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  1. Just want to chime in, albeit with large delay, lol, regarding enclosures and OEM drives I'd like to make is that very frequently external drives are priced lower than their OEM counterparts. As a matter of fact, a few bargain data centers used to buy large numbers of external drives and rip out the HDDs for their server racks. So most people actually prefer to buy externals not for the enclosure but for the drive within which is often cheaper than bare/retail drive by itself. Although it seems that lately this is being discouraged by the drive makers, invalidating warranty and whatnot.
  2. zetto

    Crucial C300 Failure

    Hmm, got any links for that? I wanna know more about this sort of issue
  3. zetto

    Storage Review Site Update

    hmm... I think this it the time for 90$ 2tb drives...
  4. zetto

    The Fall of StorageReview

    I'm glad to see SR back in business! Don't disappear on us again like that
  5. Doesn't include the upcoming king - Crucial RealSSD C300
  6. Gee man, leak test before u turn on the comp.... I spent like 3-4 days setting up the watercooling thing before I turned it on, but it's been running since without an incident (knock on wood ) U got lucky this time, next time it might fry all cpus
  7. zetto

    The 7200.8 thread

    Thanks for reply. DOes that diminish the life of the HD tho? I mean running it a little hot? It does have 5 year warranty but I am worried about data
  8. zetto

    The 7200.8 thread

    I got 300gb PATA version. So far so good, installation was smooth, only Norton Ghost 9 was giving me crap because I was trying to convert FAT32 partition to a NTFS. The only thing that worries me a lot is that this drive is running really, really hot. In relatively cool conditions - room temp at 70-75F, it's was running up to 55C during intensive use (formatting, copying files etc). Compared to my old IBM DPTA drive, 34gb, which it replaced, it runs very hot, I couldn't even hold my finger on it, so hot it was - after I shut down the computer... I dunno what's the deal with that, but it's too hot for my taste. My mobo is IC7 and it's rumored to report higher temp than normal, but does it affect HD temp reading? This seagate is the only drive I can get the reading off and it worries me how high it gets. My ambient temp in the case hovers around 30-32C, and this 300gb drive is running 46-47C right now (in use, defraggin), after I opened up a hole in the case close to it. I guess I have to cool it with a fan or something to make sure it doesn't cook itself Forget about putting a drive on top or below it in the same cage, it'll surely fry, and might take the neghbor with it
  9. zetto

    Seagate drives made in China

    When brits get back on top, then everyone will speak proper Brit English, but for now, it's all American
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    The 7200.8 thread

    Can u also let us know in advance whether this drive is suitable for video-editing? In advance
  11. zetto

    Dell 2001FP image corruption

    Ur problem is not monitor related, it's videocard. Try updating drivers to the newest ones. Also try updating ur codecs
  12. zetto

    1 Tb drives

    I have 100mbit connection, I'd like 1tb drive please.. NOW!
  13. zetto

    Hitachi vs Seagate?

    new Hitachi T7K250 looks nice with new 125gb platters
  14. zetto

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K250

    I got a replacement for my one of the 2 old 7k250s (one died on me a month ago), well, the old (sep. 2003) drive works without any sounds whatsoever, but the new one (mar 2004) clicks once in a while. No cat sounds so far. Anyone knows, if the drives can actually develop this cat sound after being used for a bit?
  15. zetto

    Hitachi 7k250 Dies On Me

    My controller is regular Intel 875 chipset controller, nothing fancy... Appears, the bad drive is dead... completely, even though bios and DFT recognize it, they can't fix it, it's totally dead I was not able to retreive data unfortunately, so that is that. Oh well, RMA time.
  16. Well, I got a couple of those new Hitachi 7k250 (160 Sata) last october and setup a raid0 striped. Works like a charm until today. A few hours ago, during HD-intensive operation Windows crashes, saying something about kernel - the blue SoD flashed so quickly, I did not have a chance to read it all. After that, computer reboots and fails to find one of the Raid0 drives. I tried to resetting BIOS, reconnecting all connectors, cleaning the internals, even shaking the drives (yes, that desperate) to no avail. The Intel Raid bios report one of the drives missing (says drive 1 is missing, drive 0 is OK), and fails to initialize the Raid0. I have no idea how to proceeed. Luckily, I did make a backup relatively recently, but I did lose some important stuff I was doing the last couple of weeks. To make story short, I would greatly appreciate any kind of ideas or suggestions on how to handle this. This is actually the first time an actively used HD dies on me, even though I owned PCs for the last 10 years, and had about a dozen of different HDs, so I have no idea about how to proceed from now. Thanks a lot guys!
  17. zetto

