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  1. Yep, that is about what I'm seeing... Sounds like the highpoint card isn't all that great, but what do you want for $89? So what RAID card would you suggest? And can I swap RAID cards without rebuilding the array?
  2. jehh

    It's alive, ALIVE!

    Are they as much fun as I'm expecting? Honestly, I'm really excited about becoming a father, I'm nervous too of course, but I figure I just have to take it one day at a time. Will do! The current due date is October 25th. Yea, that's the problem as of late, that is enough power to do almost anything you'd really want to do with a computer. I figured by now I would upgrade for sure to an Athlon 64, but honestly I just don't see the point. *shrug*
  3. jehh

    It's alive, ALIVE!

    Hey there, been a long time. A lot has changed in my life in the past few years... Got engaged to an Australian, our first child is on the way, due in October, and we're about to move into our first house. That sort of thing. I've been flying corportate jets and turboprops the past 9 months, but I'm trying to move back into helicopters. I also have done quite a bit of flight instruction in the past year and a half. I have not however been doing much helo flying, much to my disapointment... That being said, the airplane flying has been putting food on the table which is always a good thing. The reason I finally went the RAID route is that I lost a hard drive about a year ago, a WD1200BB, and it had a bunch of data on it that wasn't backed up. (yea, I know, my bad) I didn't really want to spend the money on it, but I also don't want to lose my archive of audio and video files, so I splurged on it. You know your life has changed when $1,200 of computer stuff has become a serious splurge. This'll probably be my major computer purchase this year, with my decision to keep my system for yet another year. I still have my old KT333 motherboard with a Athlong XP 2600+ in it, the motherboard being more than two years old if memory serves. Sheesh, I remember when I replaced it every six months... I guess that happens when you're not in the computer business anymore, you find that what you've got is good enough... Jason
  4. Really? I wonder if I've done something wrong then... It is taking downright forever to copy files, and it is consuming a ton of CPU power to do it. Right now it is about 6 hours into a copy of 40GB of files... When I setup the RAID array, I chose the no build option, my understanding is that was the fastest way to do it. If I chose the zero build or the scrub build, those take many hours to do. Should I have let the array do one of the long builds?
  5. You know, I've run those numbers too, and I came up with an absurdly high number... I looked at the growth rate of hard drives over the past 20 years, then drew it out another 20 years... 25 years ago, $200 wouldn't buy a hard drive, but we did have 10MB hard drives (abit for a lot of money)... They cost $2,000 (for the sake of discussion) So that works out to $200 per MB. Today we have 400GB hard drives (for amazingly little money)... So $200 for 400GB works out to $0.0005 per MB. That is actually a jump of 16 BILLION times the space per dollar. So what happens if you run that out 25 years from now? You get a silly number, that I have a hard time thinking of... 6,400,000,000 TB of storage space for $200 You have kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, then terabyte. What's next? Google to the rescue - the next four are petabyte, exabyte, zettabyte, and yottabyte. Now you know. So that works out to 6.4 zettabytes! Or enough to store almost a TRILLION dual layer DVDs! (the actual number is 752,941,176,470) Now I don't know if we'll have that much storage in 25 years or not, but damm that's a lot of space!
  6. Sheesh, never thought I'd see the day... I remember just 5 years ago when I built my first video server, it had 5 hard drives in it and I thought it was a beast of a machine. A grand total of 53 gigabytes of drive space. I had a pair of Maxtor 11.5GB drives, a 10.2GB & 13.6GB Maxtor drive, and a 6.4GB Western Digital drive. Thought I was in cat heaven... Ha!!! Just got my RocketRAID 1640 card and four Hitachi 400GB drives up and running tonight in a RAID 5 array. Windows Explorer reports 1.09TB free space. It makes me wonder if they have anything programmed in to handle whatever comes after a terabyte, quadrabyte perhaps? This puts my total current drive space at 2.1TB, not counting the 400GB used for parity in the RAID 5 array. I remember my first hard drive, it was a 30MB drive used with my Apple IIgs. My first PC hard drive was a Western Digital 85MB drive in my 1991 Gateway 2000 386-25. I also remember my first 2.1GB drive, not quite 10 years ago... Does this mean we'll have 2,100TB of storage 10 years from now? If so, what in the heck would we do with it? (yea, I know, we'll figure something out) Ok, on to something useful... I haven't done any benchmarks, but read speeds appear to be pretty good. Write speeds are much slower than to a single drive, but that was to be somewhat expected. This drive is for video storage, and most files will be written onto it once. I have not yet tried to defrag the drive, I'm sure that'll be slow.
  7. Ok, now just trying to decide between the two 400GB drives on the market. Do I go with 4 Seagate 7200.8 400GB drives, or with 4 of the Hitachi 7K400 400GB drives? It is $136 more total to get the Seagate drives over the Hitachi drives, but I like the idea of NCQ support as well as the idea of 3 platters rather than 5 per drive. What RAID cards support NCQ? From what I can tell, neither Highpoint nor 3Ware list NCQ, which makes me think neither support it. Any thoughts?
  8. Ok, someone help me out here... I'm looking at the 3Ware 8000 series RAID cards, and they all appear to be 64-bit cards. How does one use such a card in a KT333 motherboard with only 32-bit PCI slots? Jason
  9. jehh

    How the heck can you backup 2TB?

    The problem with that idea is that by the time hundred GB+ optical media comes onto the market, it'll be 20TB arrays to be backed up, rather than 2TB. Jason
  10. BTW, I almost forgot, but whatever card I end up with, I'd like the ability to add more drives to the array without having to rebuild it. Depending on the overall cost, it might be cheaper to just do a 0+1 RAID array and eat the loss of the 250GB. But if I did that, I'd be close to needing 6 drives rather than 4. (and if I'm paying for 6 drives, I'd have 1.25TB rather than 750GB) But maybe that would be cheaper and easier than a RAID 5 array, I haven't decided yet since I don't know what this will cost. Jason
  11. Hi all, long time since I've been here... I'm looking at putting a 4 drive IDE RAID 5 array into my computer using 4 250GB drives. I lost a 120GB drive last year and I would like to avoid a repeat event. What controller can I use in a standard 32-bit PCI slot? (I've got a KT333 Athlon 2600+ motherboard/CPU) I've already got one 250GB SATA drive and would add 3 more of them, does it matter if they are the same brand? I see that 3Ware has an enclousure that allows 4 IDE drives to fit into 3 5.25" drive bays. Anyone use this thing? Any problems or anything to keep an eye out for? Thanks for the help, Jason
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    Celine Dion?
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    What Happened To JEHH

    Thanks for the welcome back, Jack... I actually haven't watched a single episode of the second season of Enterprise... TV isn't as good overseas. *shrug* Did I miss anything worth watching? Are they showing reruns anywhere yet? Jason
  14. jehh

    What Happened To JEHH

    Thanks. Yea, my own guess would be this weekend maybe. Hard to say with the Turks now saying they may let the 4th division into Turkey now. Watching Bush tonight will be interesting... I pray that our men and women in uniform all come home safetly! Jason
  15. jehh

    What Happened To JEHH

    Hi all, thanks for the warm welcome! 8) I'm now really glad I left, look at what is going on right now... UN pulling out and Bush is going to give a 72 hour ultimatim on TV tonight. I just got two e-mails this morning from friends who are still over there, flying out to the rigs. The oil companies are pulling all their people off the oil rigs out at sea, going to their max security level. They are shipping home all non essential personal. Very scary indeed, I hope everyone is ok... I will be praying for my friends, for our troops, and for America. Jason