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  1. As shown in the link: Maxtor Fireball™, DiamondMax® and DiamondMax Plus ATA drives will carry a Standard Warranty Period of 1 year. Maxtor MaXLine™ ATA premium drives will carry a Standard Warranty Period of 3 years. Maxtor Atlas™ SCSI drives will carry with a Standard Warranty Period of 5 years.
  2. Depends on the model. Check below.
  3. BWM

    Maxtor "Ultra Series"

    I came to that conclusion based on spindle speed, ATA-133 interface, 8 meg cache, 1 year warranty, and available capacities, all of which match the DM+9.
  4. BWM

    Maxtor "Ultra Series"

    It is the DM+9 series.
  5. Maxtor says seek time (not access time) is <9ms. Add 4.1 ms latency to get access time (13.9 ms).
  6. BWM

    WD400BB versions

    Like I said, that was straight from WD, April 2002. It pertains to WD400BB models only. It would be great if WD's part numbering system and website were kept up to date but they just don't seem to be interested in that.
  7. BWM

    WD400BB versions

    The following is straight from WD: Thank you for contacting Western Digital. You can tell if the drive has 40 GB per platter by looking at the tenth character in the model number. Example: WD400BB-XXDEA0 The "WD400BB" part indicates the drive is a 40 GB 7200 RPM ATA-100 drive. The "XX" can be any combination of two numbers and is not important. The "D" indicates the drive is a 40 GB per platter. If I can be of further assistance, please let me know. Regards, Steve W. Customer Service and Support Western Digital
  8. BWM

    need program for writing zeros

    Maxtor's Powermax diagnostics can zero all maxtor and Quantum drives larger than 500 megs.
  9. There are several differences including total capacity, areal density, interfaces, 24/7 ratings, and warranty. Here are the data sheets so you can examine them yourself. Diamondmax Plus 9 datasheet: Maxline Plus and Plus II datasheet:
  10. Diamondmax Plus 9 has 1 year warranty. Maxline models have 3, SCSI has 5.
  11. Here's the direct download link:
  12. Maxtor's detailed specs:
  13. My cable provider is Cox HSI in the USA and problems with Linksys cable models continue. Mostly the modem just quits communicating with the LAN side even though the lights are acting normally. A modem reboot clears it but it is aggravating and inconvenient. Cox is supposedly working with Linksys on a firmware update, which may be complete, but I jumped ship to Toshiba rather than wait it out.
  14. BWM

    Here is a review of the 180GXP

    I trust SR's reviews more than those from any other site I am aware of so I have no problem waiting for it. Just my opinion.