    Hitachi 7k250 Dies On Me

    Yes I did... To account briefly the events: mobo stopped recognizing the drive after some sort of major hardware failure. After some troubleshooting that included shuffling around all cables (inluding power ones), running DFT on the drive still being recognized (no errors), and then I disconnected both SATA drives, and used an old regular ATA one for a while. Today, I decided to reconnect SATAs to test the good drive thoroughly with DFT, and the other one was recognized as well. Intel Raid bios was still saying that raid failed. DFT kept freezing on both drives until I went into Intel Raid bios and re-enabled Raid (it just asked: are these drives from one raid? i said yes, and raid started working again). After that, DFT shows component failure on the bad drive (the one which stopped being recognized), and runs just fine on the other. I decided to try restoring data from Windows, rather than thru DFT, as the latter looks at the drives individually. I know the risk of continuing to use the raid volume without fixing the bad drive first, but I think DFT will ruin it completely since it will be treating only one part of it. Still working on it... (tap on wood)
  18. zetto

    Hitachi 7k250 Dies On Me

    It gets better and better... I was able to re-enable Raid and booting from another (old) drive I found it in windows!!!! DFT was able to run thru it and it found "component failure" like EazyduzIt... It's just funny that the things that happened to him, happen to me in reverse order... well not funny but kinda strange Anyways, wish me luck as I am trying to recover data from this Raid volume.
  19. zetto

    Hitachi 7k250 Dies On Me

    Oh, while I am jiggling with cables (again!!) the "good" drive either hangs during DFT or goes thru just fine... I don't get it!!!! The "bad" still just hangs...
  20. zetto

    Hitachi 7k250 Dies On Me

    Now this is funny.... I tried drives today, and lo and behold, the bad one is recognized in BIOS and DFT. Raid still fails tho, and so does DFT - it hangs now while testing EITHER drive!!! As for running Raid0, you are absolutely right, it's not a good idea to keep important data on it. I was making perdiocal backups, so my losses are not that bad, just a few weeks of work It definitely is not worth to shell out big bucks to recover that I also suspect that my mobo might be at fault... trying to find another one to test the drives in. I mean, wth, yesterday drive fails to be recognized but it shows up today.. Gah, I am really stomped with this thing.
  21. zetto

    Hitachi 7k250 Dies On Me

    Oh, and even if I damaged the platters by shaking them, or even mechanism, how does that affect the fact that the drive is not RECOGNIZED in either BIOS nor the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test? I mean, it would show up still... just not read/write data, but it does not even show!!! The other ran thru DFT with flying colors, but this one is not found.
  22. zetto

    Hitachi 7k250 Dies On Me

    I think I mentioned that I played with the cables. As for shaking the drive, I have pulled it out from the computer completely (i.e. uninstallled it), and the drives are designed to withhold a certain degree of shock when not in use, are they not? Anyways, I was shaking them very carefully, just checking if something became loose inside. Besides, one of the drives died before I started to shake them, and the working one still works even after that "rescue" operation.
  23. zetto

    Hitachi 7k250 Dies On Me

    That is really funny, as I did not get any file corruption at all... Well, I don't use all 300 gig every day, but I do use the computer daily, and in the past 7 months since I got them and set up the Raid, never had any trouble, and did not hear any noise (except some vibration-related sound). So unlike you, I did not have a slightest idea that the drive was about to fail, it just did
  24. zetto

    Hitachi 7k250 Dies On Me

    Well, duh, Hitachi is the manufacturer, is it not? This drive is as dead as a door knob, computer does not recognize it, neither does the DFT proggy. What am I supposed to do? Like I said, I was using it normally, as usual in the past 8 months, and it dies right in the middle of a session. It was quite unexpected, I mean there were absolutely no warnings, no file corruption, raid was working perfectly, there were nothing unusual or bad going on. Out of blue - drive goes under. I would appreciate something more constructive, rather than just "it's all your fault" posts.
  25. zetto

    Revealing Hidden Partitions

    Well, it's not gonna hurt to try it, won't it? I mean everyone has some old throw-away HDs that you can experiment with.