer to trust my own gear and the way I use my computer. Next you’ll be swearing that NTFS is faster than FAT32.
  6. coco

    Hitachi 7k60 vs. 7k100

    Yup, denser platters. But the 7K60 still pulls ahead in other charts. I have a couple of them. I’d swap one in a heart beat, but I have a Thinkpad and I have to go through a major ordeal (we’re talking hours) when replacing a drive. That is, if I intend to keep my hidden “service partition†used for factory restoring and other utilities.
  7. coco

    seagate 7200.8 unreliable?

    I should clarify. I am referring to the 7K250's, I only have one 7200.8.
  8. coco

    seagate 7200.8 unreliable?

    I have around 70 of these . I’ve only lost two I believe. They run 24-7. One was DOA. Actually, two were DOA. Maybe I’ve lost three? The second DOA was for my personal system, so I replaced it with a 7200.8 300GB, and guess what? THAT ONE was also DOA. I threw my hands up and haven’t ordered another drive for myself. In fact, the damn Seagate is still sitting in my office. Haven’t had the time to RMA it. Crap. are the hitachis good and reliable? i got a settlement form a few months back because i have one of these drives in my laptop. though i never had a problem (and couldnt get money from the settlement) it still makes me uneasy. i guess any company is going to have a bad batch of something though. any more votes for the hitachi? or any other drive? 217737[/snapback]
  9. coco

    Any opinions on this configuration?

    No performance increase at all, really? I would think at least some. For gaming I believe I’ve seen 5%-14% increases. Imagine how some people will spend $100 more for a top of the line processor for only a 10% increase in speed (thinking 2.8 vs 3.06 Northwoods back in the day). Worse yet, look at how some people spend so much on low-latency memory only to achieve a 1.5% increase in FPS. Is there some kind of religion when it comes to drives not being worthy of even a 10% performance boost? Biggest reason not to use Raid-0 is usually 1/2 redundancy.
  10. coco

    Building a Linux Storage Server

    What I don’t like about Linux software raid is it doesn’t support true hot-swapping. Have you considered a FastTrack with “Hardware-Assisted RAID 5 Architecture†? I suppose Linux SW raid will be faster though. I fiddled with Linux raid a while back. I was very impressed. I especially like the fact that you can boot off a Raid-1 mirror. It is very easy to setup and robust.
  11. coco

    Zero Channel Raid card?

    Performance usually stinks though. I have an Adaptec zero channel in one of my servers. Raid-1 performs considerably worse than one drive, EVEN for reads!? I’m using one of the original’s with an old firmware, however. I tried hunting down a ZC review a while back. Didn’t find anything.
  12. coco

    Hitachi 7k60 vs. 7k100

    It is in this review:
  13. Did you check your IRQs? Just kidding, this is one reason I prefer a FAT32 partions. Simply boot to dos and run scandisk.
  14. coco

    inexpensive monitor 17" lcd

    Inexpensive, take a look at these Acers: I have not seen these personally, but they are cheap. Check the mfg page for specs. The contrast ratio and viewing angles aren't as good as say, a Samsung 710N/710N-2, but the Samsungs are more expensive. I would stay away from anything ViewSonic. They lie about their specs and while they may produce one or two good monitors or lcds, usually you will not find them locally and most people will settle for a cheaper, similar looking version, which is usually beyond horrible. Now about the 1280x1024 resolution. Yes, it's not 4:3, it's actually 1:STUPID. That's right 1:STUPID. I just made that up. 17" LCDs suck for two reasons. Actually three (pardon the haste): 1 - It's an LCD. 2 - None standard aspect ratio. True, it won't display a circle like an ellipse (egg on its side) because as one poster pointed out, it's slightly more square (longer) than a CRT or 15" LCD (relatively speaking). Nevertheless, this doesn't help matters because LCDs have a crappy vertical viewing angle which means you will be raising your neck if you want to view "hidden detail" in dark images due to the also shi$#y contrast ratio. Horizontal viewing angle is also bad, but not as noticeable as vertical (like all LCDs). 3 - 1280x1024 is too high because a) since it's an LCD the contrast ratio blows, meaning you will have to turn up brightness to compensate and burn your eyes out, or you will have to view the LCD from a distance, which means you will not only ruin your vision, but also increase your eye wrinkles by a factor of two, I suppose, because you will be constantly squinting. Here's how I think LCD's resolution should be laid out: 15" - 1024x768 4:3, just as they are 17" - 1152x864 4:3 18" - 1280x1024 with a 4:3 physical dimension so all those weirdoes who run their CRTs at 1280x1024 won't notice a difference 18" for normal people - 1152x864 or 1280x960, I can't make up my mind 19" - 1280x960 21" - Ban these, you will go blind As far as I'm concerned, LCDs are for consumers who use their computers for two hours every other day starting at 6PM to browse the Internet. Yes, they are dazzling to look at, at first. But there are simply too many disadvantages, especially for business and games. Summary: LCDs suck. I own a 17" LCD btw.