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    Happy new year to all at

    Happy new year to all at
  2. stone cold steve austin

    Enough is Enough

    finally something is gonna be done about this! Nice job everyone! SCSA
  3. stone cold steve austin

    Merry X-mas to all

    Hope everyone has a wonderful and joyous holiday season! SCSA
  4. stone cold steve austin

    NTFS persissions

  5. stone cold steve austin

    NTFS persissions

    say for example IF you have to folders on the same partition in Windows (NTFS) folder A & folder B if folder A has files X & Y then they are going to have permissions from the parent folder if folder B has files W & Z then they are going to have permissions from the parent folder as well now here is my question: if i copy X (from folder A) into folder B, then all of the permissions from folder B will propagate to X no problem however, if i CUT "X" from folder A into folder B, then the permissions from folder A stay with X, but the permissions from B do NOT propagate to X. Now if i go to the security tab and replace permissions everything will work as it should Is there a way i can a scheduled task that replaces the permissions on a folder that i choose every 30 minutes or so. WHY, cuz i move lots of data to an FTP folder. The data comes from a restricted folder, then the data goes into an unrestricted one. Users kep telling me that when they try to access the data, they are denied. WHY? cuz the resticted permissions are still with the files after cutting. I keep having to replace the permissions daily That is annoying Can someone help me please THX
  6. stone cold steve austin

    Using RAID1 to improve desktop performance

    i personally feel that off motherboard solutions work better. All of the built-in motherboard raid solutions today simply suck!!!... I prefer pci-based solutions (i.e. pci-x, pci, pci-e) etc. Motherboard companies allow others to give them chipsets that attach to their boards (without real testing or compliance). Intel makes great solutions for RAID but not for motherboards. I have built many machines with raid and i still like buying add-on cards. Look, most server solutions today are pci-based cards that attach either scsi, serial-ATA, PATA, or even the new form of scsi. So why do they do it and not have on-board. hmmmmmmmm......... interesting SCSA
  7. stone cold steve austin

    How good is Windows Backup in Vista?

    This may seem weird, but if you want something that has some real level of managability, then the built in windows backups are not the real way to go. They are great for small personal backups, but not for more than 1 pc type of deal. They real way to go is with Acronis. Acronis trueimage server can do it all! Have a central backup server, or control multiple backups on ALL client machines at once, allow backing up to NAS storage or FTP sites, a real winner if i may say so. Native backups are OK, third party is better. Yes it is NOT free, but you will not have to pull your hair out as much when you may have to restore your data. LATES SCSA
  8. stone cold steve austin

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year! SCSA LAtes
  9. stone cold steve austin

    Opinions: Replacing 36GB Raptors

    byte the bullet and buy some older 74 gig raptors???... SCSA
  10. stone cold steve austin

    Best Data Backup Method?

    I like acronis true image and an external hdd solution! A fast USB 2.0 or firewire 800 are great for speedy transfers. I would run this on a regular basis (every couple of days). However, do not keep the external drive running all the time, as this causes premature wear and tear on the hdd itself. If not, go with RAID 1, yes every says it is not a true backup persay, but it does protect against data loss due to ONE hdd failing. Raid 1 is cheaper than external backup(s). You can also use NTBACKUP, it is free!!!... SCSA P.S. what ever method you use, make sure that you VERIFY the backup to make sure. A false sense of security is not good!!!...
  11. stone cold steve austin

    Synching audio across two computers

    No one knows???... thx
  12. stone cold steve austin

    Synching audio across two computers

    Hello there, Merry X-mas Is it possible to have the same song played on two computers at the same time with no lag! I want to have the ability to have the same song playing no matter what computer i am on - on my my home network? lates SCSA
  13. stone cold steve austin

    Question about RAID 5

    i personally would just byte (<-- LOL) the bullet and get the raid 10! Why, cuz you aint gonna be happy with anything else. The thing is, how to backup 1 TB???... SCSA
  14. stone cold steve austin

    Raid 0: Which games would take advantage?

    raid 1 quicker than raid 0???.... hmmmmmm........................
  15. stone cold steve austin

    Advice - Gaming Rig - RAID?

    here is the most technical answer yet, since i am the most technical human alive" <-- that is a joke, hee hee seriously, it appears that everyone keeps giving different opinions, let people do what they want and just leave it alone!!!... Now, now children take a time out in the corner!!!... SCSA