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    UPS with Master Power Switch?

    honold: From the User's Manual of an older APC UPS (BK 500) I have: "CAUTION: Do not connect a laser printer OR surge suppressor to the UPS. Such devices may overload the UPS when operating on-battery." But that's all it says and I wouldn't know if the same "caution" applies to all makes and models. However, I don't know why that would apply to the non-battery outlets, but I suppose APC provides that caution for good reason. Powerbug: I'd still suggest a simple note to one of the customer service desks of the UPS companies themselves asking for a definitive answer. With the right UPS and shutdown software, I think I could get close to doing what you suggest - but basically, on a regular, scheduled basis. The scheduling software is surely meant for a normal "9-5" office environment though, where people would be only be using PCs at certain hours. So those of us who use our PCs at any time of day may not benefit from many of the software's functions. Mostly, I like the automated shut down in case of a power failure; the scheduling function does much the same thing, and more, but at prescheduled times. Maybe you could set up a schedule to shut everything off, including powering down Windows gracefully, and just override the software if you wanted to work outside the scheduled hours. Seems like it would be tricky, and not exactly what you want, but maybe better than nothing. If you're interested, here's what the manual I mentioned above says about the automated scheduling function: "Action - Shutdown: Shutdown/Hibernate/Suspend the operating system or shutdown UPS. If you select the shutdown item Bulldog Plus will execute or ignore the Auto-Save function depending on your selection in the Action dialog box. But if you select the “suspend” or “hibernate” item, the program will ignore the Auto-Save function. The action of “shutdown”, “hibernate” or “suspend” are the same as if you select the Shutdown Option from the Windows Start menu." The software dialog box also shows a calander that graphically displays the functions scheduled for each day of the month. Also, what Rick said is probably an important consideration. I just read somewhere about someone who was shutting down his UPS when he turned off his computer and he was having problems with his Raid array when he tried to power up again. I don't know if the two were related, but the fellow claimed that when he stopped shutting down the UPS, his problems with his Raid array went away. AppX
  2. ApprenticeX

    UPS with Master Power Switch?

    Photobug... I don't want to get your hopes up, but I recently purchased a Belkin UPS with software that I think might perform the function you wish. I know there is a "schedule" function, but I haven't taken much of a look at what it can and can't do. You may want to look at pg. 23 of the manual at this site and see if that gives you some idea about the possibilities: That happens to be the manual for Win 98, but I think it's applicable to "Bulldog Plus", the Belkin UPS software for all Windows systems. If not, you can find the appropriate OS manual here:〈=1&mode= Actually I have the 800VA not the 1000VA mentioned on those pages. I do know that however the shutdown function works, it only applies to some of the outlets, not all of them. So for instance, I'm just about certain that you couldn't shut down anything connected to surge protection only outlets. Aside from that limitation, I'm thinking that the software will perform the function you require. It seems to even be able to suspend or hibernate the OS as well, rather than completely shut it down. But all of that is on a schedule, and I don't see anything about manually shutting everything down, if that's one of your requirements. Any of these functions are unnecessary for me, and I don't even have the software installed right now, so I can't tell you much more than that. For some reason, I thought the APC SmartUPS models could do the same thing, but I may be wrong about that as well what I've suggested about the Belkin UPS and software. HTH a little anyway, and that the UPS can actually do what you'd like. AppX
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    Which component speeds up system most?

    jwocky: See the next to last paragraph for a comment about your situation - I'm sorry to cut into your topic, but the discussion about video cards lured me in. I'm interested in non-gaming graphics cards, so 3D's card that FS mentioned sounds like it could be an attractive solution. I read web pages all day long, so 2D clarity is very important. Currently I have an older setup, including a GForce 2 GTX, and that seems to be sufficient for what I do at present. Upgrading will require a new card though. I do a little bit of graphics in the form of "drawing" fractals, and I'm satisfied with the way they look, but I think that has more to do with the monitor than the card. (Monitor is a 3 month-old Iiyama "Vision Master Pro 454" which replaced an older 17" Vision Master model.) I'm not a professional artist, and don't have commercial intentions, it's just enjoyable to be able to create the images. Aside from that, I think I really don't need all that the even a 5600 or 9600 card offers. The one exception is that there are ways to animate fractals, which I may try to do some day, but the composition of the fractals themselves is mostly a CPU intensive operation. Stringing them together in an animation doesn't really seem to me to require much video processing power. I'm just trying to scope out what kind of card I'll get for the system I'll build next spring, and 3D's cards look like they may be a real good choice. I did want to mention to Rick... Since the discussion turned to these several models of video cards, that you may want to look at Newegg's page for 3D's cards if you happened to not notice earlier. The price ($189) for the VP760 is less than what Future Shock quoted for the VP560! That's not hardly more than half the price of what 3D itself charges! If it would work for you maybe you could save money over the Matrox card. I didn't try to compare features of the two. As for myself, I'm not interested in gaming or DVD watching, and if a card like, say, 3D's VP560 would be too much, then I suppose other typical Nvidia or ATi cards in the 5600 or 9600 ranges or above would also be totally extravagant. But I will need a card that will work with a P4 motherboard, and I think some of the older ones won't, depending on the board. What I think is a plus about 3D's cards is what Future Shock mentioned about their drivers. I'm one of those people who has a weakness for upgrading drivers, and with an Nvidia card, upgrading the driver gets to be just about a bimonthly thing. As far as I can tell, after the first couple of 20-something series drivers, none of the later ones really did much of anything besides add a bunch of bloat that I can't or don't even use. Nview is an example. So I'm curious if people familiar with 3D's cards think that one of them would be a good choice for me. I wish I could contribute something to jwocky's quandry, but it seems like the only component people haven't mentioned already is the OS itself. Maybe that's an upgrade that would help in the present, and it may be more enduring than any hardware upgrade. Nice to have found SR btw. I don't know how I missed it earlier (except for there being something like 3 billion websites in "cyberspace")... the info on drives and other topics here is really helpful. Sorry for my longwindedness; thanks for reading through it. AppX
  4. ApprenticeX

