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    IBM Drive in pio mode

    Hi there, if anyone is wondering what this post is doing here i can´t answer you, I wasn´t allowed to post it under Computing, it said: "Sorry, you do not have permission to start a topic in this forum" Anyway, here to my problem... I have an IBM 60GXP 60GB drive that refuses to work in dma mode. I´ve tried everything! Virus scans with latest virus definitions, re-installing windows, BIOS flashing, Un-installing and re-installing the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controller, bought new IDE cables, switched places with harddrives..everything...now I only have 1 last theory left.. A while ago i broke 1 of the drive pins when removing an IDE cable from the drive, the pin broke in half, but seemed to work without any problems anyway. Maybe the drive has been working in pio mode ever since, I´m not really sure since i haven´t used the drive that much. but now the drive is extremely slow, I did some benchmarking and get results like 3 MB/s average read speed. I´m also pretty sure that the drive isn´t going to fail some time soon. I cant hear any strange noises from the drive and everything seems fine apart from the drive speeds. I´m aware of that Windows (XP in my case) steps down to pio mode after 6 failed attempts to put the drive into dma mode, and according to my system logs, thats exactly whats happening. Error screenshots can be viewed here: http://home.hj.se/~de02elga/hemsida/temp/ERROR1.BMP http://home.hj.se/~de02elga/hemsida/temp/ERROR2.BMP The pin that I broke when removing the IDE cable is number 21 according to this page: http://www.hgst.com/hdd/support/d60gxp/d60gxpeis.htm Would anyone have any idea whats causing the drive to work in pio mode? Thankful for any help /magic