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  1. My card runs a little hot here, but thats not really suprising with 32 degress roomtemperature and around 42-45 degrees case temperature, I will mount a little 40mm fand on it which I can control. But thats not the reason I am posting here, I have some problems with the Webpam: I am running Gentoo on a 64bit environment and somehow I can only get Webpam to work right after installation If I reboot and try to activate it again I have no luck and just get some error messages. Has anyone figured out how to run Webpam in 64bit linux?
  2. I also have problems compiling the open-source driver from promise (open source version on an AMD64 gentoo linux with 64bit kernel, latest BIOS for the EX8350) this is the error I receive: tresor shasta # make KERNEL_SOURCE_DIR=/usr/src/linux make V=1 CC=cc LD=ld ARCH=i386 -C /usr/src/linux SUBDIRS=`pwd` modules make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-2.6.15-gentoo-r5' mkdir -p /root/shasta/.tmp_versions make -f scripts/Makefile.build obj=/root/shasta cc -Wp,-MD,/root/shasta/.shasta.o.d -nostdinc -isystem /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/3.4.5/include -D__KERNEL__ -Iinclude -include include/linux/autoconf.h -Wall -Wundef -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common -ffreestanding -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe -msoft-float -fno-unit-at-a-time -march=k8 -Iinclude/asm-i386/mach-default -Wdeclaration-after-statement -D_LINUXDRIVER -D_MMMAP_ -DMOONFANG -D_X8632B -D_32BPLATFORM -I/usr/src/linux/include -I/usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi -I/usr/src/linux/include -I/usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi -DMODULE -DKBUILD_BASENAME=shasta -DKBUILD_MODNAME=shasta -c -o /root/shasta/shasta.o /root/shasta/shasta.c Building modules, stage 2. make -rR -f /usr/src/linux-2.6.15-gentoo-r5/scripts/Makefile.modpost scripts/mod/modpost -i /usr/src/linux-2.6.15-gentoo-r5/Module.symvers vmlinux /root/shasta/shasta.o cc -Wp,-MD,/root/shasta/.shasta.mod.o.d -nostdinc -isystem /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/3.4.5/include -D__KERNEL__ -Iinclude -include include/linux/autoconf.h -Wall -Wundef -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-trigraphs -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common -ffreestanding -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -pipe -msoft-float -fno-unit-at-a-time -march=k8 -Iinclude/asm-i386/mach-default -Wdeclaration-after-statement -DKBUILD_BASENAME=shasta -DKBUILD_MODNAME=shasta -DMODULE -c -o /root/shasta/shasta.mod.o /root/shasta/shasta.mod.c ld -m elf_i386 -r -o /root/shasta/shasta.ko /root/shasta/shasta.o /root/shasta/shasta.mod.o ld: Relocatable linking with relocations from format elf64-x86-64 (/root/shasta/shasta.o) to format elf32-i386 (/root/shasta/shasta.ko) is not supported make[2]: *** [/root/shasta/shasta.ko] Fehler 1 make[1]: *** [modules] Fehler 2 make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-2.6.15-gentoo-r5' make: *** [default] Fehler 2 Seems like it's not recognizing the 64 bit environment? Any ideas anyone?
  3. Hi, I have a Promise Ultra100-TX2 IDE controller (which I don't need, at least not as an IDE controller). I heard that some of the promise IDE controller can be modified that they are RAID controller. Is this possible with my controller? If someone has a step-by-step site please post it. Thanks in advance
  4. I have to add something: The drive didn't stay at 49° but went up to 55° (I formatted a big 50 GB partition). After that I was a bit worried and removed the HD tray opened it and touched the cuda....OUCH that thing was damn hot...after that I think it's smarter to put the driver somwhere else but in this tray... but still thanks for your fast reply
  5. I have a little question for u guys. I have a Cuda IV in a non extra cooled removable HD tray (it's quite tight in there). As I mentionend no fan ist blowing or sucking air in/out of this tray. Now I downloaded HDDTemperature and it gaves me 49°C of the Cuda IV under load. Is that too high or ok? And please don't say that lower temps result in longer life for the drive thats clear I just want to know whether the drive can stand such temps or if I have to change something.
  6. Flintz

    WinXP not bootable after crash

    Ok, I tested my RAM for 18 hours with Memtest 3.0 in extended test mode now, now errors so far. I found two identical 10 GB IBM drives and will try them soon. Another idea i had was that maybe my northbridge gets too hot (it only has a passive heatsink), what do u think?
  7. Flintz

    WinXP not bootable after crash

    It passed 12 tests without an error, but only for 3-4 hours...maybe I run it again for 12 hours or more, but I currently havent got so much time. My Specs: P4 2GHz Northwood Abit TH7-II Raid (HPT 370 onboard chip) 1 GB RDRAM (4x256MB Kingston modules) 2xWD400BB 40 GB 7200 RPM, 1xIBM 30 GB 7200 RPM GeForce4 Ti4200 Soundblaster Audigy Player Intel 100 Ethernet card
  8. Flintz

    WinXP not bootable after crash

    I am currently testing my memory, but I am 99% sure that the memory is ok....I spoke with someone who had EXACTLY the same issue and he said, after he went back to Win2000 everthing was fine again.... But now I am curious about which XP version has this issue. He and I both used WinXP Prof. Corporate Version. Now I wonder if the normal Prof. or Home has the same problem.....
  9. Flintz

    WinXP not bootable after crash

    Did I say I had luck? Hmpf, yes the szstem ran well but today I wanna start my szstem, and what happens??? My registry is damaged again... Thats probably the point, maybe I will try to connec the drives to the normal IDE controller.
  10. Flintz

    WinXP not bootable after crash

    This time I had luck, I ran NTFSDOS and ran ntfschk, it could repair all errors (and there were much errors, about 30-50....) after that my PC booted normally again, but the times before I didn't had that much luck...is XP really so easily "broken"? Or is it something with my setup
  11. I AM GOING CRAZY, sorry, but everytime my WinXP crashes i can't boot after a reboot. Sometimes the registry is damaged, sometimes a file called hal.dll is corrput and everytime I get lots of errors on my harddrive. I have 2 WD400BB on a HPT37ß raid-chip onboard (but not in raid-0, they are just running as normales harddrives). I really don't know why this happens, even the old Win98 was able to boot after a crash. The harddrives are physically ok, I checked them with Spinrite. Please post any ideas u have, why this happens.
  12. The problem is, that I have the "WINDOWSSYSTEM32CONFIGSYSTEM is missing or corrupt" a few times in the last weeks on my WinXP machine, and I read that either bad memory (which I don't think is my problem, because normally my system is really stable, no crashes at all) or bad harddrive. Now I have a TH7-II Raid with an HPT370 chip onboard an 2xWD400BB in a raid-0, and now I wanna test whether this might be the cause for my problem.
  13. Forgot to mention that my partitions are NTFS formatted, sorry.
  14. Hi, does anybody of you know a good test program for harddrives which support raid-0 setups? The program should test whether all data written to the drive(partition) is correct, just a simply test program. Thanks in advance
  15. Flintz

    XP backup program?

    Maybe it doesn't help, maybe it does....but anyway I want to have a backup of my registry, which is as far as I know located in WINDOWSsystem32configsoftware WINDOWSsystem32configsystem but as I wrote before these files are always in use by WinXP so Second Copy cant copy them....plz post any idea if u have one