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    3ware SATA pricing makes no sense

    OK, I'll bite... 3Ware doesn't really expect customers to go for the older controllers, other than as replacement for failing units or for use in systems that's been specified for the older cards. The sales volume of a controller family plunges as soon as the next generation becomes available. Lower volumes means increased component costs, not to mention that older components may be hard to source and command a premium price because of that. So given the fact that the customers looking for these legacy controllers usually don't have a choice, 3ware doesn't have a reason to lower the prices. Another thing to remember is that today it's rather uncommon for any technology company to keep large stocks. Just in time logistics and manufacturing help keeping the stock values low, and make sure that there isn't a lot of old products in stock when a new product line is phased in. So for 3ware the current pricing is perfectly logical.
  2. At first I didn't really get your point, but then that's just another sign of old age I guess. Looking back this is what I associate with the word "Laptop": Toshiba T3100/20 Or perhaps this: Ericsson Portable PC I've worked with both (though I try to forget as much as possible about the Ericsson POS), and at that time there were no 2½" HDD's on the market. Even 3½" HDD's was still a novelty, seldom found in anything but portable computers. Both these machines were at the time dubbed as "Laptops" as it was possible to balance them on your lap, in theory at least. I think I tried that once with the Toshiba, and never felt compelled to try it again. As I remember it the "Notebook" moniker was introduced when portables weighing less than 3kg started to appear. By that time the 2½" HDD's were widely available, and almost exclusively used in these "Notebook" class computers. So going by those definitions you could most definitely have a "Laptop" with a couple of 3½" drives. I seem to remember something about a monstrous high performance dual Opteron "laptop" with two 3½" drive bays and RAID-1 & 0 support. It had it's 15 seconds of fame about a year ago. However I've never seen it IRL, nor heard from anyone who has touched it. Not even a friend of a friend whose dog once sniffed in the footprint of some one who has seen it, so it might have been a mirage... (sorry for going of topic)