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  1. Adventures

    Building a SATA (150) Raid System

    Wow! You guys have some very positive and interesting feedback. I have purchased another Raptor and will run those on the Intel ICh and then the other 250 gb drives as another Raid set on the Promise. OS and Apps on the Raptors and Video stuff on the Promise. That sounds to me like the fastest setup in the Intel world. Scott
  2. Adventures

    Building a SATA (150) Raid System

    Thanks for this Thread, I have been assembling a video editing workstation for the last couple weeks and have had these exact same questions and have obviously been looking hard for answers to find this thread! Goals My goal is speed for video rendering! And lots of storage, will BU with tape or firewire drives. Plan to use a Raptor for programs (single SATA) and the 2- 250 gig drives (Raid 0 SATA) for storage (all SATA). I will purchase another Raptor if that will improve speed to use in a Raid 0 config. Near Future After the dust settles and this is running well I would also like to add 2- 120 gb WD1200JB drives also, thats for later. Ideas? Questions and to sum things up 1-The ICH5R does seem to be the fastest so do you think I should put the single Raptor on that? And the 2 250 gb SATA's on the Promise? Or vs. versa? Which would best handle Raid 0? 2-Now from what I understand the ICH5R runs at full SATA speeds and the Promise may only run at 133? Is that correct? And does the Promise controller have full write back capabilities? I will probably have another question or 2 as I have to leave right now. What I have: P4 3.2 P4C800- E Deluxe 1 gb HyperX 3200 1 Raptor SATA 2 - 250 gb Maxtor SATA 2- 120 gb WD1200JB Thanks cbcarbaj for the Promise bug info! Thanks Will Rickards for really getting to the heart of rozels issues which just happen to be mine as well! Cheers All, Scott