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    Question regarding my Maxtor D740X

    It should be normal it happens when you shut down. As long as it is not clicking. The whinning could be your hard disk or your CPU fan, case fan, etc. I have three hard disks, 7 fans, and the whinning all the time, not too loud though.
  2. I have a 120GB WD, I formated it into one primary 40GB, one extended logical 80GB, no problem. The catch is, you need to download the latest fdisk from microsoft, or copy from your friends' WINME. The old fdisk can only partition up to 40GB, anything above that will be unacceptable. With the new fdisk, you may partition up to 120GB, I think. At least it works for me.
  3. CoolLight on WD1200jb

    First of all, get out of here, Copenhagen. You don't know nothing about hard drives, and if you don't know how to help others, just shut the fuxk up. Secondly, jbp2k, I think it is a big chance that you get a defective hard drive. I had the similar experience as you before. I called the WD support, they said it is the hard drive arm touching the inner side of the hard drive enclosure, that making the noises. Each time, you reboot, shut down, or open windows, search, you will hear the noise since the hard drive arm is moving. It won't give you problems now, however, noisy drive never last long. My solution, also suggested by WD support is, if it is still within 30 days of your purchase, go to the retailer, and exchange the hard drive. If it is out of 30 days, call WD support, they are very willing to exchange a new one for you. Note that this problem is not specifically related to WD, any Hard drive manufactor may experience the same problem because of the slightest imperfection in the manufacting process. Also, after get your new hard drive, try test all three mode (cable select, master, slave), I heard that some hard drive only work as slave mode too. If that is true, it is a defect also. If you pass the above test, try run some software surface test, both windows, and norton, and software from WD or IBM. You have paid for an expensive drive. So, don't be shy, return and exchange a good one to make it worth your money. Good Luck !
  4. CoolLight

    Western Digital 1200BB in Single Mode

    I believe it is a hardware failure, same problem happened to me too. Change a harddrive, everything should be fine then. P.S. I do know how to jump the drive.
  5. CoolLight

    NTFS Problem Help!!!!!!!!!

    "To display the Security tab Open Folder Options in Control Panel. Click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Appearance and Themes, and then click Folder Options. On the View tab, under Advanced settings, clear Use simple file sharing [Recommended]. " From Windows XP Pro help center...