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  1. I've just noticed that according to, the Operating Temperature for the 200gig drive is 5 to 55 °C in contrast to the 0 to 60 °C spec of all other models. Now why is that? Seagate Spec Page
  2. Btw I watch my movies with a 440bx + celly 566 + 256m sdram + tnt2. No recording though.
  3. I think I'd give both the boards to some kids in the neighborhood and buy a cheap last generation board plus duron 1.8 or something. Shouldn't be any more expensive than another capture card.
  4. Oh boy, this sucks then. So we're back to the old "get out of my network, you're slowing me down"-game...
  5. That's what I had in mind...
  6. Wait a minute... 2 servers with jumbo frames on a 1000 switch and clients on a 100 switch with the 100 being on the 1000s uplink port... that doesn't work??
  7. Wow. I wonder if my 200 GB 7200.7 bought 06-16-2004 at a local retailer will get the upgrade. It's warranty expiration date is currently shown as 06-MAY-2007, so I guess the drive left Seagate before June.
  8. Someone in the german thread mentioned, the voice is still there. It's much softer, but lasts a bit longer. There is also said that drives made after APR04 already have the new fw.
  9. CopyMaster

    Extendable Raid

    If you just want storage without more drive letters, and use W2k or XP, you can mount partitions as directories. No need for special controllers.
  10. CopyMaster

    Wd Caviar Jb Numbers

    As far as I know, there is no way to tell. With WD, if you want highest density, you'll have to buy the highest capacity drive available. I dont't think this has changed recently. Anyone tried weighing yet?
  11. CopyMaster

    High-capacity, Non-raid Storage

    If noise is not your main concern, go with the Hitachi 7K250 with 8MB Cache, as the only drawback seems to be that meow sound it's doing from time to time. For the PATA/SATA thing, I'd say get the cheaper one.
  12. CopyMaster

    Raid Cards That Support Adding Hdd's

    My old Mylex U2W controller also has that. Doesn't seem to be some very new feature...
  13. CopyMaster

    Fibre Channel And Scsi

    And don't forget this old Cheetah is not only slower but also A LOT louder than anything you can buy today. I have one of these (ST39102LW) in a system I only turn on about once in a week and it is ridiculously loud. You really wouldn't want to use this drive, I can assure you...