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  1. OK, I found some stuff made by Novus called Heavy Plastic Scratch Remover. Sounds like it fills in deep scratches, but it's not recommended for coated plastics or polycarbonate plastics. Do either of those types apply to flat panel screens? Thanks, Ron
  2. Sorry it took me so long to reply...I had actually forgotten that I posted this here. It is in the screen itself, and it is a "surface scratch," but a fairly deep one. For the most part, it is only visible when the screen is displaying white or light colors, so I'm thinking the CD scratch stuff might help. Any other suggestions would also be appreciated.
  3. Well, I managed to deeply gouge the protective plastic/glass/whatever screen of my new 2005FPW. Does anyone know if it can be replaced, or is it integrated as a unit? I know that on laptops, it is all one piece, but I've never taken a desktop LCD apart before. Thanks
  4. We have a user who got a message yesterday that Outlook had a problem and had to close. When he brought it back up, it asked if he wanted to start in safe mode. He said yes, and now it always starts in safe mode...even if you do a Start -> Run -> outlook.exe Does anyone know of a registry key or anything that puts outlook into "permanent" safe mode? Thanks, Ron
  5. I just purchased the DFI LanParty Ultra-D and two 6600GTs. I have no need for SLI, but I want to run a triple monitor configuration. I have the slots set for 8x each. For some reason, when both cards are plugged in, only the one in the primary slot is recognized...the monitor connected to the secondary card doesn't respond. If I unplug either card, the remaining card works just fine. Does anyone know, do I need an SLI bridge to enable the second card, even though I'm not running SLI? Is there something special that I have to do?
  6. Hello, I was just given two brand new Maxtor DiamondMax 16 250GB Drives (5400RPM.) I'm debating how (or even if) I should use them. Currently I have two 74GB Raptors with the first one containing OS and Apps and the second holding user profiles, data, pagefile, and temp files. I'm considering splitting everything up further by putting OS on one Raptor, Apps on the other, using one Maxtor for user profiles and data, and the other Maxtor for temp and pagefile. I know that is an insane waste of space for the second Maxtor, but I can't think of anything else to use it for...and since it was free, I'm not too concerned. I don't have a significant amount of data (maybe 20GB tops.) Also, I have 2GB of RAM, so the speed of the drive isn't a major concern as far as the drive that the pagefile goes on. Any thoughts? Will putting the OS and Apps on different drives (both Raptors) make a difference, or should I not bother and just leave everything the way it is? If so, I'll just sell the drives instead.
  7. I've been enjoying that site for years...another humorous section of the site is "Things People Said": Ron
  8. keystor

    What's the status on Testbed 4?

    Yep, I just noticed that today...the only reason I even clicked on it was because it was started by Eugene Thanks, Ron
  9. Anyone know? It's been a while since we've seen anything new on the main page. Ron
  10. keystor

    Nvidia 7800 GTX.

    My understanding is that they aren't offering an AGP version: Looks like it's time to finally toss in the towel and upgrade from your 1800+ to an A64. Ron
  11. keystor

    Memory Recomendation

    Do they have compairable sticks without the lights? 208389[/snapback] Yes, they do, I just bought the 2GB (2x1GB) Corsair TWINX2048-3200C2PT kit (no lights) for $259 at NewEgg. I'm also running at 2-3-3-6 1T on a Winchester/nForce 4 setup. Ron
  12. keystor

    Serial ATA 2 vs. WD Raptor

    Making a separate partition for the pagefile on the same disk won't address the issues that Gilbo was talking about above. A separate drive for the pagefile is what would give that benefit. Putting the pagefile on a different partition of the same drive will still cause the back and forth seeking. I've always seen the ideal independent drive configuration (albeit a bit of an overkill) to be: Drive 1 (74GB Raptor) = OS Drive 2 (74GB Raptor) = Apps/Games Drive 3 (74GB Raptor) = Data/Profiles Drive 4 (74GB Raptor) = Temp/Scratch Drive 5 (74GB Raptor) = Pagefile Drive 6 (Large Capacity) = Mass Storage (Music, Videos, etc) I currently have two 74GB Raptors set up as: Drive 1 = OS/Apps/Games (Basically, the "Windows" and "Program Files" folders) Drive 2 = Data/Pagefile/Temp (I have a seperate partition for each profile, and I have each partition mounted directly into the proper folder in "Documents and Settings" so that the setup is essentially seamless and invisible to the users. I then have a 4GB partition with a 2GB pagefile and 2GB free for Temp files...I have TEMP and TMP pointing to that partition.) It is a very fast configuration. From pushing the power button to the welcome screen is 20 seconds. From clicking on a profile to a usable desktop is about another 5 seconds. I haven't actually timed it with a stopwatch, just counted (1 One Thousand, etc.) App start time is extremely speedy as well. If you add a third drive, you could either separate the OS from the Apps/Games, or maybe dedicate the third drive to the pagefile. In any case, those are the "major" categories that I see as being "simultaneously accessible" so to say. That's where I come up with my "ideal" splits up all categories that I could foresee being accessed at the same time. Ron
  13. keystor

    Serial ATA 2 vs. WD Raptor

    That's one of the best explanations of RAID vs independent drives that I've ever read Gilbo...I wonder if you'd mind putting that in the FAQ? I don't remember seeing anything similar regarding that discussion (which seems to come up frequently.) Ron
  14. keystor

    OLED Monitors

    BTW, in regards to this, my understanding after doing quite a bit of reading on it is that OS X is partially resolution independent, but not fully so. I don't know if this has changed in Tiger though. I'm afraid I don't have any links handy either, but I did read some very in depth analysis of Quartz, etc about 6-9 months back, and that was the general conclusion.
  15. keystor

    OLED Monitors

    They won't be here soon. 1. Demand is very limited. 2. Software can't support them, since vector graphics aren't really working in any major OS (except maybe OS X?). I too hope for a 300dpi display, but it'll be useless to me until the next generation of X Servers, Window managers, and toolkits show up supporting Cairo, Glitz and all the other good stuff that's being worked on in the open source world. Longhorn is also supposed to have resolution independent everything. Judging from the 'progress' Microsoft is making, I wouldn't be surprised if that became yet another feature that doesn't make it in. Besides, I have a feeling that Longhorn will be so mired in DRM, and various security hacks that are necessary to make Windows secure that it will be totally useless to anyone remotely resembling a power user. 207960[/snapback] Good points...thanks for the info (and the links) Gilbo. Ron