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    WD 800JB vs WD1200JB

    Per chance has anyone tried either of these drives set up in a RAID 0 configuration? I have 2 Maxtor D740X drives and an ABOY KR7A-RAID mobo and I very disappointed with performance of the hard drive system. I am hoping that having 16MB of buffer (8 on each drive) will help out.
  2. akers

    Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB

    Has anyone tried either of the "Special Edition" drives in a RAID 0 setup? Should be one screaming fast array.
  3. akers

    D740X, RAID 0, KR7A-RAID

    Win XP Pro. Funny, everything on the PC except the HDD system screams and is as stable as it can be.
  4. I have a system based on an XP1800, KR7A-RAID mobo and 2 40GB D740X drives in Raid 0. The HDD system sure seems to run slow for that type of setup. Has anyone had any problems or know any tricks? I have updated everything that can be (4N1, HPT372, 6G BIOS, etc) that I know of. I hve even played with several "stripe" sizes to no avail.