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  1. JamesW

    HD TV Recorders

    Go to www.avsforum.com, check in the Home Theatre Computers forum. The MyHD card seems to be the current favourite.
  2. JamesW

    good hdd to raid with IBM 60GXP

    Personally I'd think very carefully first about whether you need RAID0. Then sell your existing disk and buy a JB series to replace it. Unless, of course, you're going to do video editing, in which case you probably need larger disks anyway.
  3. JamesW

    Is this RAID controller ok?

    I was more thinking of what application you were intending to use with it.
  4. JamesW

    Simple question for UNIX admins

    No ideas. The console is the command line you get before you boot into a GUI. More specifically, you see it when you're sitting at the keyboard, ie. console, of the server. When you telnet into the system or when you load a GUI and open a command line, those are both terminals.
  5. JamesW

    Is this RAID controller ok?

    They're okay. Depends what you want to use it for.
  6. JamesW

    Buy a Lindows box at Walmart!

    Of course you can, it's easy. Just fill /.
  7. Cas, It's essentially a very simple idea but allows an incremental increase in capabilities for IT systems - many of the very best products are of this type, congratulations. I'm afraid I don't have enough experience in its intended market to help you refine it - I'm much more in the big iron MNC application serving environment than end-user IT. That said, I can think of plenty of applications for your product on my home network. I'll look forward to seeing its evolution and release. I think it would be well worth looking into 802.11a compatibility, especially given the upcoming push from Microsoft for their Tablet PC.
  8. JamesW

    What on Earth is a Portal Server?

    Usually a content aggregation point. Tibco has some excellent products in this area. Sun seems to be moving towards integrating user management into the portal; they've been trying to do this in one form or another for years, as indeed has Novell since it started reinventing itself in the post-Netware world.
  9. JamesW

    Problems in W2k with Adaptec 2940U2W!

    Is the card seated properly? Are you sure? Is your cabling and termination good?
  10. JamesW

    Point to RAID for games?

    RAID5's random read performance is worse than RAID0's. What you want is RAID 1+0 - performance plus redundancy.
  11. Better price/performance is a bit debatable - you're paying more, and getting (slightly) better performance - it's questionable if you could tell the difference outside benchmarking programs. The graphics card is going to be much more of a performance determinant. (See Ace's for an article on this.) Cooler possibly, but the peak heat output from a P4 in that situation wouldn't be all that much different from the output of the Athlon XP. I take issue with "more stable" though. If you know what you're doing, there is no reason an AMD solution shouldn't be as stable as an Intel one. The "Intel is more stable" story is FUD and has been for quite some time.
  12. I have no personal experience of Antec supplies, they don't seem to sell them here. But anecdotally a lot of people say good things about them. I'm very happy with my Enermax. *shrug* I think you're thinking about watts, not amps. A dual Athlon setup works fine on the Sparkle/Powerman-based AOpen 300W supply - been there, done that.
  13. I agree with Coug, no need to go overboard on the PSU. I used a standard AOpen 300W PS on my dual Athlon MP system with no problems at all. I only changed power supplies (to an Enermax Whisper 350W) because I thought it might be a bit quieter (it wasn't). The retail HS fan combo for the XP I know nothing about I'm afraid; I've never even seen one!
  14. The other question is, what are you going to use as a UI? The WAF (err, Wife Acceptance Factor) of pointing and double clicking on programs with a wireless trackball or whatever tends to be low. You might want to consider building a front end with something like Talisman, or, if you're desperate, putting an HTML page on what we in the IT industry like to call the Active Deathtrap.
  15. JamesW

    wd1200jb or maxtor 740: webserving

    Or cached, even.