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  1. air-wolf

    Adaptec 39160 Not Booting to Device "B"?

    Hi and Thanks for the reply! I have disabled almost all the features that I do not want. I still notice however that the motherboard still gives resources to the IDE controller which is disabled in the Bios?? Is there a certain section of memory that the SCSI controller needs to Boot to Channel B first? Is there a way in Windows for me to see if these resources are being tied up that the SCSI controller needs? Thanks!
  2. air-wolf

    Adaptec 39160 Not Booting to Device "B"?

    Hi there! Thanks for the reply. Yes I have disabled the SATA Controller on the Motherboard. Actually I have disabled all IDE, SATA and features on the motherboard that I do not want to use. The 39160 SCSI Card still only wants to boot to Channel A First??
  3. Hi All!; I upgraded my Motherboard to a Soyo P4I875P Platinum 2 (Pentium 4 - 2.6ghz) and I am now unable to Boot to channel "B" on my Adaptec 39160 SCSI Controller. I have my LVD Drive on Channel "B" which is also ID "0" and also my boot drive. The SCSI Controller only will boot to Channel A first. I have gone into the scsi select utility and everything appears to be set up correctly and channel "b" is listed as my boot drive. I do however remember a setting for selecting the boot id #'s before and I can no longer see this setting? I am also running the latest 3.10.0 Firmware from Adaptec and have reloaded this firmware to make sure there was no BIOS Problem. I have the Soyo computer bios set to boot to the SCSI drive first and the computer does go to the scsi controller and reads my drives but it will not select channel b first?? Would this happen to be something with the motherboard Bios not letting the scsi controller totally free itself? If I leave the devices off channel "a"; and my LVD drive on channel b I am able to boot into Windows but with a much slower performance (picks it up as 40MBs). I have tried different PCI Slots and have tried forcing different IRQ's and they all give me the same problem of not wanting to boot to channel b first. My previous motherboard (Asus P2B had no problems and booted to channel b with no problems. I have also tried the Scsi controller in another computer and it boots correctly; first to channel B and then Channel A?? The only hardware that I have changed is the motherboard and cpu...everything else is the same. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening? Please advise as this is driving me crazy! Thank you for your help. Dwayne Ash