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    Are Tape Drives Extinct?

    i've only read good reviews of the vxa-1 drives (except perhaps that they're slower). and i remember reading that ibm was offering the vxa-2 drives as an option on some of their (netfinity?) servers, which seems like a good endorsement. i thought some other mfrs picked up the vxa-2 drives as well. i've been pondering getting a vxa-x drive since before exabyte acquired ecrix. it's just a bit expensive for my personal backup needs. not that the other options are any less expensive for comparable storage capacity. i'd love to hear any horror stories about the vxa stuff, since, i just haven't heard anything bad yet.
  2. pangloss

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K250

    erm, where (in the U.S.) can we actually buy the 250GB SATA version of the 7K250? or when?