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  1. what are your read / write results and settings you used to get there i'm currently running 8308elp with battery back raid 5 with 8*15k1 savvios currently using adaptive read cache & write-back mode in raid 5 going from 4 to 8 drives only yields a 30MB/s gain in read/write speeds benching with atto, hd tune, hd tack, passmark , all say the same thing any suggestions out there? atto bursting at 250MB writes on 4 drives but only 280MB writes on 8 drives is this a lsi problem?
  2. shipping included on all items gauranteed no doa, all working pulls 4 * 73Gb(dell) seagate savvio 10k.2 sas $120 each 1 * t3GB(ibm) seagate savvio 10k.1 u320 80pin sca $50 adaptec 2 * 3410s u160 4 channel pci / pcix raid $80 each (includes original retail box / 1 * 4 drive cable) adaptec 3 * 3210s u160 2 channel pci / pcix raid $50 each tekram 1* u160 single channel $20 each lsi 3 * u160 single channel $25 each hieuu@comcast.net
  3. all drives - controllers - gauranteed perfect - all items include shipping dell 4* 73GB 10k.2 savvio $130 each shipped ibm 1* 73GB 10k.1 savvio u320 80pin sca. $50 adaptec 3 * 3210s raid pci / pci-x (2 channel) no cable included- $50 adaptec 2 * 3410s rais pci / pci-x (4 channel) 1 * 4 drive cable- $85 lsi 3 * u160 controller $20 no cable email me hieuu@comcast.net ebay id is hieuu / confirmed paypal - can provide address / phone number to buyers
  4. i'd send them a email. i'v had firmware updates to fix compatibilty issues with raid controllers from seagate. i would imagine they probabley have them too. good luck.
  5. sry clicking wrong buttons sas is a beast in it's own and untill you use it , i don't think there is any convincing you. all i can say is drive benchmarks don't always mimick real word use. you just have to try it. there's a reason for them having a price premium. best regards
  6. hieuu

    HD Burn-in

    make sure the smart feature is turned on in your bios this is a drive failure monitering here's wiki link that expains it further http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-Monitori...ting_Technology
  7. I would go with ebaying seagate 10k.2 savvio 73gig drive you should be able to get 1 for under $160 EASY NEW. be patient i see them on ebay for mush less every week PROVANTAGE.COM FOR PROMISE TX2650 SAS CONTROLLER FOR $70 SAME SPEED AND COMPLETELY SILENT and now you are sas scsi ready. cost more than sata yew but well worth it GOOD LUCK
  8. hieuu

    Cheetah15k5 speed

    is this your boot drive or xtra storage drive. you'll get a little more with a newer card and if this is not your boot drive. but if this is your boot drive thats probabley causing you slower rate but not much more around, 90meg/s no caching, caching will give you higher burst rate i'm running u320 2230slp with 10 of them.
  9. hieuu

    XP Pro install (Doesnt see SCSI)

    i would work around the floppy issue if you have access to norton ghost and ide drive i would do a ide drive install, install scsi drivers within xp and then ghost xp onto scsi after you complete install only ads ten minutes to your hole process with out the frustration. good luck