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    Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB

    Well it's all nice and swell, the numbers are good on this particular drive. Having worked installing and fixing drives for a long time I can tell you specs are only ONE of the factors required in order to make a good choice. From here on my suggestions are purely personnal; since there's a lot of specialists around here mine are probably as good as the next (...) you decide. Ease of installation. Western Digitals (at least the older models) are very fussy and sometimes refuse to join another drive on a same IDE cable (since it's been a while since I've installed one your milleage will vary). Lifetime/post-mortem While all drives have to die, some die prematurely. I've seen a lot of WD come back completely shot and a bunch of Maxtors also. This being said, I found that with Maxtors (and specially Quantums) I usually get a brief period where I can save the data and run. With WDs it's usually too late by the time you realise it - no matter how much CPR you do, it seems as though the drive can't even see the platters. While it's unrealistic/unpractical to expect "Storage Review" to analyse this, it's something to think about nevertheless. Sensitivity to heat Many drives died cooked; it's important to note that (in my opinion) WDs were (I don't know about current models) rather sensitive to excessive heat. Other drives (such as Quantums and Maxtors) seem to fare much better since they themselves are hotter than WD's. Although let's not kid ourselves, heat is bad for a PC. But if you overclock everything in sight it's something to keep in mind. Review sites get the cream of the crop I remember buying motherbords based on THG's suggestion. Well I did not get anywhere near the performance quoted and the installation was definetely not as bugless as announced in the review. I therefore assume the shipping parts and the evaluation parts are not the same. This makes perfect sense. Why send a bottom of the barrel hard drive to a review site while everybody else is sending in their best parts? Now please don't get me wrong, I'm not slamming Storage Review - they are doing a great job - but it's clear that SR presents a best case scenario. How often does SR talk about a Hard Drive that's dead on arrival? Software support Maxtor's software support is pretty good. WD's is allright. Others ... I'd have to check. But software support is important. Specially when installing on old machines. Conclusion Sadly the best way to evaluate a hard drive is still by buying it. Find out what you need, ask around to see who's tried it and liked it. See how much returns a shop gets for any particular model. Specs should break a tie, they should not be the reason why you buy. At least that's how I see it. As far as this Western Digital hard drive is concerned, it's waaaay out of my price range. And I admit I had quite a few bad experiences with this company so I'm still staying away.