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    Western Digital Caviar WD2500JD

    Thanks, I'll try it!
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    Western Digital Caviar WD2500JD

    HI! This is a great site, lots of useful info here, but isn't it time to update the leaderboard? I'd be really grateful for some answers: 1) Could someone please tell me whether or not a SATA drive (i.e. WD000JD) acutally performs better (i.e. faster) than the normal version (i.e. WD2000JB)? Since it's SATA it should, shouldn't it? My main concern is speed. Noise, temperature isn't that much of a factor for me. 2) If I use a WD2000JD as my primary drive and a WD1200JB (non-sata)as my secondary drive, would the SATA drive then perform slower? (if it's supposed to be faster, that is.) 3) Is there any way to have a non-SATA device (e.g. DVD+RW drive) as slave to my SATA drive? I'm asking these questions because I just bought a WD2000JD. After trying various configurations and not sleeping a night I had to settle on having my WD2000JD as my primary master, my WD1200JB as secondary master, and a DVD+RW as secondary slave. I had to remove my secondary CD-RW/DVD drive. FYI In case you're wondering why I need two HDDs and two DVD drives... well, I don't, but the SATA drive was cheap (i got my WD2000JD at roughly USD128... whereas the 2000JB version was going for USD126. Same story for the DVD... Well, i hope my questions don't sound too stupid!!! Thanks in advance for answering.