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  1. May I remind you that GamePC is first of all an online store. Why they also test products I don't know for sure, but I think I know.....
  2. Don't forget that Samsung got new 200 and 250 GB models.
  3. ktgktg

    Question for PSU experts

    Maybe you can find some info at formfactors.org . If you really want to get your Pentium Pro running again I would suggest that you first find out what those different connectors does, then try to find out if you can use a standard ATX PSU and reuse the cables from your old one. Buy a Seasonic, they are the best! If you're still out of luck, try the forums at Silentpcreview.com , they know a lot about PSU's, not just silent ones.
  4. ktgktg

    New Samsung Hard Drives

    I think it's not as strange as it seems. As I said in this SPCR thread: Samsung Spinpoint - JVC vs. Nidec motor noise poll @ SPCR
  5. ktgktg

    New 500Gb Hitachi drives announced

    Forget about it, the SATA Plextor is 170 mm just like the ATA version. The slot load version is 179 mm.
  6. ktgktg

    New 500Gb Hitachi drives announced

    What about the 500 GB Seagate, any news?
  7. ktgktg

    New 500Gb Hitachi drives announced

    My guess is that it's some kind of bridge solution in there, just because the SATA version is 3 cm longer, yeah I might be totally wrong... They also got a third model, the PX-716AL with slot loading!!!
  8. ktgktg

    amd 64 board for my older fibre cards

    I see that the DFI PM/CM mobo uses the 6300ESB as well... ...I guess it wasn't realistic anyway, but isn't this a perfect match with the slots or have I missed something?
  9. ktgktg

    amd 64 board for my older fibre cards

    The only mobo I can come up with... DFI Pentium M/Celeron M mobo. Slots: 1x AGP 4X, 2x PCI, 1x PCI-X I'm a true AMD fan but the PM/CM CPU is really good, and sooo cool (~25 W, compared to <89 for A64 or <115-something for P4). The big problem is price, both for CPU and mobo. AGP 4x is no problem. Although the chipset is so old it makes some crazy benchmarks, with some exceptions. Too bad they didn't launch it when it was new! ...but it's easier just to buy a new controller card I guess...
  10. ktgktg

    3.5" external enclosures

    I can tell you about my only experience. I have used a Q-tec 750...something for a while. It had a plastic case and a thin fan under the HD. The fan sounded too much for me and was a non standard blower type. I ended up unplugging it when I didn't use it. Since the HD just would sit there on the shelf for most of the time I decided to check the temps without the lid. I used a standard IDE cable instead to get the temps and did some testing: Lid on, fan on: 45 degrees Lid on, fan off: 56 degrees Lid off, fan off: 46 degrees The choice for me was easy, I used the latter and it got really low noise when used with a 120 GB Seagate 7200.7. I just put the lid on with some tape the few times I moved it. So, don't just look for a fan when buying, they can be both noisy and inefficient and possibly unnecessary like in my case. Ok, a 11 degrees drop isn't that bad for such a small fan, but a 80 mm fan at 5 V does a better job and makes LESS noise (big difference), so we're not talking about a standard fan. If you have to move the HD a lot then it's another story. Maybe check out metal cases, they should give some good passive coolig if designed properly. Here's a review of an internal enclosure, and it shows that it cools passively quite good (2 degrees rise).
  11. ktgktg

    Western Digital, Seagate or Maxtor?

    Instructions on finding motor maker: This is the back of the drive: http://www.zagraf.com/hd-full.jpg Zoom in: http://www.zagraf.com/hd-zoomin.jpg Here's the sticker: http://www.zagraf.com/hd-sticker.jpg Here's the stamp: http://www.zagraf.com/hd-stamp.jpg From SPCR, read the first post.
  12. ktgktg

    Western Digital, Seagate or Maxtor?

    If you're not sure about reliability, search the database here and SPCR forum, or go for Seagate. How to get a Nidec Samsung? Check SPCR. Some guys knows which stores who can get the motor you're asking for. I think Nidec is only used in PATA, not SATA.
  13. ktgktg

    Western Digital, Seagate or Maxtor?

    I would recommend Seagate 200 GB, the 160 GB is noisier according to some people. I've got a 160 GB, it's quite much noisier than a 120 GB in both idle and seek, both got 2 platter but the 160 GB got one more head. A good thing about Seagate is that you get a 5 year warranty nowadays. The most silent HD you can get with that size is a Samsung Spinpoint 160 GB/8 MB with Nidec motor though. This is what I would buy today if I wanted that size. Three year warranty. Check out the forum at SPCR and use the search function. Those guys knows a lot about noisy HDs. Here's their recommended HD list. Please read "NOTES on some EXCLUDED PRODUCTS" part. Good luck!
  14. ktgktg

    7200.8 on Seagate's website

    No one seem to see the similarities to the Momentus 5400.2. The 80 GB model got 2 platters/3 heads, and the 100 GB got 2/4. Simple mathematics? No, I don't think so. Ok, this is not a perfect comparisation because the difference in platter size is much smaller here, 26.7 and 25. My earlier guess might be totally wrong anyway.