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  1. bought it from Fry's for $109, good price imo but... i also bought an Adaptec U160 kit, that rang up $329!!! but i'm just buying this stuff then i'm going to return them. the problem is here. i know theres a problem with scsi and xp, so i ran atto, and i got real slow scores, 20MB/sec max read and write. then i converted it to dynamic, and my read and writes looked normal (35MB/sec writes, 55MB/sec reads). I'm going to reutn the Adaptec kit and buy the LSI Logic kit from for $90. Will switching controller cards affect the read and write (like, if when i'm using the lsi card, and i get slow read/writes, i'll switch to dynaimc, and when i switch to dynamic, WILL it fix it?)? Also, is it normal for the drive to make grinding noises when copying files on the drive?
  2. i have some money to finally seriously consider getting SCSI now. But i have a couple questions: 1. what is the cheapest 18GB 10k SCSI deal (hd + ctrl kit)? *i use that newegg carried 18gb 10k SCSI HDs for about $95, butnow they hiked it up, why? hypermicro still carries the chepeast LSI ctrl kit right?* 2. i have winxp pro, will i DEFINATELY get that write/read bug? or is ita random thing that happens to random people? I am most concerend with seek speeds, i can NOT have a slow HD 3. i download a lot from newsgroopus, therefore i unRAR a lot of files. with my 800jb, unRARing files and viewing a simple webpage seriously hogs down the system,i can only do one at a time, will SCSI let me do both flawlessly? thanks, thats it for now
  3. aw man... if only i wasn't so worried then, i would've asked for help oh well, at least i know now. thanks
  4. last time i had only one partition. i didn't know you could reinstall the same OS over the same OS on the same partition?
  5. i haven't done this switching yet. but the incident that happened a year ago was from a 440BX to a kt133 chipset. compeletley messed up the data, got that BSOD on bootup. but for this situation, i will be going from a sis735 to kt333... i dont' care about my 20gb partition, but the 60gb, thats like my baby.
  6. well in this case, 'm keeping my old HD (not old, but the one i'm using now, 800jb). Right nwo its 3gb shy of full. I have a year's worth of AIM conversation logs, pictures, and email. And the mother of it all is 50gb of SVCD, VCD, and DIVX that i haven't bothered to watch and burn for the last 3 months.
  7. Last year i switched motherboards and i kept my HD, and it totally fux0r3d my HD and i lost everything. Now i'm going to switch motherboards again soon, but this time i have two paritions, one partition is for my OS and installed programs (20gb), and the second partition is for my storage (60gb). Now, when i switch motherboards, will it completely kill all my data liike what happened last time? or can i just boot up, wipe out the 20gb partition, and install winxp onto it, and STILL keep my 60gb storage partitoin intact? I definatley can not lose my 60gb (well, i can but i really don't want to ).
  8. Payment: Money Order ONLY (preferably Postal Service) contact info: AIM me ( alphaivt ), or email me ( (get rid of XXX)). please do not PM me, it gets full pretty quick. thanks Heatware Eval: combo purchases availalbe - ask for quote WANT athlonxp 1600+ or greater for under $55 shipped or whatever you have, suggest me something FOR SALE western digital 300bb 30gb - $50 shipped -30gb -7200rpm -ata 100 -2mb cache (2) 128mb pc133 sdram - $34 shipped ( $17 shipped each OBO) -toshiba pc133 -kingston valueRAM pc133 SMC 10/100 NIC PCI - $12 shipped 200W ATX Power Supply - $20 shipped -unknown brand -stripped from a Gateway system that ran P3 500Mhz, 2 HDs, 2CDrom, and the other essentials SIIG ATA100 RAID PCI card - $25 shipped Promise ATA66 IDE PCI card - $15 shipped Athlon 1Ghz T-bird 200FSB - $40 shipped ----or----- Duron 1Ghz Morgan 200FSB - $35 shipped - if you buy either the athlon or duron, it will include a Coolermaster 5G-11 HSF Combo purchases availalbe - ask for a quote
  9. I use the newsgroups alot, and I plan on unraring the files on the SCSI then moving the completed 700MB file over to the storage, so i would be moving large files around often. Other than read/write hits, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the speed of the SCSI drive correcT?
  10. i'm too lazy to read the whole post, so i'm just gonna ask it now. I'm gettinga new computer soon and I've grown accustomed to WinXP for over a year now and i absolutely do not want to change to another OS. Problem comes in is that i have enough money to get a SCSI HD (Fuji MAN and LSI ctrl). Now, will those two have the read/write problems in WinXP? is it a sure fact that i will have the problmes or a luck (like i might or mihgt not have the probleM)? I don't wanna blow my money on something thats not gonna work hehe
  11. alphaivt

    RAIDING different brand HDs. good? bad?

    why 2k? whats wrong with XP? I had it running for 4 months without any freezes/crashes until i decided to isnatll my friend's GF2 and had to get new detXP drivers which totally messed up my computer and it kept freezing. Now i can't find the exact setup i had before, so my computer is still freezing with my own vidcard
  12. alphaivt

    RAIDING different brand HDs. good? bad?

    also, how would i put my page file onto another drive?
  13. About to get it from a friend, wondering if its a good card or are all RAID cards the same?
  14. alphaivt

    RAIDING different brand HDs. good? bad?

    Oh, good thing i don't have that IBM drive but the risk is still there, i'll take it I have 256MB of PC133 SDRAM, good enough? I'm getting a ECS K7s5a mobo, which only has two DIMM slots and i have two 128mb sticks alreayd so, upgrading isn't much of an option unless i sell those and get two 256mb sticks (which is expensive for me righ tnow)
  15. alphaivt

    RAIDING different brand HDs. good? bad?

    to which drive are you referring to when you said that one has well-known reliablilyt issues? Beacuse, my Maxtor has been going strong for almost 2 years now. As for the WD, I just bought iand its being shipped as we speak. The seller said he's had it for a year and its in good condition.