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  1. Fantastic! While I never ran any benchmarking programs so I don't have any actual numbers, the difference is insaley noticeable. I have a Cheetak 15k.2 and an IDE RAID-0. In the past I noticed that copying large files from the raid to the scsi took much much longer than copying the same file from scsi to raid. Now it's about the same speed (or maybe even faster?). So I guess this filter fixed slow scsi write speeds. FYI, I'm running dual p3 tualatin on a via 266t chipset.
  2. ToTaLFLy

    On-board RAID question

    Oh. So the raid configuration is saved on the drives and not in the raid controller's bios?
  3. I'm using my motherboard's highpoint to do RAID-0. However, my motherboard died on me and I need to replace it. I will be replacing it with the same exact model. What do I have to do so I don't lose the data on my RAID-0? Thanks
  4. ToTaLFLy

    Coolest Processor

    My tualatins run pretty cool. I have DragonOrbs on them, but with the fans turned off, cuz I don't need that noise. They run cooler than my old coppermines did with the fans on.
  5. No, the other 2 pins also work. I always thought that 2 pins do one channel and the other 2 pins do the other channel. I had LED's hooked up to each pair, and they both lit up with drive access. However, my drives were in RAID, so of course both LED's would light up at the same time.