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  1. Does Just around the corner mean two months? Why does it take so long? Storagereview could be so good HDD page, only if it had it's reviews at the time (or before) when the other web sites have. I know you're doing this in your spare time, but maybe if you had always actual drives reviewed (and there are plenty of those drives, including notebook drives, flash drives etc.), you'd become more popular, you'd have more hits on advertisemenst, so you could earn some more $ to run this site and to justify spending your free time. And while becoming more popular, you could receive more (and sooner) disk samples to test. This really could be so great site. So what's the biggest problem?
  2. I have TCQ already turned off... Still, I can't enable NCQ. Checkbox is greyed and it seems that disk doesn't support queuing, thats why I think I need some program to turn NCQ on on the disk side.
  3. 7200.8 is SATA, and yes raptor supports TCQ and I can enable it. Raptor is connected to the sata1 port, wd2500JD to the sata2 and the barracuda to the sata4 port. Any idea why can't I enable command queuing on 7200.8?
  4. My motherboard with nforce4 ultra chipset supports NCQ, I can turn it on on my raptor, but not on my 7200.8 barracuda. I have newest nvidia disk drivers, but I still can't enable NCQ on the barracuda. The chipset sees 7200.8 disk as if it didn't support NCQ - like it sees my wd2500jd (which really doesn't support NCQ). Enable command queruing checkbox is simply greyed and cannot be checked. So now my question, is there a way to enable NCQ with my motherboard and 7200.8 barracuda? Do I have to use any special program to enable NCQ on the disk side? Thanks for any advice...
  5. Another new gen. drive worth reviewing: (250gb, sata II, 16mb cache)
  6. THX


    It is meant so, that in enhanced or combined mode sata drive looks like normal ide drive connected on 3rd or 4th channel (in enhanced mode) or normally on ide1 or 2 in combined mode. At least it works so withch ICH5 southbridges. So then program can access drive via IDE, not directly to sata - what seems to be the problem for this program.
  7. The idea was like this: When shutting down, OS will load files needed for booting into flash - as many as capacity of the flash permits. Then when you power down your pc, disk stops spinning. When you turn your PC on again, normally you have to wait for disk to spin up, but with hybrid drives, you can start boot proces instantly (new motherboards are expected to have very fast hw checks, so you don't have to wait long for OS to start bootin up when you turn your PC on). 64mb is enough to load some drivers and stuff and you know, that during booting windows isn't only reading files from disk, but is also communicating with other HW, checking if it is still there etc. So, the idea is to start booting immediately, not waiting for disk to spin up. When all of flash is read, the drive is already spinning so you can continue booting normally. You can read more about this on in their WinHEC day 1 report.
  8. very long, cca 20ms drive is very quiet, even in hdtach random seek test, I cannot hear spinup too, but i'd like to have better performance
  9. I have this problem: I want to turn AAM off on my wd2500jd disk drive. When I use hitachi feature tool, it reports that aam is set to 128, it can turn AAM off completely, but when I enter AAM turning off option in feature tool, aam is again on 128. I didn't find any AAM changing tools on western digital web site, so how can I now change aam setting of this drive? (drive is connected to ICH5R, working in enhanced mode - system sees sata like 3rd and 4th IDE channel. Sata drives are masters on their virtual IDE channels, even though UDMA5 is reported, burst speeds are OK (about 125mb/s))
  10. THX

    TestBed4 ideas

    I think, good machine for testbed4 would be dualcpu opteron with nforce4 pro chipset. 2ghz should be enough. Future is going to be dual core. But when you look at the first benchmarks, dualcore opteron has the same performance as the dual cpu opteron system. So therefore I think dual cpu opteron system will be good choice for future. Second, chipset. I think nforce4 pro will be good, because: 1. it has ata-II with ncq support. 2. many users in the world will buy nforce4 desktop chipset which has the same sata controller, so they can compare directly 3. nforce4 supports pci-e, i think in future, threre if there are going to be any new controllers, maybe SAS, threy're going to use pci-e 4. the board will have pci-x (or pci-64?), so you can use contemporary high performance controllers Another suggestion is, to test contemporary new gen drives (wd300, 320jd, diamax10, hitachi 500gb, barracuda8, maybe new sata-II samsung and hitachi) on testbed 3, since testbed3 still provides valuable information about performance and is pretty up to date. Then when the new testbed4 will be operational, you can test these drives again, and see how big will the difference be. I hope that with new testbed, you will update your benchmarks (and benchmark patterns) to more actual too.
  11. EDIT: I found a 7k500 sata II drive with 16mb cache too on that web. Maybe it will be interresting to test 7k250 with 80mb platters and 160 capacity vesrus t7k250 with same size and 125mb platters to see how big will the difference be. And then 7k500 vs 7k400 (80 vs 100mb platters) and maybe see how big impact on performance has the bigger cache, faster interface and 20% higher data density... EDIT2: till I wrote EDIT abowe I could not edit my post...
  12. Today I noticed on HGST web a new drive - T7K250 - sata II drive with 125mb platters... Another of the new gen. drives waiting to be reviewed. Why do I want these new reviews? Because there really isn't any other good web, or pcmag that will review the drives in the way storagereview does - measure real (not only linear) performance of a drive.
  13. Another two drives I'd like to see reviews of are WD320JD and 200gb sata II samsung, both of them are now available, maybe not everywhere, but I'm sure you can get one of each for testing purposes somewhere.
  14. THX

    Next Generation Raptor?

    Very interresting info SG, but... we want more You can get 400gb tonkas now, but I havent seen 500gb anywhere, and according to some tests (tomsHW) 7200.8 has high linear transfer rate, but not as high as 110mb/s