    ? for gurus and gamers

    Multiple reply>>> ddrueding1: That's the first I've heard of that type of "mobile" computing. Spod: I did the best I could before I reformatted the drive. Actually I did lose quite a bit. But I've also learned a bunch from this experience, including mistakes about how I had my partitions setup. What I lost is fortunately not stuff that I'm going to be shedding many tears about - at least until I try to find something I don't have anymore. The bulk of what I lost consists of images that I do based on fractals. I have a program (Silicon Mirror and Kaleidoscope) that runs as a screensaver and I used an automatic screen capture program to save images that were created by it. I had about 7 GB of images that I lost, but I still have thousands of these images, and I don't really have much use for them anyway. I show them to my friends, but that's about it. They don't have any commercial value, at least not that I can figure out how to capitalize on. ...I hope I get a nicer drive, but according to the Maxtor site, I'll probably get a reconditioned unit of the same model. mckennma: I really don't want to get the cops involved - I think they consider it trivial up here anyway. The city I live in in Northern CA does have a municipal code about noise that's a "nuisance". But I doubt that it's enforced at all, even if people complain. There was a woman who used to live in the apartment upstairs and she used to call the cops on the young girls across the street, because they typically turn their tunes way up. But t it hasn't stopped them from blasting away. ...btw, you seem to have fairly good taste in audio equipment. You may be interested in looking at a "home" theater system at the following link: it costs more than some houses! Check out the "Hercules" system at this JBL (now apparently part of "Harman") site: Oh yeah... that system, costing over 100 thousand bucks, is audio *only* - it doesn't even include video components! I don't want to feed fantasies, it's just such an overwhelming system I like to point it out to people now and then. Thanks again folks.
  5. ApprenticeX

    ? for gurus and gamers

    Thanks Spod and mckennma, I did think my theory was somewhat farfetched. The HD in question is a 30 GB Quantum Fireball AS, in use for almost two years. Actually, it's more than a problem of bad sectors that I'm having. I got the SMART warning about a probable imminent failure. The drive is still under warranty since I bought it before the mfgr's cut most of them all down to one year. Powermax software gave me an error code that I put into the Maxtor online RMA service, and it was accepted. Ironically, the Fireball was a drive I bought to take the place of a 30 GB IBM "Deathstar" that started in with the clicking noises two years ago. Using the IBM as a backup/data drive, I haven't had any further problems with it! Well... I have to call Maxtor now and check out a couple of things about RMAing the drive before I send it back. But thanks for your comments - the car stereos are irritating enough without thinking that they're liable to be destroying my hard drives. ApprenticeX
  6. ApprenticeX

    ? for gurus and gamers

    Howdy, Perhaps someone can shed some light on a curiosity of mine. I have a HD that's just developed bad sectors. In my neighborhood there are lots of folks who drive by in cars with VERY LOUD stereos. The sounds literally vibrate ME as the cars go by. Now I know that there are gamers who have very capable sound systems and who like to crank up the sounds quite high. Basically I'm wondering if its possible that vibrations from very loud music or sound fx could do damage to a HD. I don't game myself, nor do I have a stereo that can put out very loud music. But these cars that drive by quite often put out a rolling bass note that lasts for several seconds. (That bugs me no end, but I let it slide, having myself been in a RnR band when I was in HS. The neighbors complained about every other weekend and I vowed that I would never be like them when I got older! ) I realize that HDs are made to withstand shock, but in my mind, that's something different than a sustained low frequency vibration strong enough to shake my walls. Then again, since people do like to "blast" their tunes and games, I would think that any disk problems associated with loud sounds would have come to light by now. That's why I'd like to hear from anyone who does use a loud system along with their computer. If people typically don't have a problem with that, I'll have to look elsewhere for an explanation. I realize that HDs spontaneously just malfunction now and then. Thanks for any feedback or theories. Even the experience of someone who's drive gave out in the middle of a virtual battlefield would be helpful. ApprenticeX