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  1. Specing out a new server for a client who has requested 2.5" NVME drives from Intel. I'm struggling to understand how fault tolerance is achieved without a traditional RAID controller. I get the impression that I'm missing fundamental to this technology. Can anyone shed some light?
  2. I have a situation I have not come across before. A new client of mine has a production Win2k3 server with its boot/system volume on a 4 disk Raid0 (PERC5). I am told this was due to an ordering mistake that went unnoticed by my predecessor until the after the server went live. I want to move this array to a RAID10 array that is also running on the PERC5 controller. My questions is this, Is it possible to copy, duplicate, ghost, mirror, etc... the bootable system volume from the RAID0 to the RAID10? What methods are available? If not, is there a way to give my system volume some fault tolerance? I am not married to using the second set of disks in a RAID10, its just my first choice.
  3. Simple

    NAS kits

    I am looking for a NAS kit (gig-e preferred), has anyone come across a "barebones" NAS kit that is just waiting to have drives dropped into them? I tried looking through past posts and didn't find much. Thanks for any assistance in advance, long time reader first time poster -simple