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  1. Would that 1PB be binary or base 10? . I feel like consumers would be getting screwed if you said 1PB and the formatted capacity was only 888TB
  2. I would say yes you are being a bit over paranoid. The red drive is designed for up to 70c operation use. The red drive is actually run cooler then all my other WD drives winch hover around 40c under load or 45c in the case of the 4TB back I have. That being said, if I saw a drive running at >45c consistently, then I would be concerned as well.
  3. After a 5 day burn. I am getting around to the the quickie benchmarks. The temp for the drive when idle 33c and the highest temp under load was 38c
  4. I just purchased the 6TB red and I am doing my standard burn-in test. Right now I have to say that I am somewhat impressed. The temp is cooler then the green drive I am using even under full write load. The write speed starts off strong at ~155MB/sec but falls off to ~75/MB/sec at the very end. Right now the drive is about 3/4 the way though on its second pass an the write speed is steady at 115MB/sec Soon as I am done with my burn in test I will post up my results.
  5. That's weird, I thought WD bought HGST. So what are the chances of WD sharing the 1.2TB per platter tech with HGST and their sealed drives?
  6. Something I noticed on the WD website was the "what it holds" seems to be updated notice the 8TB, I dont think this means a 8TB Green/Red drive any time soon, but I would not be surprised if we start seeing 8TB Helium Filled Drives soon
  7. I see other sites have already done reviews, I wonder if the drives they got also experienced the same issue and maybe their reviews should have been invalidated? So far the performance has been meh. If anyone is looking at sustained 200MB/Sec it looks like they will have to wait for the 6TB Back. Still I am glad there is traction on size front. If its true that Seagate will start shipping 8TB hard drives and 10TB and HAMR then I think there should be a lot of movement on the traditional HDD front very shortly.
  8. Its about time. So I guess the next question is ,when are you getting some to test? Also is the 5TB cheaper ten the 4TB Pro When it looks like the specs for the 5TB are better? Edit: So it looks like the 5 and 6TB drives have spindle speed < 7200RPM, which is OK I guess considering that the density of the 5 and 6TB drives are 50% more then the Pro Counterparts, It also looks like there is some firmware secret sauce to support double the number of drives in RAID.
  9. Its not a big deal as I am not it dire need of space and at current increase of my archive I have until sometime next year before I run out. I guess I am just getting peoples pulse as It i just don't see the prices changing anytime soon nor a consumer >4TB form WD coming out soon either. I was leaning towards the red anyway, and will probably get 2 before the end of the year
  10. Is a WD40EFRX 4TB Red worth the $30 more then the WD40EZRX 4TB Green? The read comes with one more year warranty, and has double the Load/unload cycles. My planed use is to run this in a NAS but as a single drives, not mirrored. The Primary hold mass data and stream content.
  11. Mkruer

    WD New screw heads : /

    It also could be the Drive is dead and out of warranty and they want to destroy a drive, Personally I find bullets work best for that. :-P
  12. Its a drive that I domino into older boxes . Every time I get a new drive I keep the newest/fastest/highest capacity HDD into my current system and then take that drive and throw it into an older system, in this case a small vm server i setup. I have two WD 2TB Green that have a little under 35000hs on them, that are still going strong. And yes the PCs rarely turn off or spin down for that matter.
  13. I thought it would be a fun idea to see who has the longest running drive my current record is 67458hr or 7.7 years of always on and running. Still no errors (the heat issue is more its location then anything else)
  14. As long at the temp reads under the critical temp 55C/131F then you should be ok. Are you placing the drive under heavy load? Doing constant read/writes all the time. This will boost the temp by 5c easily. On a side note I have a drive that has been running for years that reads 57C under load without any issues. My best guess is the drive is above 48C/120F but below the critical temp 55C/131F to throw the warnings at you. If the drive is sitting idle and generating that much heat then there my be something wrong.