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    Groupware Software

    opps - its ASP based sorry.
  2. bob_a_builder

    Groupware Software

    How about this one
  3. bob_a_builder

    Zero Warranty On Hitachi Oem Drives ?

    as usual the warranty is with who YOU bought it from, ususally with oem drives this is the supplier/manufacturer of the pc, so no direct manufacters warranty. they give that to their distributor who would pass some or all of it on to dabs. so in this case it would be with dabs who as usual would like to pass it off to a third party - any third party rather than deal with it themselves as they should
  4. bob_a_builder

    Law Suit On Size Of Harddrives !

    err - greed ! "The plaintiffs want damages, an injunction, "disgorgement of ill gotten profits" and – the telling phrase here, attorneys' fees. Generally speaking, when big class actions are successful, the lawyers end up taking the biggest slice of the pie, with the plaintiffs and those who join the action getting peanuts"