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  1. OK I had not priced this stuff in a long time and the price I had in mind is way to high. How about $60 total plus actual shipping. The drives and hot swap bays weigh 21 pounds bare and not boxed. I will ship it however you want and you pay actual shipping only plus 60 bucks. Let me know
  2. These are some of the best backplanes I have used. They were rated at u160 but I have used nothing but u320 drives in these and have had zero problems even with every bay full with u320 drives running raid 0 arrays. I was using them a couple years ago to evaluate Per4 raid controllers on a dual cpu motherboard in a huge Intel server chassis. The huge Intel chassis is available but it weighes so much shipping would be HUGE and I have nothing to box it in or yu could have that monster free with teh backplanes honestly. I sold the motherboard and raid controllers long ago and these backplanes have just been sitting inside in the Intel chassis now for 18 months. I have no scsi card (just a laptop) at the moment so I have no way to test the drives again but they had working raid arrays installed on them when powered down and I would bet the drives are all fine. The back planes each hold 5 drives. So this sale is two hot swap 5 drive back planes loaded with Four maxtor 15k 18gb u320 Two IBM 36g Ultrastar u320 drives one atlas 10k IV u320 36gb drives Two back planes and 7 drives. I am selling the whole mess for the price of the backplanes basicaly. With 7 drives these are pretty heavy. I will inquire today on the size of USPS priority mail set price boxes and I will ship for actual shipping costs. No markup guaranteed on shipping costs. I want $150 for everything. Add on actual shipping using USPS priority mail. Contact me at tex.withers@verizon.net as I don't log on here often anymore. I used to post and sell on this forum often and specialized in high end raid controllers and scsi drives. I am sure my old posts are out on the forums still. I could not figure out how to upload images like I used to but if you email me I can give model numbers for all the drives as well as pics of the drives and backplanes. Thanks for looking Tex
  3. Iy depends pm what version of the perc4e bios you currently have. Some of the early versions would kill them when you flashed. Just mod the .ini file to include the dell enties so that the LSi XP drivers work, Flashing to the LSI bios does not change the vendors ID so it still thinks you have a perc not a lsi controller. If you do not understand PM me as I have a modded .ini file that works for hitting f6 with a driver floppy disk on a XP unstall. If your not booting from it then just force XP to use the LSI driver. Tex
  4. How did you configure the cache? What are you using to benchmark it with windows? Are all the drives in the array or are some spares etc?
  5. This is one of the two fastest pci-x u320 raid controllers made today. This is the srcu42x which is the Intel OEM of the LSI 320-2x. It has been flashed to the latest LSI firmware. Includes the battery backup (almost $100 by itself on pricewatch) and the cache is upgraded from 128mb to 512mb of pc3200 DDR. scsi4me wants $600 for it without the BBU and the upgraded cache http://www.scsi4me.com/?menu=menu_scsi&pid...lay=SRCU42X.htm I want $475 for this one with the BBU and half a GB of cache. You pay shipping through the carrier of your choice. Less then 3 months old. Tex
  6. I have experianced the same thing. Thats why I linked the tool I did. In fact I used the tool I gave you on Tuesday of this week to fix the same problem. It was the answer you wanted not low level formating the drives. My fix takes 5 minutes. Sorry you didnt like the simple fix. You tried "so many things I don't know how much that tool would help". You have not tried the right tool. Tex
  7. Try this.. http://www.cgsecurity.org/index.html?testdisk.html Tex
  8. Tex

    SCSI U160 controller

    No LSI/AMI 1600 has four internal connectors. Two internal and four external vhdci. I have owned almost a dozen of the four channel (enterprise 1600's) and maybe fifty of the two channels (Elite 1600's) over the last four years. I know them very well. Isnt the HP 4m actaully a HP OEM of the AMI enterprise 1600? I know the 2 channel is just the HP OEM of the Elite 1600 AMI series. I assume the 4m is just HP's OEM of the Enterprise 1600. With those drives you do NOT need a 4ch controller. I hate the adaptecs for performance. Grab an Elite 1600 WITH BATTERY and 128mb cache on ebay for $100 to $125 bucks. Yes you can combine the Elite 1600 series with a regular scsi controller also no problems. I was never real impressed with these controllers raid-5 performance. If you want redundant go raid-1. Actually with the 128mb cache just setting them up as single drives and seperating the I-O across the drives with OS on one, program, on anopther, swapspace/tempfiles on another etc.. will feel very fast. Get a big ide drive to back to. Tex
  9. Yes the 320-2e is the same as The Intel OEM (srcu42e) and Dells OEM (perc4e) Tex
  10. Tex

    strange SCSI behavior

    I have had way to many probs with scsi rounded cables to even begin to rant about. get a couple GOOD adaptec or amphenol u320 cables/terminators. You can get them all the time on eBay for $10. Its worth it to have a pair laying around just as extras to troubleshoot with I promise. I am sure there may be other great brand names but stick to adaptec or amphenol and you know the quality will be there. Tex Tex
  11. be careful with Dell SCSI cards. My lab bought a 400SC with 36GB 10K SCSI a while back and a Dell-branded LSI SCSI with RAID 0,1 support. Since there was only 1 drive in that machine I tried swapping it out with a LSI U160 card and using the LSI card in my home server. That card would NOT boot and only worked in the Dell machine. However, I couldn't find the exact card on LSI's website so I never had a chance to reflash it or anything. But yeah, for that price it's worth a shot. 207969[/snapback] That was Dells version of the LSI 21320. You needed to flash it with LSI's bios and it had to be done in a Dell. I have heard this from reliable sources several times. And I have used two in my systems here with no problems. Weird huh? So not sure if it was a certain revision or firmware or what. But even though I didnt have a problem it seems you are correct as several very good tech's I know had the same problem. Tex
  12. Can you be more specific on your budget
  13. BTW... That card takes up to 512mb of pc2700 ecc ddr. Its not very expensive at all. Tex
  14. I got bad news for ya. I have a pair of those cards and they currently are only compatible with a few server boards it seems. And even then a ton of the bios's don't work on those server boards. I have a pair of xeons coming for a supermicro motherboard that they are supposed to work in. There are a number of Intel dual xeon boards they work in with SOME bios's. Even using the srcu42e (the Intel OEM of the 320-2e) they don't always work with Intels own server boards. I have tried mine in a number of single cpu AMD64 NF4 based boards with dual 16x pci-e slots and they won't even boot. Most these single cpu NF4 boards seem to be expecting only video cards in these slots at this time is my guess. Things will get better as more non-video pci-e cards become available. But right now the 320-2e is blazingly fast... when you can get the suckers to work at all. Tex
  15. Your very sure its not a PSU related issue where the drives are perhaps not getting spun up in time? Tex