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  1. NRG = mc2

    I'm Not Being Warned Of Something !

    They now have the SPECS cameras - they capture a pic of the numberplate of every passing car, and then another camera a couple of miles down the road captures it again, and times how long it took you to get from one camera to the other. If its too fast then you get the fine. As the sustem is passive, it cannot be detected, though if you happen to see it then you can slow down in time for the next camera down the road as opposed to Gatso style cameras where they flash you as you pass and if you havent slowed down its too late
  2. NRG = mc2

    Honold's New car.

    Notice the 20" rear wheels 1st gear will probably sufffice for over 60mph As far as the exhaust goes, I prefer that of the Pagani Zonda C12S:$P...a%20C12-Sg.html I hate Porsches. Ferrari every time for me
  3. I am a reseller for all the products on (Zalman, Molex etc), the Acoustipak Deluxe makes quite a difference compared to other products I've used (Pax.Mate is a bad joke and stinks), and it weighs around 10lbs, with various thinkness sheets in the pack. The Silent Drive, to be honest, I wouldn't use any of my drives in there unless it had no critical data on it whatsoever or was a 5400rpm unit. 7200 units generally get too warm for my liking in there, even if they're below maximum rated temperature. But it does make quite a difference in noise - I put a Fireball AS 10Gb drive in there, and finally its whining was almost totally removed, this drive was in my ICS server/crunching box so I wasn't bothered about its lifespan.
  4. NRG = mc2

    Western Digital Raptor Preview

    Remember the cost of a SCSI controller...
  5. NRG = mc2

    Enough Power for Hard Drives?

    I don't think it should be a problem for a high quality PSU like the TruePowers, unless of course the rest of your system is particularly power hungry.
  6. AFAIK at least one manufacturer offers a form on their website where someone authorised (i.e. police officer etc) can declare that the hard drive with serial number xxxxx was destroyed in their presence for drives containing sensitive data. I remember seeing this form once when dealing with an RMA but cannot remember which company it was - perhaps Quantum.
  7. NRG = mc2

    Recording Telephone Calls

    If your modem is a vioce modem, it should appear as a wave device in any decent sound recording program such as cool edit - select it from the apps recording source option or from Windows mixer.
  8. NRG = mc2

    RMA question - Mickey mabe?

    My 10Gb +AS does this and has always done this. Always worked fine so I've never bothered with it - it might make the buzzing noise once a month or something.
  9. NRG = mc2

    Goodbye and Thank you :cry:

    Hope she gets well soon See you around.
  10. NRG = mc2

    New Hard Drive. Can't get into BIOS!

    If the system crashes when detecting the drive, keep in mind WD has a separate jumper setting for Master without slave present and another setting for Master with slave present. If you removed the slave and its suddenly not working it would likely be this. Check your jumpers.
  11. NRG = mc2

    Digital Camera

    Hah, tell me about Smartmedia. They're nice and small but in 6 months I've been through two of them. They just die all of a sudden it seems. Just got a Canon A30, pretty good.
  12. NRG = mc2

    Noise, fluids, and noise reduction

    Not a problem in real life. Seagate wrote a whitepaper on this which you can find -somewhere- on their site.
  13. NRG = mc2

    Is it better to build your own PC?

    Don't forget, its not only the price of the software included that you pay for, its also the fact that Dell will typically order thousands of processors, memory sticks and so on at once and they get a substantial discount by doing this.
  14. NRG = mc2

    Is it better to build your own PC?

    The processors themselves are just as stable. You can make a stable or unstable system, whether it is based on an Intel or P4 chip, it all depends on buying the correct, high quality power supply, cpu cooler, motherboard and memory. There is a reason you might want to go with Intel, but it is not neccesarily stability; the chipsets used on modern motherboards for AMD (and some of the cheaper Intel motherboards as well) are made by VIA, and although they are capable nowdays of making stable chipsets, they do have some issues regarding throughput of the PCI bus. This could be important if you plan on using several drive simultaneously. I place a lot of importance on quiet PCs, and therefore use a Zalman 6000Cu heatsink and 120mm fan on my XP1800+ cpu, along with a Seagate Barracuda IV hard drive. I have also modified my Enermax power supply with a quieter fan and lined the case with insulation. The system is very quiet and at night when there is almost no noise, I can just about hear it from my bed which is around 10 feet away. Check out the hardware at for silent power supplies and CPU fans.
  15. NRG = mc2

    Use of format command...

    Er... whoops. When I loaded the page it did not show any replies, thought I'd seen that question before :oops: